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Who Can Leave a Review on

We want anyone and everyone who has had an experience with a company on our site to leave a review, and join us in helping people make better decisions for their lives; however, only members of can leave a review on our site (become a member).

What Makes a Great Review?

Great reviews give others insight into a company’s service, policies, and more. Rather than simply praising or criticizing a company, great reviews tell our readers why you had a good or bad experience with a company.

  • Not Too Short: In order to publish a review on, your review must be a minimum of 100 characters. We recommend providing reviews long enough to clearly and accurately portray your experience.
  • Honest and Sincere: Your voice is genuinely heard on and we want your honest opinion of your experience with a company. Do not hesitate to truly state how you feel.
  • Relevant: We recommend that your review be as relevant as possible to your experience. The more relevant your review, the more helpful it will be to other users who are researching a company.

Examples of Great Reviews:

“We have had solar city for almost 3 years and are SO GLAD we went with them! From the moment we started to interact with them, it was a very smooth process. Corey (our salesperson) explained everything, answered all of our questions, stressed their transparency policy and took as much time as we wanted to ask questions. We HIGHLY recommend SolarCity!! Oh, we also have saved around $3500.00 so far!” -Kelly Clark (SolarCity Customer)

“When the salesperson came to my door to sell me vivint, I told him that I am planning on moving in a few months and I cannot sign a 36-month contract like he asked. He said that when I move I can leave the system at my current house and get a new system installed at the new location at no cost to me.

It turns out that I have signed the 42-month contract and not 36 like I agreed to. And, I had to rip off the equipment and move it with me or I have to pay a hefty price for new equipment. I have already sold the house with the equipment. In addition to that, every time I called customer service they were rude.” -Hala (Vivint Home Security Customer)

Why Was My Review Removed? is built on real, honest user reviews. In order to promote these core values, we reserve the right to remove any and all reviews that contain any of the following:

  • Content that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activity or violence
  • Content that is vulgar, profane, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or discriminatory.
  • Content written in languages other than English.
  • Content that violates another person’s rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights (e.g., publishing another person’s full name, address, or other identifying information without permission)
  • Content that promotes an agent, salesperson, manufacturer or any other organization benefiting from the company will be removed. Reviews left by employees of the organization will also be removed.
  • Incentivized reviews
  • Content from representatives of competing company who claim (falsely) to be actual customers of the reviewed company
  • Speech that personally attacks any of the following: race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or religion
  • Reviews left by individuals who haven’t interacted with the company or service that the company offers
  • A review whose score does not coincide with its content (Example: A positive review with a score of 1)
  • Last names and personal information of company employees
  • Personal contact information such as addresses, email addresses, confirmation numbers, SSN, phone numbers, etc.
  • Reviews that do not relate to the company or company’s service being reviewed

In addition to removing reviews that do not meet our guidelines, reserves the right to redact personal information from any of the reviews.

Report Any Review You Feel Violates Our Guidelines

If you believe a review violates our guidelines, please let us know. Below each review in the bottom right corner, you’ll find a “Report” button. Click that button and select the reason you are reporting the review. Our Integrity Team will examine your report inquiry and take the appropriate action.