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LAST UPDATED: June 11th, 2022

Since being introduced to job seekers in 2016, Zety has helped millions of people worldwide find employment. With a rapidly growing community of more than 40 million readers a year, Zety is arguably one of the world’s fastest-growing career advice websites.

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The Good

  • Resume, CV, and Cover Letter Builder
  • Career Blog and Social Media Accounts

Resume, CV, and Cover Letter Builder

Zety is an excellent choice for job-seekers since the website allows you to quickly put together a resume, CV, and cover letter. The site has over 20 professional resume templates in over 400 color variations. Users can also type in basic information (job type, skill set, affiliations), and Zety will give several suggestions as to what you should use in your resume, CV, or cover letter.  

Career Blog and Social Media Accounts

Zety’s career blog is in-depth and covers a variety of topics. There are articles about how to conduct a thorough job search, how to impress companies with your cover letter and resume, and even some general career advice.

Additionally, Zety is fairly active on its social media platforms. Aspiring job applicants can follow Zety on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and see the company’s most recent articles and get general career advice.


The Bad

  • No Search Bar for Blog Articles
  • Pay to Access All Features

No Search Bar for Blog Articles

Zety’s career blog has tons of information for job seekers. However, not everyone has the time or patience to click through each and every blog article on Zety’s website. It would be nice if Zety added a search feature to its blog to help users find specific articles. 

Pay to Access All Features

Although users can quickly put together a resume using Zety, they will have to upgrade their account to access everything Zety has to offer. 

Users can pay $2.70 for a 14-day trial version of Zety, where they can download and print their resume, CV, or cover letters as much as they’d like. This option also allows users to create additional resumes and letter variations. However, once the 14-day trial is over, users will be charged $24.70 every four weeks. 

Or users can pay $5.95 per month (or $71.40 upfront) for full access to all of Zety’s features, including cover letters. 

Zety does allow users to cancel at any time; you’ll need to call or cancel online. If you cancel during the 14-day trial, you can receive a refund.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an online resume builder, Zety is a decent option. The company makes it easy to create a resume in just a few minutes with its auto-fill feature and expert suggestions based on your experience and job title. Users can customize their resume with one of Zety’s more than 20 templates and easily add on a CV or cover letter. 

There is a 14-day trial — although it’s not free, it shouldn’t break the bank at $2.70. With the trial, users can print or download their resume as much as they’d like, but keep in mind that if you don’t cancel before the 14 days is up, you’ll be charged $24.70 every four weeks. Or you can pay $71.40 upfront and receive instant access to all Zety's features for a year.

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13 Reviews

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Caleb Petersen, PhD

Extremely buggy, first of all--trying to type in a Chromium browser clone results in 10%+ of characters being dropped, can't type certain "special" characters like brackets or parentheses. Next, they try to rope you in for a subscription, despite leading you on with "FREE" in the title. Extremely misleading. Finally, to cancel your subscription, you have to CALL a number, can't do it online if you haven't built a resume. And they harvest your phone number from your resume. Judging by the reviews, everyone knows this is a horrible, dishonest company, and I can't wait for it to go out of business.

1 month ago

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danadri Boise, ID

Works great until you need to cancel your subscription. The "CANCEL" button is fake with no hyperlink attached to it, so if you click on it nothing happens. It says in small text that you need to email their support to cancel, I emailed and no reply.

2 weeks ago

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Megan Dacula, GA

It was super easy to build my resume, and I didn't mind paying the $2 to download it. When I tried to cancel my subscription, though, the "Cancel Subscription" button did not work. I tried emailing customer support but never got a reply. I tried calling the phone number on the website, and the customer service representative I spoke to spent 6 minutes telling me what he thought of my resume and explaining to me that he could give me 50% off my service when all I wanted to do was cancel my subscription. I told him many times that I did not want to upgrade my subscription or receive a discount of any kind, yet he continued to repeat the same things to me over and over. Eventually, I hung up and called the second number on the website. I spoke to a woman this time and she helped me to cancel the subscription. Finally, I received a cancellation confirmation email. The resume-building service served its purpose, but I will never use Zety ever again. Their customer service is too terrible.

5 months ago

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Gabriela Gordila Chisinau, CU

SCAMMERS. You guys ripped me off!!! I never agreed to a monthly membership. I paid you 2,7 USD and never used the service once again, and yet you charged me 24 USD today. Do you guys even know how much do we work work this amount in my country? What is wrong with the customer service of yours. SCAMMERS.

2 months ago

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Hugo Orlando, FL

THIS IS A SCAM! Like other reviewers, I just found that I was charged $24.70 EVERY MONTH since 2020 July. I've paid $24.70 for 19 months which is $469.30 in total. I checked my email record and only found I paid $2.7 for a Zety 14 day Full Access and NEVER enrolled in a monthly membership. I only used Zety for one resume, and it cost me $469.30?! I want to request a full refund for these membership fees for the following reasons:1. I only used Zety service once, and did not use it since 2020 June. 2. I did not enroll ANY membership renewal plan, and the only three emails from Zety DID NOT mention any of this renewal membership. Zety charged me the monthly without notifying me of the membership renewal AND did not send ANY emails about it. As a customer, I was charged with a service that I never used and notified, this is definitely a fraud and PLEASE STOP THIS SCAM!

4 months ago

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Husam Ebish Uster, ZH

Previously, the site was better than it is now Currently: - I can't add a photo to my CV - I can't rearrange items for too many sections like Certificates, Skills..... - The user experience is completely non-existent - In the skills section, the phrase evaluation appears as (basic, good, etc.) and I cannot hide this useless text as before - Previously a good site for 17 dollars and now a very bad site for 23 dollars!!! what is this nonsense

5 months ago

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Andrew Cliffe Birmingham, BIR

Only 2 stars because they dont tell you upfront that it will cost you to download your c.v. plus they follow up with aggressive and rude emails to try and force you to pay.

4 months ago

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Eva Shaalan East Brunswick, NJ

This is a scam once you sign up. I did the free trial and cancelled same day. They e been charging me for 2 months without me knowing. I called and they tried to give $11 back quickly hanging up the phone. I asked for my full refund. Be AWARE!

7 months ago

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Taylor Griffith Chandler, AZ

An absolute scam. Preys on people that are likely unemployed. Save your password, otherwise good luck getting back in if you don't remember it because they won't send you the link to reset, but the whole time they get uninhibited access to your card info! How convenient! Stay away. Do not give your info or you'll be stuck paying $23/month until they decide to give you an option to actually get back into your account, all for templates that you can probably find FOR FREE somewhere else.

9 months ago

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Miga Wu Brunswick, VIC

This is almost like a scam because they charge your money without notice. I cancel my subscription immediately after I pay for download my resume, but they can still charge me later for 5 months! After you bought 14 days trail and download a resume, they will put you into a monthly subscription automatically without notice you notably , and you can not find a way to cancel it unless you email them. Don't use it, unless you want to be scammed or go through the refund progress. That is if you are still "Lucky" to find out that they took your money. The company took money from the people who are looking for jobs in this difficult time, and believes that we should be appreciated after they took so much of our money and still welling to paid partial back. I will do my best to report this scam-like situation to the government and the local news. I suggest you can also do the same so we can protect our community from this awful company.

1 year ago

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Kamalesh Selvakumar Coimbatore, TN

Zety.com is a scam. Unable to cancel my subscription. The cancel subscription button is frozen. No response for any of the mails or messages.

3 months ago

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ricardo camara Luxembourg, LU

One of those websites that need to scam in order to succeed I really don't know why you have to do things like such. I understood that in order to get a resume template I had only to pay USD 2.70, obviously you had to cheat and hide the USD 24.70 in order to make a little profit off me. It's ok, I'll accept the payment because I should've done my due diligence. I WILL MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE. I am going to star reviewing your services on every single platform you're promoting yourself in and will tell the truth so that anyone can see clear. Truly disappointing...

2 years ago

Zety Logo

Reply from Zety

Hi there, we are very sorry for the misunderstanding! All our services are subscription-based to ensure uninterrupted access to the documents. We are sorry if it was not clear on our website! Could you please contact our customer support at [email protected]? We will be happy to help you out as soon as possible!

Jul. 16th, 2020

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Yair Pickholz

subscription scam. they sign you up without telling you

4 months ago