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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2019

Resume Genius was founded in 2009 with the goal to automate and simplify the resume creation process. Resume Genius claims that it has helped over 10 million job seekers. It is an easy to use, helpful online resume builder.

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The Good

  • Guides You Through the Process
  • Pre-Written Bullet Points
  • Nice Templates

Guides You Through the Process

It’s easy to get writer’s block when crafting your resume. However, Resume Genius guides you through the process and prompts you with questions. For example, it will ask you if you were involved in extracurricular activities in college and provide a section to fill out. You can skip these types of sections if you don’t want to include them. Resume Genius helps you build your resume step by step.

Pre-Written Bullet Points

When filling out your work experience section, Resume Genius will provide you with pre-written bullet point phrases that match your job title. Not every job title is included, but there is bound to be something similar to a job you’ve had. These bullet points are helpful to be able to write about your work experience in a professional and concise way. You can use these bullet points as they are, edit them, or write your own.

Nice Templates

Resume Genius has a library of 21 professional-looking templates that you can fill out online for a fee. Six include an aspect of color, but the other 15 are completely grayscale. Using the navigation to “resume templates” in the menu bar at the top of the page, you can find dozens more templates that are free to download, but you’ll need to edit them in Microsoft Word.


The Bad

  • Deceptive Pricing
  • Glitchy Website
  • Can’t Customize Templates

Deceptive Pricing

Everything about Resume Genius makes you think that it will be a free service. On a Google search, the link to Resume Genius’s website claims it’s a “free resume builder” where you can download “free resume templates.” Resume Genius’s website does indeed have free resume templates, but they are hard to find and can’t be edited online. Resume Genius’s website is set up to direct you to use the paid templates.

There is no mention of pricing anywhere on the website until you’ve finished creating your resume and go to download it. Resume Genius then informs you that it will cost you $2 to download your resume, but that this will also sign you up for a 14-day trial period. If you don’t cancel your subscription before the end of the thirteenth day, Resume Genius will automatically charge you $40 per month. This subscription will continue to renew until you successfully cancel it.

If you would like to subscribe without a trial period, you can pay $95 upfront for a whole year, which works out to about $8 per month.

Glitchy Website

Though well-designed and easy to navigate, Resume Genius’s website will sometimes freeze, not allow you to continue, or not save your work.

Can’t Customize Templates

Other resume builders allow you to customize the layout, color scheme, or font of a template. Resume Genius simply puts your information into the template and gives you no way to personalize the design. You won’t be able to see what your resume looks like until you’re done inputting information.


The Bottom Line

Resume Genius can help you build your resume online (for a fee) or provide you with a nice downloadable template that you can fill out for free through Microsoft Word. Resume Genius’s website tucks away the free templates but puts the paid version front and center. This is fine, except Resume Genius won’t tell you you’re working on the paid version until you go to download your completed resume.

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