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LAST UPDATED: November 9th, 2020

Jobscan is more of a resume optimizer than a resume builder. Once you have your resume, Jobscan can help you take your resume to the next level and beat the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) that weeds out resumes during the online application process.


The Good

  • Resume Optimization
  • ATS Specific Tips
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Job Search Tool

Resume Optimization

Jobscan allows you to compare your existing resume to the online job description of a job you’d like to apply for. Informed by research and expertise, Jobscan’s technology gives your resume a match score (0–100 percent) for that job description and helps you know what to change in order to tailor your resume to that listing. 

Jobscan looks at factors like your hard and soft skills, past job titles, education, and other keywords. After you’ve adjusted your resume based on Jobscan’s recommendations, you can re-scan it and see how your match score has improved. 

When you optimize your resume to match a specific job listing, you increase your chances of getting human eyes on your resume.

ATS Specific Tips

When you paste a job listing into Jobscan, it will match that listing to the kind of ATS that the hiring company uses. Jobscan can then give you tips about how to optimize your resume for that specific kind of tracking software. This gives you an edge against other applicants and moves your resume closer to the top of the pile.

LinkedIn Optimization

Jobscan’s paid versions offer LinkedIn optimization. More and more employers are using LinkedIn to research job candidates. Jobscan will help you know what to do to optimize your LinkedIn based on your job title. This can also help hiring managers find your profile on LinkedIn and contact you with job offers.

Job Search Tool

Jobscan has a tool to use your resume to find relevant job listings according to your top skills. Many online job boards will only allow you to search based on keywords, your job title, or your location. Jobscan’s tool helps you identify jobs you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

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The Bad

  • Not a Resume Builder
  • Expensive

Not a Resume Builder

To use Jobscan, you have to already have written your resume. If you’re starting from scratch, this isn’t very helpful. Jobscan is best for those who already have a resume and are looking to optimize it with different skills and job information based on which job they’re applying to.


Jobscan has a slim free version that includes five rate match calculations and five keyword comparisons a month. If you’d like to use more than this or you’d like access to the LinkedIn optimization or use the job search tool, you’ll need to pay quite a bit. Jobscan’s plans are priced at $50 per month, or $90 per three months (after one month of free trial).


The Bottom Line

According to Jobscan, 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies use some kind of ATS software to weed out applicants. If you’re using the same resume to apply to all jobs, chances are a human won’t ever even see your resume. Jobscan helps you get in the door for more interviews by optimizing your resume to get past the robots. This is a phenomenal tool, especially in today’s job market. Though it’s a little expensive, Jobscan seems like a good investment for serious job seekers.

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