Hloom is an online resume template index. You can choose from over 400 free resume templates to download and edit offline. Hloom helps you create a stand-out resume without having to design it yourself.

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The Good

  • Huge Library of Free Templates
  • ATS Optimized Templates
  • Various Editing Options

Huge Library of Free Templates

Hloom has more than 400 resume and CV templates. This is ten times as many as some other resume builder websites. These are separated into categories to help you find a resume that fits your style and industry. Hloom templates are free to use.

ATS Optimized Templates

More and more businesses are starting to use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). This software digitally reads your resume. If your resume is formatted in a way that the software can’t read it, that alone might prevent you from ever getting an interview. Hloom has a category of templates that are ATS compatible.

Various Editing Options

Though Hloom doesn’t offer a place where you can edit your resume online (more on this below), the majority of Hloom’s templates are formatted to be edited in Microsoft Word. There are also other templates that can be edited in OpenOffice, Google Docs, Photoshop, InDesign, and LaTex.

The Bad

  • Clunky Website
  • No Online Resume Builder

Clunky Website

Hloom’s website is hard to navigate. It’s difficult to find what you’re looking for and understand what it offers. Though there might be a template that you like, it will take you at least a few minutes to find it. Hloom’s website has lots of paragraphs of irrelevant text that are hard to comb through to find what you want.

No Online Resume Builder

Hloom only offers templates that need to be downloaded and customized offline with a software like Microsoft Word. Other resume builders let you enter your information online and flip between templates to see how each template looks with your information in it. This isn’t a possibility with Hloom. However, if you want to build your resume online, Hloom directs you to My Perfect Resume, a different online resume builder company.

The Bottom Line

Though Hloom has a large library of templates to choose from, it’s a real drawback that you can’t edit these templates online. However, if you’d prefer to edit offline, this could be the perfect resume builder for you.

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