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LAST UPDATED: February 10th, 2020

CV Maker is a free, easy to use, straightforward resume builder. You can customize your resume and send it to potential employers through a PDF, TXT, or HTML document.

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The Good

  • Free Version
  • Online Resume Hosting
  • Easy to Use

Free Version

CV Maker offers a version that is completely free to use. Though limited, this version helps you create a resume or expanded CV. This free version includes six basic templates, a basic text editor, and the ability to add custom plain sections. Signing up for the premium version will cost you $16 annually and will give you access to these additional features:

  • Four additional premium templates
  • The ability to add custom and special sections to your CV
  • Access to the Advanced rich text editor which allows you to pick colors and fonts
  • Access to one-click email (sending your resume from your CV Maker account instead of downloading it first)

Online Resume Hosting

Both the free and premium versions of CV Maker include online hosting for your resume. This means that instead of sending a file to send your resume, you can send the link to where it’s hosted on CV Maker’s website. This could come in handy to put on your business card, on a website, or as part of your bio.

Easy to Use

CV Maker is straightforward and easy to you. There aren’t many options, so you won’t get lost. The buttons and tools are similar to what you would find in Microsoft Word.


The Bad

  • Limited, Boring Designs
  • No Writing Help
  • Inflexible Sections

Limited, Boring Designs

CV Maker only offers a total of 10 CV/resume templates (six from the free version and four more when you sign up for premium). Other resume builders offer hundreds to pick from. Additionally, the templates CV Maker offers are almost all completely black and white and use traditional fonts. This certainly won’t help your resume stand out.

No Writing Help

CV Maker doesn’t offer any assistance or tips on what you should put on your resume. You have to input all the text you want on the document and CV Maker just pastes it into the template you choose.

Inflexible Sections

When inputting the information to go on your resume, CV Maker requires you to input information for your contact information, work experience, qualifications, education, interest, and references. If you don’t like these section headings, you can delete them and add other ones, but it’s not very straightforward.


The Bottom Line

The online resume hosting is a great perk that not many resume builders offer. If you need to make a resume fast and don’t care too much how nice it looks, CV Maker is a great tool for you. CV Maker will help you get the words on a page in a traditional resume format and get your resume out the door. If you’re wanting to make a resume that will stand out, we suggest using a different company.

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Amanda Montebello, CA

I’ve really enjoyed using CV Maker because of the accessibility and ease of the site. The only downside is that it doesn’t have as many options as other sites.

1 year ago