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LAST UPDATED: March 3rd, 2021

Yotpo was founded in 2011 by Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen. Tagrin had a bad experience buying a camera online because he trusted fake reviews. Frustrated, he rallied the help of his friend and fellow engineer Omri Cohen, and they set out to solve the issue of online reviews and negative online shopping experiences. 

Yotpo originated in the Shopify app store as a user-generated content (UGC) platform providing e-commerce solutions for reviews and ratings. It has since added loyalty, referrals, and marketing tools through acquisitions of Swell Rewards and SMSBump. Its main focus is improving customer engagement overall for e-commerce sites. 

The Yotpo platform focuses on four main areas of the reputation and customer relationship management space: reviews and ratings, SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals, and visual UGC. These tools are meant to boost the customer-relationship success of businesses operating in this customer-centric world. The idea is to build a connection with customers and bring them back for future sales. Its products are as much about gaining new customers as the retention of existing customers. 

Yotpo has a big advantage over competitors in terms of the experts, customer base, and integrations it boasts. It is critical for many businesses that any SaaS (software as a service) integrates with the tools they currently utilize online every day. Yotpo integrates with a long list of online tools such as Shopify and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

It has helped thousands of top brands to accelerate direct-to-consumer growth including Patagonia, MVMT, Drunk Elephant, Tweezerman, Steve Madden, and Bob’s Discount Furniture. Yotpo's Board of Directors’ expertise comes from working with companies like Yelp, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

It has gained recognition from Forbes magazine as a Forbes Cloud 100 company. 

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The Good

  • Powerful E-Commerce Solutions
  • Impressive Syndication and Integrations
  • Free Option
  • Clear Software Demos 
  • Easy-to-Create Social Ads

Powerful E-Commerce Solutions

Yotpo’s platform is all about maximizing customer growth and leveraging existing positive customer relationships. One way it does this is with advanced solutions for user-generated content marketing, referrals, and loyalty programs.

For a typical business, designing reward programs could be time-consuming and expensive. Yotpo allows companies to build customized rewards and referrals programs from a selection of powerful, pre-built campaigns designed to boost customer retention. 

Yotpo also helps e-commerce sites collect more site and product reviews from their customers. Its review tool is tailored to fill the needs of e-commerce businesses specifically, unlike other reputation management SaaS companies which provide this service more generally.

Yotpo allows businesses to collect reviews via email to customers, provides a community Q&A section, allows businesses to set up widgets on their websites to prompt customers to review products, and provides a coupon feature for incentives. 

Another powerful tool for e-commerce sites is its custom SMS flow builder. The company's large, custom library of SMS automations and flows makes it easy for businesses to send their customers down optimal paths for custom situations like shopping cart abandonment.

Businesses can also set up one-off text campaigns or have 1:1 conversations. Yotpo also enables its users to collect customer-generated content and curate reviews and photos to improve brand visibility and customer trust. This user-generated content can also be used in marketing campaigns.

Overall, Yotpo seems to know what e-commerce businesses need and has built powerful tools to make things easy for its customers. 

Impressive Syndication and Integrations

Yotpo integrates with common e-commerce platforms and apps like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Facebook, Google, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. These integrations make it convenient for businesses to maximize the power of their current customer relationships and user-generated content. It also has developed impressive relationships with partners such as Walmart. 

Yotpo users can syndicate their conversion-boosting product reviews directly to Walmart.com — helping to drive trust and boost sales. The integration with Walmart enables brands to automatically match their reviews to the corresponding products on Walmart.com — helping brands easily increase the number of reviews featured per product. Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers and this exposure is impressive; it is also not an option with Yotpo competitors. 

Free Option

Yotpo gives customers a free option to start with and then you can choose to upgrade as you grow. This is a nice feature and one that its top competitor also offers. The free account includes up to 50 monthly orders, the same as its competitor. It also allows some limited functionality and is a good way to see if Yotpo’s platform will have a positive ROI for your business. 

Clear Software Demos 

It is very helpful when considering a software platform with lots of features like Yotpo to have visual representations. Many software vendors do not provide photos or video demos of how the platform works until after purchase. Yotpo's website has a lot of helpful demo videos and screenshots which make it easy to see how it works.

For example, its visual UGC page includes several examples of how businesses can use its platform to create category, checkout, and product pages with user-generated content. 

Easy-to-Create Social Ads

Yotpo gives businesses the ability to create beautiful and effective Facebook and Instagram ads featuring customer reviews and visual UGC content such as videos and photos. Its main competitor offers a similar feature for Instagram but not for Facebook.

Yotpo’s software allows businesses to do things such as tag customers’ Instagram photos and showcase them in curated visual galleries across their website. And it allows businesses to easily request and secure rights to customer content with just one click.


The Bad

  • Not for All Businesses
  • Could Have Too Many Features
  • Competitors Offer Different Features 

Not for All Businesses

Yotpo’s software is not designed to support online reputation management for all businesses. It is clearly most effective for e-commerce sites. Many of its customers are clothing, furniture, and skincare and makeup brands. Its features seem designed to best support these types of businesses. 

Could Have Too Many Features

While Yopto has overwhelmingly positive customer reviews online, some reviewers pointed out it may have too many features. When a software platform has so many features, it can become overwhelming for business owners and employees.

Also, it is less cost-effective if you are paying for features that you will never use. Yotpo does advertise that its plans are flexible, so you may have some discretion over which features you pay for. 

Competitors Offer Different Features

Yotpo’s competitors have different features that may be useful for certain businesses. They also have different customizations. When you are shopping for a similar reputation management and e-commerce marketing software, you will see that while most have the core tools for review and referrals management, they will also have additional features.

One feature that Yotpo does not have is the ability for businesses to choose when they request reviews from their customers — when the orders are placed or when the orders have been fulfilled.


The Bottom Line

Yotpo is a powerful software platform for e-commerce businesses and provides marketing and reputation management solutions. Its tools are mainly going to be useful to an e-commerce business selling products such as clothing, furniture, makeup and the like. The company has more than nine years of experience providing this software with results to many big name brands such as Steve Madden and Brooklinen. 

We like that it provides review and referral solutions directly on businesses' websites, as well as a great selection of tools to assist businesses in creating marketing campaigns with user-generated content. Yotpo offers detail-oriented software with features that help businesses do things like get user permission for UGC easily.

Because the company's prices are not made public, you will need to communicate with sales staff. Yotpo says that there is some level of customization available; however, some reviewers say that they pay for features that they don’t end up using.

We recommend that you take advantage of the free trial option before making a long-term commitment to ensure that Yotpo's features will be useful for your e-commerce business. 

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