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LAST UPDATED: October 23rd, 2020

Based in Denmark, Trustpilot has over 13 years of experience helping businesses collect real customer reviews and  helping customers read actual reviews. The company is a review and reputation management platform with tools to make it easier for businesses to get more reviews, promote their best feedback, engage with customers, and analyze the results to improve. Over 300,000 businesses are rated on Trustpilot.

The platform provides customers with a way to read real reviews and make better buying decisions. The company says people share 1.6 million reviews on its site each month. Businesses can use the site to see themselves from customers’ points of view. They can also collect, manage, and display customer Trustpilot reviews to improve conversions, stand out in SERPs, and boost sales. Businesses can get powerful reporting and analytics, review invitations and reminders, onsite review widgets, Google Seller Ratings, rich snippet stars, and more. The platform is best designed for medium or large businesses, unlike competitors that potentially have broader appeal. 

Each review on Trustpilot features the following:

  • Actual review content from real customers
  • Metrics to inform customers of the company’s practices
  • Messaging from the company
  • An "About" section written by Trustpilot
  • Company ranking data

One thing that sets Trustpilot apart is its dedication to transparent and authentic reviews. It does not allow businesses to change, edit, or delete negative feedback if it is genuine. The company uses a combination of a human team of agents and legal experts and fraud detection robots to protect its platform’s integrity. Its software is also backed by trained experts who can investigate reports of misuse. Trustpilot provides safeguards for businesses if they suspect a review to be fraudulent, spammy, or non-compliant with its terms.

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The Good

  • Earn Google Seller Ratings
  • Free Plan
  • Fraud Team
  • Tech and Agency Partners

Earn Google Seller Ratings

Business owners know how important Google review stars are to promoting their business to potential customers. Trustpilot is an official Google Review Partner. This means that Trustpilot reviews count toward a business’s Google Seller Ratings. The reviews can appear on your text or shopping ads, potentially giving your ad click-through rates a boost. It also offers businesses widgets that include the code to integrate Rich Snippet stars on their product pages in the search results. 

Free Plan

Trustpilot offers a robust free plan that allows companies to claim their profile, invite a limited number of customers to review them, and even respond to reviews. Most competitors offer some version of a free plan, but many have a time limit or do not allow companies to respond to reviews. Trustpilot’s free plan option does not have a time limit. You also get access to customer support and a basic performance report of your reviews’ analytics. 

Fraud Team

The company offers business owners and customers a robust anti-fraud protection plan. This is critical on any review and reputation management platform due to the increasing proliferation of fake and spam reviews. Consumers are able to flag reviews that breach Trustpilot guidelines by clicking a flag icon and stating their reason for flagging the review. This flag is then sent for review by Trustpilot’s Content Integrity Team. Businesses are also able to report their reviews through their Trustpilot Business Account. 

Trustpilot’s fraud team has over 50 agents on its Content Integrity team and also uses fraud detection robots to review over 5,000 whistleblower reports each month. If fraud is detected by its automated robots, they will generate a warning to affected companies. If warnings are ignored, then cease and desist letters are sent by Trustpilot’s enforcement agents. The final step is a Consumer Warning being posted on their Trustpilot profile or potential termination.

Tech and Agency Partners

Trustpilot has impressive tech and agency partners which can make it easier for businesses to impress and connect with customers. Its digital agency partners include 3QDigital, Slack, Google, Hootsuite, and more. 

It also has partnered with many tech platforms to allow Trustpilot’s platform to integrate easily with their software. Trustpilot is a robust, open, and extensible platform supported by industry standard API. Its tech partners include Shopify, BigCommerce, Zendesk and many more.


The Bad

  • High Prices 
  • Contracts

High Prices 

Trustpilot’s prices are high in comparison to a few competitors. It has significant history in this space and also has a robust platform so it makes sense that it charges. Competitors also offer more plan tiers to make their offerings more appealing or accessible to smaller businesses. Trustpilot offers only one plan package and then ups the cost from there for any add-on services. Trustpilot provides it base plan pricing and features, and then lists a large number of add-ons without pricing information.


Many businesses, in particular smaller ones, may not feel comfortable with Trustpilot’s required annual subscription model. You will be required to sign up for at least a 12-month contract when you subscribe to a plan. This is not industry standard. One of Trustpilot’s competitors offers an annual contract at a percent savings, but it does not require contracts.


The Bottom Line

Trustpilot offers both customers and business owners a trustworthy online review site that can provide both with valuable insights. Both customers and business owners benefit from the level of fraud prevention that Trustpilot employs on its site. It has an easy way for both to report fraud and a team of both people and bots that are working to ensure the integrity of reviews. It also has a clear process for removal of repeat offenders (companies or users) in an online review landscape that is fraught with fake or spam reviews. 

Its pricing is on the high-end of similar review and reputation management companies. This could be an issue for smaller companies, although Trustpilot does offer a more limited free plan. We like that companies can still send a limited number of invitations to review to their customers on the free plan as well as respond to reviews. For these reasons, many recommend Trustpilot for medium sized or larger companies. 

For businesses, it is critical to note that Trustpilot reviews count towards their Google Seller Ratings because Trustpilot is an official Google Review Partner.

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