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LAST UPDATED: March 26th, 2021

Rentec Direct’s founder, Nathan Miller, once managed his rentals using a pen, paper, and a lot of spreadsheets. In 2007, he decided software would be a better way to keep track of things, but didn’t find anything affordable on the market that worked for smaller portfolios like his. So, using his software development background, he created Rentec Direct.

Rentec Direct today still offers the free application created by Miller, called Rentec Basic, which is for property owners with fewer than 10 properties. The company also offers Rentec Pro and Rentec PM, which are both more advanced and cost money.

Rentec Pro is designed for landlords and apartment owners, and it has an extensive list of available features. If you own 10 units or fewer, the software costs $35 per month, while if you own more than that, you can receive an instant quote on the company’s website as to how much your monthly payment would be.

Rentec PM is designed for property managers who manage properties on behalf of owners and need accounting support.

It has all of the features of Rentec Pro plus the following:

  • trust account management and reporting
  • an owner portal
  • the ability to pay owners via ACH
  • marketing and maintenance managers
  • automated CAM charges

If you manage 10 units or fewer, Rentec PM costs $40 per month. After that, the price varies depending on how many units you manage.

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The Good

  • Affordable
  • No Contracts or Setup Fees
  • U.S.-Based Customer Service
  • Robust Features 


Rentec Pro starts at $35 per month and Rentec PM starts at $40 per month. For rental property management software, this is some of the most affordable we’ve seen. Rentec Direct as a company seeks to target smaller businesses that don’t have vast portfolios or hundreds of dollars to spend on a software each month, which is why the pricing is more affordable.

No Contracts or Setup Fees

It’s pretty typical in the rental property management software industry to charge a setup fee or make you sign a contract, but Rentec Direct seeks to appeal to the little guys—not the big corporations—so the company does not charge any fees to get started with its software, and you can cancel anytime if it’s not working for you.

U.S.-Based Customer Service

Rentec Direct offers unlimited toll-free service and setup assistance directly from its Oregon office. Both its onboarding and client support teams have experience in the property management industry, so you will be able to talk to someone with the knowledge base to answer your questions. 

Robust Features

Rentec Direct offers a full list of features, but we will draw your attention to a few key ones that might be of use to you.

  • Tenant Screening — Rentec Direct has a nice system for screening tenants and performing tenant credit checks.
  • Bank-grade Security — Rentec Direct has the toughest security in the industry and you can rest assured your data and that of your tenants will be protected.
  • Automatic Vacancy Listing — Rentec Direct connects to a number of third-party sites to automatically list your vacancies on Zillow,, and others.
  • Free Professional Website — If you choose, Rentec Direct will provide you a free and professional website to get your business started, but you can always keep your existing website and still use Rentec Direct, if you’d prefer.

You can access a full listing of Rentec Direct’s features on its website.


The Bad

  • Financial Reporting
  • Property Limit

Financial Reporting

While Rentec Direct’s software programs do have accounting functionality, some customers have said that it’s not very useful to them, and they still use a third-party software like Quickbooks to handle their financials. 

Rentec Direct is meant for smaller portfolios, so if this is you, you may find its accounting features to be completely satisfactory. But if you have a more robust portfolio, you may want to use a more advanced software with capabilities similar to Quickbooks.

However, Rentec Direct does offer synchronization with third-party accounting softwares, which is helpful, especially if you are already using one but want to try out Rentec Direct as well.

Property Limit

Rentec Direct is meant for property owners or managers with up to 5,000 properties. If you are above this number or expect to be, then you might want to get started with a different software that will allow you to grow and scale as needed.


The Bottom Line

Rentec Direct is an affordable and ideal rental management software for smaller rental portfolios and those just starting out. The Basic plan (10 properties or fewer) is free, and the Pro and PM plans start out at reasonable prices.

Be aware of the 5,000-property limit if you are a bigger landlord, but otherwise, you can use Rentec Direct’s two-week free trial to decide if the software is right for your business.
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