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LAST UPDATED: March 26th, 2021

Propertyware is a top management software for single family homes. The software was created by property owners for property owners, and the founders of Propertyware have worked on other software solutions such as Salesforce and Market Tools. Propertyware is powered by Real Page, a global provider of software and analytics in real estate. 

Propertyware offers three different plans, and each one builds on the previous one. Each plan has an implementation fee that is equal to two times the monthly subscription price.

Its first plan, Basic, costs $1 per unit per month, and has a minimum monthly cost of $250. It includes all of the following features:

  • Global customization and reports
  • Marketing
  • Property management
  • Owner portals
  • Tenant portals
  • Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Screening
  • Payments
  • Unlimited support, storage, and online training

The next plan, Plus, costs $1.50 per unit per month and is the company’s most popular plan. It has a $350 minimum monthly cost, and includes all of the features of the Basic plan, as well as the following:

  • Two-Way Text Messaging
  • eSignature
  • Inspections

The third and final plan, Premium, is the most expensive at $2.00 per unit per month and a minimum $450 monthly charge. It includes all the features of the Basic and Plus plans, plus a couple of additional features:

  • Maintenance Projects
  • Vendor Portals

Read on to learn about some of the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing Propertyware software to manage your real estate portfolio.

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The Good

  • Simple Pricing
  • Additional Services
  • Benefits

Simple Pricing

We can appreciate when a company is very transparent about its pricing, and Propertyware is just that. All three of its plans are laid out on the website with clear and simple pricing, which makes it easy for you to calculate just how much you will be paying to use the company’s services. Propertyware also states on its website that it has no hidden fees.

Propertyware’s pricing structure seems on par with its competitors.

Additional Services

In addition to its three plans, Propertyware also offers some bonus features designed to make your business more productive. These features have their own pricing structures and are as follows:

  • Maintenance Contact Center — With this feature, you can set up a 24/7 answering service to handle emergency or other maintenance requests that come in at odd hours. This costs $1.10 per unit per month with a $300 setup fee.
  • Leasing Contact Center — This feature essentially gives you access to professional agents who become an extension of your staff. These agents manage every call and email, thus taking that communication burden off your plate. This feature costs $2.85 per unit per month and has a setup fee of $300.
  • Professional Websites — Propertyware also offers to create and develop your website for you if this is something you need. Your new website will integrate with Propertyware’s services, thus starting you out on the right foot. The creation and management of your website would cost $99 per month, and setup fees start at $500.
  • AssetProtect — This is a form of insurance offered by Propertyware that provides your owners and tenants with coverage that will keep their properties safe and allows you to prove to them that you have their best interests in mind. The feature costs $12 per policy per month, but has no setup fee.


Propertyware has a few nice benefits to its software that might help you make your decision about whether it’s right for you. First, the software has an open API, meaning you can connect it with other software systems that you already use rather than having to leave those platforms behind. This will also save you time in the Propertyware onboarding process because you won’t have to manually enter or transfer data when you start using its software.

Plus, Propertyware is scalable across regions, allowing your business to grow and expand while still maintaining a powerful dashboard for managers to see their business happenings at a glance.

Propertyware is also highly secure and has a state-of-the-art data center with backup monitoring and diagnostic systems. Business processes on your end can be highly automated to increase efficiency — you can automate everything from reports to fee payments to to-do lists.


The Bad

  • Accounting System
  • Navigation

Accounting System

Some customers have said that they don’t recommend Propertyware for its accounting services, and that the software could use a more robust accrual accounting system. However, others have said that they do all of their accounting through the Propertyware system and don’t have any issues with it, so this will be something you’ll want to research based on your specific needs before making a decision.


Navigation can get complicated with Propertyware if you are handling a large number of properties, each with multiple tenants. One customer complained that it’s hard to tell whose profile you are in, be it the manager’s, the tenant’s, or the property’s. Overall, it seems like Propertyware is simple to use for smaller portfolios but may get more complicated once your portfolio becomes more robust.


The Bottom Line

If you are managing a small- to mid-sized portfolio and generally manage single family homes, then Propertyware is a great fit for you. Its accounting system and navigation don’t seem to please customers with more robust portfolios, but should be sufficient and even exceed expectations for smaller portfolios.
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