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LAST UPDATED: February 8th, 2022

Entrata’s website boasts that it offers the most comprehensive property management software in the industry. As a landlord or property manager, you can use Entrata to manage your accounting, purchasing, facilities, and leasing data — plus access other features to help with marketing, pricing, insurance, and more.

Entrata was founded in 2003 as the first open-API platform for rental management. It offers a large selection of third-party integrations to give you the flexibility to manage your properties in a way that works for you. You can request a demo of Entrata on the company’s account, but we don’t know how long the demo lasts or whether it costs money.

Entrata values innovation and creativity, which is one main reason why it offers an open platform — it accepts that other people might have great ideas that would pair well with its software. The company also has a culture of sustainability and received a Sustainable Business Award for its Paperless Payment Program in 2014.

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The Good

  • Dashboard Feature
  • Implementation Process
  • Marketing Suite
  • No Fees

Dashboard Feature

Many Entrata customers are quite happy with the clean dashboard feature and the fact that they can get a quick glance at how their business is doing as well as have quick access to whichever services or features they need. 

Implementation Process

Entrata has developed a unique and branded process for helping your business get started with its software. This process is called “Simplementation” and involves you being assigned a specialized team to help make sure Entrata is properly installed and successfully used within your company.

The team assigned to you includes a certified product consultant, an experienced project manager, and a quality assurance and control team. Entrata doesn’t consider an implementation successful unless the client is satisfied with the result. To date, Entrata has completed over 10,000 implementations.

Marketing Suite

Entrata offers several features that are fairly standard in the rental management software industry, but its marketing features make it unique from competitors. With Entrata, you can include any of the following marketing features:

  • Prospect Portal — This portal gives you access to templates so you can easily create websites for properties that you manage. These templates are specifically designed to keep prospects on your site longer, which often leads to higher conversion rates. The Prospect Portal also gives you access to real-time data so you can make better decisions about where to spend your money.
  • ILS Portal — This portal automatically lists and updates your available properties on all major Internet Listing Services. This also allows you to keep your messaging consistent because prospects will be able to access the most current information about the property, regardless of what site they are using to see your listing. 
  • Digital Marketing Bundle — If you choose to use this feature, Entrata’s digital marketing consultants will create an online strategy for you using both organic SEO and paid ads that will promote your business and help you beat out competitors for clicks and, ultimately, leases.
  • Reputation Advisor — This feature allows you to monitor, respond to, and publish reviews about your business. It also is a place for you to manage social media account content all in one place.

Entrata has many other services and features that you can choose to add on to its basic software package. We can’t find any information about how much each of these features would cost to use.

No Fees

While we don’t know how much Entrata’s unique features or add-ons actually cost, the company does say on its website that it doesn’t charge any licensing fees, user fees, or integration fees.


The Bad

  • No Pricing Listed
  • Customer Service
  • Confusing Updates

No Pricing Listed

The pricing structure of Entrata is pretty unclear. While we know the company doesn’t charge certain fees, we don’t know any more about what the company charges for access to its features.

Customer Service

Customers have complained that customer service requests at Entrata often get sent around to multiple departments, causing your requests to take days to fix, which is often too long in an industry that runs on strict deadlines. Entrata’s website states that the company's representatives are available to take customer service calls Monday through Friday, but doesn’t mention any guarantee about how quickly your requests and questions will be answered if they are submitted online.

Confusing Updates

Even customers who generally have very positive things to say about Entrata have complained that the software’s updates are confusing. People have said that the company does not provide a lot of training on how to handle the changes, and that the updates often happen without warning, leaving managers unprepared and unsure of how to handle the new or updated features when they show up to work that day. 


The Bottom Line

Entrata’s customers have some complaints about customer service and updates, but overall the software has a lot to offer and seems to keep up well with trends in the real estate industry. You’ll have to contact the company directly for pricing information.
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Jordan Bell Orem, UT

Entrata is a great app to look they go through an app called Resident Portal that allows you to pay you rent and message maintenance and receive information from the property managers.

3 months ago


Review Source

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Griffin Gagon Riverton, UT

Friendly people all around and an amazing team!

4 months ago