Founded in 1918, Hertz is one of the oldest car rental companies in the business. It is also the largest car rental company in the United States. Hertz developed the low-floor passenger bus that is used by many transit authorities in large cities. They even have heavy equipment available for construction and other ventures. Hertz also has a popular car-sharing program. At most major colleges and universities throughout the country, Hertz offers a 24/7 rental with a Hertz car share station.

The Good

  • High availability
  • Instant return
  • Toll prepay option

Economy Price Range

Hertz offers economy car rentals for average industry prices. Hertz's main advantage is that the company is in all 50 states, so although Hertz's prices may not be as competitive as some in companies in the industry, they have a high availability throughout the country.

Luxury Price Range

Luxury cars with Hertz are average in the industry. Many competitors have higher daily rates than Hertz. Hertz offers a luxury line they call "Dream Cars"—a unique selection of world-class automobiles available at select locations in the U.S. These include performance and luxury cars such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and many more. Every Dream Car rental includes special services such as in-person greetings at the airport, personal orientations to the cars, and delivery/pickup. This makes the price well worth it.

States Available

Hertz locations can be found in all 50 states. They are also in the District of Columbia. Recently, Hertz relocated its corporate headquarters from Park Ridge, New Jersey to Estero, Florida. Hertz operates locations in 145 countries. Domestically, Hertz has more than 3,210 locations throughout the United States, with an additional of 1,215 locations worldwide.

Airports Locations

Hertz has locations in all 50 states and in Canada. Hertz has rental counters at most major airports throughout North America. This makes finding a Hertz very easy and convenient.

Instant Return

Hertz has a beneficial rewards program called Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, which offers an instant return option for members. This allows you to return the car without waiting in line by letting you drop off the car, and leaving the keys inside the vehicle. If you are not a rewards member, you have to return the car the traditional way. One could argue that the company should make this option available to non-members as well, but this feature offers an incentive for signing up for a membership, which is free.

Toll Prepay Option

Hertz offers a toll prepay option called PlatePass, which allows you to order a toll pass through Platepass' website to make your commute easier. If you use PlatePass, you will be charged a $4.95 service fee for each day of the rental. Compared to some of Hertz's competitors, this is a low price for this service. Some companies also don't allow customers to prepay; they have to ask at the counter for a toll pass when they check in, which means toll passes may all be taken.

Online Check-In

Hertz has an online check-in option. By providing a driver's license number and date of birth, a customer can use the express kiosk or counter at any Hertz station. This is a great convenience to customers and helps to reduce the amount of wait time.

The Bad

  • Basic roadside assistance issues
  • No on-site fuel discount

Roadside Assistance

Hertz offers Basic Emergency Roadside Assistance with each rental - which covers the mechanical defects of the vehicle only. They also offer premium roadside assistance, which covers mechanical issues plus keys locked in the car, lost key service, dead battery, out of gas service, spare tire mounting service, $1,000 travel interruption cost reimbursement, and a one-hour roadside service guarantee. Both options are available to renters 24/7.

There are two issues with Hertz's roadside assistance: the price for both options is not disclosed until you rent the car, and roadside service is split into two options, where most companies offer basic roadside service that covers both mechanical and more. Hertz, however, offers these basic services for more money than most rental companies with their premier roadside assistance package.

Cancellation Policies

Customers who have prepaid for the reservation have to pay a $50 cancellation fee. If a prepay customer cancels within 24 hours there is a $100 cancellation fee. If there is a no-show, customers have to forfeit the entire amount they prepaid. These prepaid cancellation fees are steep, but it appears to go with the territory of prepaying for rentals.

On-Site Fuel Discount

Hertz does not offer customers an on-site fuel discount. They only offer a prepay fueling option. Since there is no incentive to use fuel on-site, it appears best to return the car fully refueled.

The Bottom Line

Hertz is a household brand name for rental cars with locations in all 50 states, offering customers a wide variety of vehicle choices. Customers are recommended to consider becoming a Hertz Gold Plus Member. Sign up is free and there are many perks, especially the instant return option that saves customers from having to wait in line to return their vehicle. Hertz also offers an online check-in option, and instant returns. Hertz is a great option to consider when choosing a car rental company.

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Robert Dinca

May 9th, 2017

They are scam company. I rent on the internet a car with 110 euro and at the end I paid 610. Never refund at least fuel tank quarranty. Never had problem with the car..drop off in perfect condition. Car was rent in apr 2017 in airport


Mark Donahue

September 27th, 2016 Rutherford, NJ

When I went to Florida, my friend and I needed to rent a car. What we had been told would have been our deal and what the actual price was when we got there were two totally different numbers. That did not make me happy and I explained what the deal we were told was. After speaking with the manager there, he did everything he could to get us a better deal. He was able to get us a great deal and apologized for all the confusion. We were both really happy and appreciate what he had done with us. Thanks for all your help Joe!


Chrystine Villar

August 19th, 2016

They charged me an small scratch on the wheel which was not easily visible. I'm convinced the scratch was done by a previous customer and nobody notice it before. I wouldn't waste my time to write a Review if i wasn't sure of the truth. From now on I'm going to take some pictures at the pick up and return, since it would be the only proof to open a dispute and get a refund from a company which is unfairly making money from me!!! Be aware that they always go straight to the weels willing to find a minimum scratch!