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LAST UPDATED: December 10th, 2019
E-Z Rent A Car was started in 1994 with a fleet of nine vehicles at the Orlando International Airport. Today, the company has grown into a national and international brand name.

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The Good

  • Competitive prices
  • Luxury car rentals available
  • Toll prepay option

Economy Price Range

E-Z's economy prices are considered low in the car rental industry. E-Z Rent-A-Car's prices are among the lowest for its smaller car classes. Only a handful of rental companies offer prices as low as theirs, and most offer upwards of twice or three times the price for an economy vehicle. Renters who are looking to travel on a budget will be pleased with the prices available to them through E-Z Rent-A-Car.

Luxury Price Range

E-Z also offers low prices for luxury cars. E-Z is a great option for customers who would like to rent higher quality cars. Not all rental companies have the luxury car option. E-Z offers these luxury cars at a low price which can be a great savings for customers.

Toll Prepay Option

You can also order toll passes through the company's website to make your commute easier as part of your online reservation. You do, however, have to pick up the toll pass at the rental counter when you check in. This is typical for most rental companies, but not ideal.


E-Z also offers some features and roadside assistance. They offer equipped vehicles, handicap assistance, and Plate Pass. The roadside assistance can be a very convenient feature for customers who have car issues with their rental.

The Bad

  • Available in 14 states and Puerto Rico
  • Strict cancellation policy
  • No online check-in options

States Available

E-Z Rent A Car can be found in 14 states (and Puerto Rico). This is on the very low end among economy rental car companies. Plus, E-Z is almost entirely limited to airport locations. If you're flying in to one of the airports E-Z has a counter in, then this is great. But if you're a local resident and want to rent a car for local purposes, this can be an inconvenience. You will need a ride to the airport both ways for pickup and drop-off. Some car rental companies pick you up and drop you home, but E-Z does not offer this service.

Cancellation Policies

A big disadvantage of dealing with E-Z is that they charge $50 for a cancellation fee. Many companies do not charge a cancellation fee, and some have a $25 cancellation fee.

Airports Locations

Also a limitation is the number of rental counters E-Z has at most major airports throughout North America. With locations at 33 international airports, these aren't many compared other car rental companies. Locations are clustered in Texas, California, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Online Check-In

Although you can make your reservation on E-Z's website, you cannot check in your car from the website. You have to come in person to check-in, which also is standard procedure for car rental companies. This, however, is not always the case. There are car rental competitors that offer online check-in.

Instant Return

With E-Z, your rental vehicle has to be returned in person. Returning the car without waiting in line where you are able to leave the keys inside the car is not an E-Z Rent A Car policy. Some companies allow you to conveniently drop off your car and keys after hours, but returning it in person is typical with car rentals-especially in airports. E-Z does not offer after hours drop-off.

On-Site Fuel Discount

Although E-Z offers a host of different coupons on their website that you can redeem when putting your down payment on your reservation, there is no on-site fuel discount. If you rent a vehicle with E-Z customers are responsible for returning the rental vehicle with the same amount of gasoline as was in the vehicle upon departure from E-Z's rental facility.

The Bottom Line

E-Z Rent-A-Car's biggest advantage is its affordable pricing. With low rates, in addition to discounts and member rewards, customers can get a decent rental car without breaking the bank. However, renters should be aware that this rental company does not service many locations-only a handful of states, and only a handful of countries have E-Z Rent-A-Car locations. Someone who travels outside of big cities and international airports will probably not find E-Z rental options near them. But if you're looking for car rental services in the Caribbean Islands, E-Z Rent-A-Car may be an affordable fit for you.
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where someone hit me from the back and it wasn't my mistake, I filed the report, few month later EZ sold my personal information to a company called Viking. this company start calling me and asking me to pay for the accident even that it wasn't my mistake. I hired a lawyer and Viking still didn't give up.. will not rent from E-Z ever again and I don't recommend them,, also I arrived at the airport mid night and there was nobody in their office at the airport and I had to take a taxi and come pick up the car the next day..even that I had the car booked online before I arrive. the communication is very hard with them.

2 years ago

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Patricia Davari Houston, TX

Hubby and I rented a vehicle from the E-Z rent-a-car Salt Lake City airport location. They are not on the airport grounds, you will need to take a shuttle. Our online quote was approx. $300.00 for 5 days but we ended up paying twice that amount. They charged $68.45 for an additional driver, $47.42 concession fee, $85.28 state tax but here's the kicker--$150.00 smoke cleaning fee! Just tagged that on at a later time and we don't smoke. I'm sensitive to cigarettes and would know if anyone had smoked in the vehicle. We called and they couldn't get their stories straight. My husband was told there was a cigarette but on the driver side floor, I was told smoke in the vehicle and a cigarette wrapper. My husband had asked for but was denied a return receipt. The agent just flippantly stated, "Your rental receipt is your receipt." Then when he got home they had tagged on the charge and sent him an email." How nice to have someone's credit card at your disposal to do with as you want. How is this different from robbery? I need my $150. + tax refunded!

3 years ago

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Mike Hopewell Junction, NY

Worst Customer Service Experience EVER! I travel frequently and have used a variety of rental car companies. I decided to try E-Z because of the affordable price. I soon learned, you get what you pay for. While on my trip I bought a brand new pair of sunglasses. When I dropped off the car it was early in the morning and still dark outside. In the dark and hustle getting to the airport, I did not notice my brand new sunglasses in a black case sitting on the black passengers seat. I noticed they were missing while in the airport terminal. I called the only phone number I had which connected me to a call center that would not be open for another few hours. Knowing I would be in the air, I had my brother who I was visiting call the number for me and let them know where exactly to find my glasses. I called again once I landed. I was told that I have a case number and that someone would reach out to me within 24 hours. I waited patiently and no one called me! So, I called them and was told that it was being looked into and that someone would call me within 24 to 48 hours! I asked for the local number for the location I did business with and was told that they do not have a phone number and that they only communicate through email support tickets...that is UNACCEPTABLE! I dropped the car off on a Monday and called back EVERY day that week! No one EVER called me, I ALWAYS was the one to call. Finally on Friday, I was told that there was a resolution...they could not find my sunglasses. I was only give excuses like, “they are a very busy location”, or “we are not responsible for lost possessions”, no one ever told me that they were sorry that I lost my sunglasses. At this point I’m pretty sure that one of their employees STOLE them and is enjoying my brand new sunglasses that I only got to wear once. I will NEVER do business with E-Z again and I would discourage anyone from doing business with them. I repeatedly asked to speak with a supervisor to complain about their awful customer service practices and was denied the opportunity. This is why I am writing this negative review. Clearly they don’t care about their customers or improving their ABOMINABLE customer service practices. Therefore I feel obligated to warn everyone out there to stay away from E-Z Rent A Car!

3 years ago


Review Source

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BLF Pleasant Grove, UT

The company gave us a really great deal. They didn't have a lot of cars to choose from, but they were inexpensive and we were able to get around to what me needed to do. Would go with them again.

2 years ago


Review Source

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L. Fowler Pleasant Grove, UT

We used EZ Rent a Car for a trip we took one year and it was a good experience. There was not a huge selection of cars to choose from but we didn't need anything fancy, just a car to get around.

2 years ago

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Nicole Perrysburg, OH

I rented from them for a weekend trip and returned the car without any damage. A month later I am getting phone calls and a letter from Viking Billing Services claiming that I returned the car damaged. I want to see pictures of the supposed damage.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Troy Siren Gilbert, AZ

Was pleasantly suprised at the rate I received for the nice new car I wanted. Will definitely I use them again.

3 years ago