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Avis has over 70 years in the industry and offers competitive prices.

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Avis was founded by Warren Avis in 1946 at Willow Run Airport in Detroit with an $85,000 investment. Shortly after, Avis opened a location at Miami airport. After years of varying acquisitions and mergers, the car rental company has expanded to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. They have also launched an iPhone app.

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The Good

  • Competitive pricing
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Available in all 50 states

Economy Price Range

Avis offers low to average prices for their car rentals. Avis also has a wide variety of vehicles. They have moving vans, which are not always available at other rental companies, as well as pickups, which may be even less common. While these are not available at every Avis location, they typically are, offering renters a wider variety than average.

Avis also uses many environmentally-friendly vehicles in its fleet. Most of its smaller vehicles are SmartWay certified that do minimal harm to the environment. All of their vehicles are 100 percent smoke-free in the U.S. and Canada, so smokers who want to smoke in their rental car will have to try another company.

Luxury Price Range

If you're looking to rent a luxury car, Avis offers low to average prices in the car rental industry. Many popular rental car brands out there do not offer luxury rentals, making Avis more advantageous to luxury car renters. Although there are a few companies that offer lower rates, Avis' daily rates are pretty average for luxury cars in the industry. Avis also has a special series of vehicles called "Signature Series" cars, which provide renters with a more exotic, luxurious experience. In this collection of cars, renters can choose from Mercedes, BMW's, Maserati's, Corvette's, or a variety of other exciting vehicles.

States Available

Avis stands far above the competition with locations in all 50 states. Most companies have locations in an average of 23 states. Knowing there is an Avis in your destination airport or city makes formulating travel plans in advance much easier.

Airports Locations

With rental counters at most major airports throughout the United States and North America, Avis is much more accessible to travelers than its competitors. If you need a car right when you get off the plane, an Avis location most likely will be there once you check out your luggage.

Instant Return

Avis has streamlined the rental return process, so that renters can return their vehicles in as little as one minute, using a kiosk. This reduces stress for busy travelers, and ensures that renters trying to catch a flight won't be caught arriving late because of their rental returns.

Toll Prepay Option

Avis offers a Toll Prepay option called e-Toll, an electronic toll collection program which makes road travel more convenient. Avis e-Toll cannot be reserved in advance, but is already conveniently installed in many cars, so it doesn't need to be ordered through their website. When you're making an online reservation, it allows you to check the box if you want to include this as an add-on service when paying for your reservation online.

The thing to know about e-Toll is that you are automatically enrolled in it if you choose to not pay cash for tolls. This has led to customer issues who were not aware of this and found additional charges to their credit/debit card later on. Under the e-Toll program, once you pass through an electronic toll, you will pay a convenience fee of $3.95 for each day of the entire rental period, including any days on which e-Toll is not used, up to a maximum of $19.75 per rental month.

The Bad

  • Strict cancellation policy
  • Roadside assistance is more expensive
  • No online check-in

Cancellation Policies

Avis charges $25 if you cancel within six hours before the rental period. After six hours, the cancellation fee increases to a no-show fee of $100, but the rest of the rental is refunded. The refund makes this a slightly better policy than some rental companies, which will charge late cancellation fees for as much as 24 hours before the rental period with no refund. However, many companies have less strict cancellation policies and often do not require a cancellation fee.

Roadside Assistance

In case your rental vehicle has problems, Avis offers extended roadside assistance for $7.49 per day. This is slightly higher than the typical rental company who charges an average of $5-6 per day, but a good safety measure to take nonetheless.

On-Site Fuel Discount

Avis offers several Fuel plans but on-site fuel discounts are not advertised. On average, car rental customers are either expected to just bring the car back with a full tank or choose between fueling payment plan options.

Online Check-In

Although Avis' return process is streamlined, their check-in process is not. This would not typically be a negative, since in-person check-in is standard in the car rental industry. However, being a global brand that has been in business for over 70 years, one would think they would have innovated a feature allowing customers to check in from the website instead of the rental counter.

While returning an Avis rental can be very quick, many customers report that they had to stand in very long lines when picking up their vehicle. Some stood in line for a couple of hours at certain locations, and noted that the employees at the counter seemed to lack a sense of urgency. When they arrived at the counter, employees tried to sell them insurance, upgrades, etc., taking even longer. For travelers getting off of a long flight, hurrying to a meeting, or anxious to begin their vacation, this kind of wait is not a desirable.

The Bottom Line

Avis is a big rental company and a recognized brand name with a lot of options, and is available almost anywhere you travel. While Avis has the advantage of offering perks for loyal customers, they do have some issues such as their strict cancellation policies, and some negative customer feedback. If you're a smoker, Avis is not the option for you, since all cars are 100 percent smoke-free. If you're a local resident, Avis is a prime option due to the company's non-airport locations. And if renting environment-friendly cars is important to you, Avis also offers cars that fit that criteria. We recommend considering Avis as an option when searching for a car rental company.


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April 25th, 2018 DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Do not rent from Avis car rental.They charged us toll fees that was added to our visa once we got back from our trip. we never went through any tolls in our trip .They they changed us 19.95 for tolls that was a monthly rate (we rented the car for a week ) When we wrote the company Avis refused to give us a refund .Just a scam to get our money .

Ron Willoughby
April 16th, 2018 North Haverhill, NH DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I rented in Fairbanks. No visible damage. Heard a noise driving out of their parking lot. Heard it several times on the way to the hotel. Slept 5 hours, checked out the noise and found a piece of plastic UNDER the car rubbing on the tire. Returned it. They said I had an accident!! I offered to take a polygraph test. For 9 days I waited. Then called the Claims Dept. and they dropped the claim. A week later, they again said that I owe them $817. It is not yet resolved, but they are thieves. DO NOT RENT FROM AVIS!! Their reviews on consumeraffairs.com have over a thousand reviews with a ONE STAR rating.

Melanie Poland
January 8th, 2018 Chandler, TX DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Be very careful when you're picking up your vehicle. This company (and Budget - they're the same company really) will try to load you up with all sorts of unnecessary add ons when you pick up your car, even if you've already made all your choices and submitted payment beforehand. The area in the Dayton OH airport terminal is very loud due to the close proximity of the baggage claim area and though the customer service rep we encountered was very friendly, she also talked and laughed so much that it was distracting and it was also hard to understand everything she was saying due to the noise. We ended up accidentally agreeing to very expensive additional insurance coverage, that actually cost more than our round trip tickets to Dayton! We didn't realize that we were signing to pay an additional fee - we thought we were signing to pay what we'd ordered online. When we returned the vehicle, we realized that we'd payed nearly $1000 for four days of a rental car! We tried to discuss this with the manager but he would not come out and talk with us. We tried calling corporate (numerous times) but they only stuck to the assertion that we had agreed to this and that "the manager heard us agree to this" (an impossibility since he was in the back, at the other counter, and the place was extremely loud anyway). In fact, we had stated emphatically several times during the CSR's spiel that we did NOT want any additional insurance. We will never use Budget or Avis again, though we travel often for business and pleasure and often use rental cars. VERY unhappy and I believe their actions were very, very unethical. They get bonuses for these add ons. PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION if you decide to give them your business.

Rishiharan Sasitharan
January 2nd, 2018 DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Rented a car from Avis during my summer vacation in Europe. I picked up a speeding ticket. Instead of Avis charging my credit card directly they charged an admin fee to PASS along my info to the authorities. Other more reputable rental companies take care of all speeding tickets and fines and by charging you credit card directly instead making you jump through hoops. This has been on going for 6 months. Save your self the hassle and go with a better rental company

Sandra Dubas
June 13th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

The cars we rent from them are nice, but their prices are kind of high compared to other rentals. We have enjoyed using them because of their customer service as well.

Julie Firkins
June 12th, 2017 Orem, UT

I rented my car from the airport, when i picked it up it was supposed to be ready to go and it was supposed to be an suv because of the snow storm the suv's were gone and they gave me an upgrade at no additional cost. i wanted the other vehicle that i thought i was renting

Anne Janks
September 9th, 2016 Oakland, CA

We received a letter that we were being charged a $250 cleaning fee because of a "smoke smell" in the rental car returned to Oakland CA airport. The person we returned it to got in the car and mentioned nothing. I called the number on the letter and was told: 1. the appeal process is the phone call I was making -- there is NO WAY to contest the charge; 2. they would not consider any documentation I could provide which would disprove the bogus charge. (Our child is severely asthmatic and can not be exposed to smoke - not even someone with smoke on clinging to their clothes -- and I offered medical proof and proof that our child was on the trip with us.) 3. if I agreed to the charge, they would reduce it by $100, which I felt was designed to pressure me to agree to a phony charge which was at least lower. BTW -- there is a complaint process: http://avisbudgetgroup.com/contact-us/customer-service/avis-complaint-escalation/ I found it by googling, it's not on the website, but why do I know about it, but their customer service supervisors don't?