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Alamo Rental Car was founded in 1974. They were one of the first companies in the industry to allow unlimited mileage as part of its rental program. In its North American locations, Alamo rents primarily GM, Toyota, Volvo, and other known auto brands. Alamo is the largest renter to international travelers and developed the first online car rental system in 2005. They have set many standards in the industry. In 2007, Enterprise Rent-a-Car purchased Alamo by an exchange of stock and other financial collateral. All three Alamo, National and Enterprise brands are all under the parent company, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

The Good

  • Competitive pricing
  • Available in 50 states
  • Online check-in

Economy Price Range

Economy prices for Alamo range from low to average in the industry, this gives them a competitive advantage. Alamo's quoted rates include all taxes, fees, and discounts. This eliminates being surprised with higher fees than anticipated when checking out.

Luxury Price Range

Alamo's luxury car prices range from low to average in the industry. This lower price range allows more customers to rent luxury cars. The downside is that luxury cars are not available in all locations. In cities like New York, Alamo luxury cars are not offered. Many of their competitors offer luxury rentals across the board in every major city or state.

States Available

Alamo locations can be found in 50 states. Some competitors offer locations in some states, but not all. This is a significant advantage for frequent travelers because they can use the same company that they know and can collect membership points. This also makes renting a car available to residents in every state who need to rent a car locally.

Airports Locations

Alamo has airport locations in all 50 states (and in Puerto Rico) with rental counters at most major airports throughout North America. Anywhere you land, there is a convenient Alamo location.

Roadside Assistance

Alamo offers 24/7 roadside assistance to help you in case your vehicle has issues. Their roadside assistance costs $4.99 a day. This is average for most rental car companies and is moderately affordable.

Online Check-In

One of Alamo's premier features is their online check-in. This allows renters to check in before arriving at the rental location, speeding up the rental process. In some Alamo locations, online check-ins allows customers to skip the rental counter entirely, going directly to the car attendant and receiving their keys. Travelers in a hurry or who have grown tired of waiting in long lines will greatly benefit from this option.

The Bad

  • No fuel discount
  • No toll prepay option
  • No instant return

On-Site Fuel Discount

There is no on-site fuel discount with Alamo. The Fuel Service Option charges the local gas rate times the number of gallons held in the tank. It appears best to fill your own tank. Alamo says to bring the car back empty (if you select their prepay fueling option) since there is no refund for additional fuel in the tank at time of return.

Toll Prepay Option

Alamo customers do not have a prepay toll option through Alamo's website. If you want a toll pass for your vehicle, you have to ask at the rental counter when you are signing in to pick up your car. This can be problematic if you get to the rental counter and find out there are no more toll passes available. This additional step takes more time and makes checking in longer. Most car rental companies offer toll prepay. Customers of car rental companies that offer toll prepay options avoid this issue and have a guaranteed toll pass when they check in.

Instant Return

During business hours, you have to return the car and keys in person to the front counter. Some car rental companies offer an instant return. This allows customers to leave the car with the keys in it without having to checkout at the counter. Alamo also offers after-hours returns, allowing renters to return their cars to the lot, drop off their keys, and be on their way without needing to enter the rental location.

The Bottom Line

Customers traveling on a budget are well-suited for Alamo. Alamo is located in every state and offers a wide variety of vehicles. Alamo's online check-in service is compatible with renters who like to take care of everything online, which is an added convenience to customers. The only downsides are no prepaid toll passes, on-site fuel discounts, or instant returns. We recommend working with Alamo for your car rental needs.

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    November 6th, 2017 Sandy, UT DETAILS

    Value for your money
    Quality of product or service
    Customer Service
    Company trustworthiness

    I've had great experiences with Alamo in the last year. Had a trip to Minnesota and picking up the car from the airport was painless. Had another trip to North Carolina and we signed up for a manager's special which guaranteed us a certain size vehicle, with the possibility of something bigger at no additional cost. We ended up getting a giant Ford F150 that was a blast to drive for the cost of renting a small sedan. I plan on using them in the future.

  • 9

    Doyal Stewart

    June 2nd, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

    I used Alamo when I was taking a trip with the family in California. We rented a really nice convertible and drove all over Southern California. Budget was very easy to work with, and had reasonable prices. I would use them again in the future.

  • 1

    Steve Campbell

    January 5th, 2017 Scottsdale, AZ

    Rental with Alamo 12/29 -1/3, pickup at airport terminal- O'Hara, Chicago, went well and the counter purchase with the rep was great. He even took the time to go with us to the car to put our luggage in the trunk. But the transport back on 1/3 about 7:30pm to the airport was horrible. The driver of the van was standing around when we dropped our car off at the return depot, He came over and took my wife's luggage and we had 3 bags with us. I continued to checkout with the rep and when finished, the other 2 bags were still at the back of the trunk, Ok I'm a guy. So I took them to the van and loaded them myself. The driver was sitting in his seat. We were the only people in the van. He asked us what airline we were flying and left for the terminals. But said he was making some stops before getting to our terminal. So we proceeded to the terminals and figured he would let us know when we should get off. He picked up 3 other people. When we left the last terminal he announced over the speaker that we should have gotten off the last stop, really. Why wait until you leave the terminal before telling us? And I guess you weren't going to help us with our luggage, not like Avis or Budget who I usually rent with. On the driver tag for the van his name said Wille? If that's his real name. When I asked him "now what are we going to do, I have to catch a flight". His response was that he could drop me off at another terminal and I can take another shuttle to the other terminal. My response was no and that I wanted him to take me back to the terminal where my flight departs. He did agree to take me there, but not until he dropped the 3 people back at the Alamo depot. Once we drove to the terminal again and this time I noticed that the truck had the announcements on for the terminals and the airlines being broadcasted, this was not on during our original departure. Once we reached the terminal, the driver did not even have the courtesy to help us with our bags -sad- and just sat in the driver seat- horrible. Sometimes the company is not about the product but the people and the people and service are the product- especially with a rental company. I've never rented with Alamo before and after this incident I will never use them again. My advice is that there are other rental companies.

  • 1

    Roger Coven

    December 13th, 2016 Westwood, NJ

    Called Alamo twice to get a price fur insurance. When I got to the counter in Mexico, I was charged twice the price that was quoted over the phone. I called Alamo customer service after the trip. NO HELP AT ALL. They claimed that insurance prices given over the phone are just an estimate. I was not told that on either of my 2 calls inquiring about the price. So Alamo is saying that they will not tell you how much it costs to rent a car from them! (Go to their company and keep your fingers crossed)