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LAST UPDATED: January 30th, 2020
Advantage is a rental car company that was founded in 1963. They have over 23,000 vehicles, ranging from economy cars to SUVs. One of the issues that this company has struggled with in recent years is fiscal solvency. They filed for bankruptcy and were acquired by Hertz. Hertz divested its holdings in Advantage in 2012 and the company is now centered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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The Good

  • Low Rental Prices
  • Great Features
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Rewards Program

Low Rental Prices

Advantage's low prices for economy rentals are extremely competitive. They offer low prices in the car rental industry.

Great Features

Advantage offers some great extra features that make travel more convenient for customers. They offer booster seats and carseats, which are a huge convenience for customers with children. They also offer a Plate Pass and equipped cars which can help save time and money while traveling.

Roadside Assistance

Advantage offers roadside assistance services. Customers who have car issues can call and receive help.

Rewards Program

Advantage Expressway is a rewards program that provides regulars with a variety of benefits. Members can receive free rental days, cars, or upgrades. The membership program has four tiers: base, silver, gold, and platinum. This program gives perks for those who frequently rent cars for travel. Business travelers can sign up for the Corporate Advantage rewards program, which promises discounts on all rentals.


The Bad

  • Available in Only 19 States
  • Only Airport Locations
  • Strict Cancellation Policies
  • No Instant Return
  • No Toll Prepay Option
  • No Online Check-In
  • No On-Site Fuel Discount

Available in Only 19 States

Advantage has limited availability with locations in only 19 states. Some companies have locations in all 50 states. This availability is lower than average in the industry.

Only Airport Locations

Despite these location limitations, Advantage has rental counters at most major airports throughout North America. Advantage is only available at airports at this time. Some companies have other locations outside of airport terminals, which is more convenient for local residents.

Strict Cancellation Policies

Advantage's cancellation policy is very strict and costly. You must cancel more than 24 hours in advance or you will be charged a minimum of one day's rental charges plus taxes and additional fees. If you cancel a 'Pay Now' reservation prior to 24 hours before the pickup time, you will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. If a 'Pay Now' reservation is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the pickup time, you forfeit the entire amount of the reservation. Many companies offer free cancellation.

No Instant Return

Your car has to be returned at the kiosk. This is standard for car rental companies. Instant return services allow customers to leave the keys in the car and leave the car at the proper location. This can be a very convenient feature.

No Toll Prepay Option

You cannot prepay for tolls with advantage. Renters can opt into the EZ TOLL program for a daily fee of $6.99 per day. This is a good price compared to what other companies charge. Having to pay on the day of rental for toll passes is pretty common with rental car companies.

No Online Check-In

Advantage does not offer an online check-in option. Compared to industry competitors, this is not atypical for car rentals. Most companies require in-person check-ins. A few companies do offer this option, which is more convenient and offers customers the chance to avoid waiting in line.

No On-Site Fuel Discount

Advantage does not offer discounts on the price of fuel it uses to fill the tank when you return it. They have three fueling options: Fuel Now, Fuel Later, and Self Serve. Pricing for each option varies and is available at the rental counter. Advantage does not issue refunds for unused fuel.


The Bottom Line

Advantage offers some of the lowest prices around. For anyone on a budget, this is the place to rent from. If you have a tentative reservation or are unsure you can keep your reservation, then using Advantage is not recommended. Their cancellation policy is extremely strict. For the pricing alone, Advantage is highly recommended.
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Robert San Jose, CA

We had a bad experiences with Advantage Rental Car: The Advantage Rental Car Associate didn't make it clear to my wife and I about what the FPO Fuel meant... We both thought it was to give us a lower price of fuel based on our usage. Instead it was based on an empty tank. We returned the car with a full tank (because we found gasoline at a much cheaper price at Costco: (62 cents less per gallon). I needed to call Advantage because the associate had charged our credit card upfront for a full tank - upfront. Also we were visiting Kauai where based on the size of the island and renting a small car - it would be almost impossible to use up the full tank we drove a lot and it only totaled: 119 miles. We only used about 6 gallons of gasoline total. It is our belief that Advantage is taking advantage (thus their name - lol) of travelers!

2 years ago

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Hannah Pleasant Grove, UT

Service was really slow and the line was long. When we got to the desk, they told us the car we had chosen wasn't ready. That is the reason I knock off a star. But they upgraded us to a mustang convertible for no extra charge. That was great to drive around in Hawaii.

3 years ago

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In planning a trip from El Paso, Texas to Tucson, Arizona, I made a rental reservation through Expedia for an Advantage rental car two weeks in advance. This rental included unlimited mileage. Three days before the trip, Advantage called me to let me know that they would not honor unlimited mileage for Texas residents. For a 3-day rental we would have 300 free miles, and each mile after that would be $0.55 per mile, more than doubling the cost of the rental. I canceled the rental, however with only three days left before we leave, all car rentals from all sources are sold out throughout the city. Expedia customer service couldn't help me and Advantage wasn't interested in doing so. I prepaid for my hotel and for the event we're attending, so my only choice is to take my 12 year old compact stick shift on this long desert drive. I used to routinely rent from Advantage, I had forgotten why I stopped. This is been a harsh reminder that I will never do business with this company again. Advantage is a dishonorable company and I do not recommend them to anyone.

2 years ago

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I rented from the MCO Orlando Airport. My car would not start the next day. My car died on me 3 times in 4 days. I called customer service and they just told me to take it back which would have taken me 4 hours of my vacation. I had to buy jumper cables in case I was stranded somewhere in the FL heat with my 85 year old grandfather. My hotel staff jumped my car on several occasions. Advantage does not maintain their vehicles and did little to help with the situation. I had the battery tested at Advanced Auto parts and they confirmed the battery was bad. They told me I would have to pay $52 per service request to have someone come out and jump my car even though it was their fault. When I returned the car they only gave me half my money back and did not take any blame for not maintaining their vehicle. I would NOT RENT FROM ADVANTAGE. They do not care and they do not maintain their cars. Not to mention that when I lifted the hood the cooliant and windsheild wiper fluid was low. Something that should be checked after every use. The lady at the desk at the airport told me they would have brought me a new car BUT NO ONE OFFERED THAT to me. Never again will I rent from such a scum company.

2 years ago

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Alexandria McGovern Somerville, MA

I actually rented a car for a week from EZ car rentals which is now joined with Advantage and had THE WORST experience. I rented a car in West Palm Beach location on August 20th and had asked to waive the liability because my credit card covered it. The employee assured me that they would. She also told us that there was a toll-pass in the car and we would pay the toll fees we went through. After returning the car we got the receipt and they ended up charging us $120 for liability which we had asked to waive, and $10 a day for the toll-pass plus the fees. Overall the added charges were over $500 over the price we expected to pay. When I called to inquire about the charges the employee could not have been more rude or condescending. When I asked for a manager he said there are no managers. When I asked his full name he refused to give it to me. I contacted the customer service and they were extremely unhelpful and refuse to give us any money back or to address, Bill the employee from west palm beach Advantage/EZ rental, rude behavior. this company is completely unprofessional and I will never use this company again for personal or company business again.

5 years ago


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Kristin G Pleasant Grove, UT

We booked our Rent a car from Advantage through a website. When we arrived in Florida we were surprised how quickly they got us to our car and on our way. Very reasonable prices!

3 years ago


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L. Fowler Pleasant Grove, UT

I rented a car through a third party and was booked with Advantage. They messed up on my rental agreement and I was overcharged. The company was able to adjust that mistake after a few emails. The car we rented was great for what we needed.

3 years ago

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Lynn Leggett Wake Forest, NC

I rented the car via Hotwire and prepaid. Upon arriving to pick up the car, I advised that I did not want the extra insurance and proceeded to sign/initial on a keypad, trusting what the person was telling me. I ended up being charged for the insurance (doubling the cost of the car rental) and they refuse to give me the money back as they have my signature. I will not trust anyone again - always review the actual paperwork.

1 year ago

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David Houston, TX

I paid $240.02 for a car hire (incl. collision damage waiver) for 2 days, the same service would have cost me $152.60 with a better company like Hertz. The car interior was clean but had an extreme smell of tobacco, I had to drive with the windows down for the first 2 hours. The car exterior was not washed, it was dirty and the front full of bugs. When I told the attendant that the car was dirty and smelly, he said "what do you want me to do about it" as if he didn't work there! A BIG MISTAKE, next time I'll hire from one of the larger international companies!

2 years ago

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Flew the wife to Phoenix AZ. and decided to give Advantage Car Rental a try. BIG MISTAKE!! The wife had misplaced her credit card so I gave her mine. Same card, same account number but with my name on it. They refused to take the card. All the manager, Richard, had to do was call the 800 number on the back to varify that she was on the account. Richard refused. When I got to talk to him and ask him to call and put it on speaker phone he said "no can do" and hung up on me. Stay away from this rental and stick with the big names.

2 years ago

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Lee pyner

Disgusting service ordered fullsize vehicle was given mid size. Take or leave it attitude at airport as they had nothing else. This broke our pushchair as not enough room for luggage. Called customer service 25 times with no answer. Left 2 voicemail and 2 emails so as can resolve issue with swapping vehicle no replies. When I complain offered a 15% off our next car hire with them as there solution not even given back the difference for being given a lesser car.

2 years ago


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Dave Brinton

Advantage seems to have reliable affordable cars. I have never had a problem with an Advantage rental car. Half the time I get hit up to buy all the extra insurance, but they usually respect my decision.

3 years ago

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DocLoc Buffalo, NY

Just received a car. Rented a SUV and got the smallest car they had!! Three big boys and one not so big, and five suitcases. Musa at desk very nice but the rest of the experience has been horrendous!! Waiting for the manager to call me back!!!!

2 years ago

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John McCowan Aiken, SC

Did-advantage provided me with a car with numerous problems. When I told the attendant upon return, she said she hears the complaints often, but she has nothing to do with the cars her substandard company rents. Her superiors don't want to hear about the issues she hears.

4 years ago


Review Source

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ave Pleasant Grove, UT

One of the best rental car places out there. Their customer service was so nice to work with and we were outfitted with a nice car that ran great.

2 years ago