Intro to The Kitchn

The Kitchn is a food magazine published on the web daily. Along with recipes the website focuses on cooking techniques, tips, gadgets, and design. They are a part of the Apartment Therapy Media family of sites. On average they publish 20 short articles a day which cover various areas of home cooking, including recipes, cooking lessons, kitchen design, product reviews, and renovation ideas. The Kitchn website was founded in 2005 by Maxwell Ryan and Sara Kate Gillingham, who had also founded Apartment Therapy. 

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The Good

  • Special diet recipes
  • Easy and quick recipes
  • Ask a question section
  • Gatherings blog
  • Kitchens blog
  • Shopping blog

One of the best things about the Kitchn's website is that it contains a large variety of recipe types as well as extensive online blogs covering areas such as cooking techniques, reviews and information about the latest kitchen gadgets, and a section on get-togethers as well.

The recipes themselves are diverse and can be filtered by special dietary requirements, such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, Paleo, difficulty level, low sodium and sugar, allergy concerns, and high fiber.

As well as numerous recipes the website also provides blogs with touch on other kitchen related topics. There are Shopping, Gatherings, Drinks, Kitchens, and Story blogs. The Shopping blog focuses on equipment for the kitchen including reviews and recently released products. The Gatherings blog is centered on get-togethers like holidays and parties. The Drinks blog focuses on just that, drinks. There are recipes and many are alcohol-free.

Finally the Stories, Advice, Questions and Kitchens blog center on the remaining kitchen related topics, including personal experiences, kitchen designs, techniques, how-to's, questions, tips, and advice about home cooking.

The website as a whole is informative, creative, and contains recipes and advice for home cooks of every level or dietary requirement. The Kitchn's large amount of articles on various topics makes it a good place to go for information about cooking and entertaining.

The Bad

  • Forum
  • The ability for users to post recipes
  • Newsletter

While there is the ability to comment on blog posts and recipes, there is not a general forum available on the website. Visitors can ask questions to the site's experts but an open exchange of information separated into topics, as would be found in a forum, is not provided.

The website also restricts the posting of visitor recipes to the site. There is a section where users can submit stories about personal experiences with the recipes provided on the site or the use of gadgets, the Kitchn does not allow user to post recipes. There is a way to contribute to the site but it is set-aside for freelance writers, not individual users of the site.

Finally, there is also no newsletter. Users have the ability to sign up to receive email updates; however there are not unique email articles available through that option. The emails do link you to the new information on the site and let you know when a new article has been uploaded.

The Bottom Line

As a recipe website the Kitchn contains numerous options and even cooks with little experience can find ways to create new meals and grow their skills. The sheer number of articles released daily provides users with information on nearly every topic in the home cooking world. We can recommend using this website to learn more about home cooking, entertaining, and how to create new, more challenging recipes.

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