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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Simply Recipes is a blog or a personal website founded and operated by Elise Bauer. Simply Recipes started as a family recipe blog in 2003 and now reaches millions of visitors each month. Simply Recipes is designed to be a web-based resource for home cooks. The site is unlike larger scale recipe sites and maintains the format of a personal blog.

The Good

  • Index
  • Filtered results
  • Numerous categories
  • Large amount of recipes
There are numerous recipes within the blog and they can be searched easily by using the index or the filtering search bar. For example, users can narrow down the recipes by types of ingredients, dietary restrictions, and type of meal, such as Asian cuisine. The categories are also helpful for narrowing down what types of recipes a user wishes to view and users can specifically view recipes for items that are in season and recipes which can be made on a budget. The best thing about the blog is the number of recipes and the format of the site. The recipes, as well as the site itself, are easy to follow and come directly from the home kitchen of the author, Elise Bauer. Unlike larger recipe websites, each of the recipes contained on Simply Recipes has been tested by the author within her own home with friends and family. The website itself is also very easy to navigate and the recipes contained offer enough variety to suit the tastes of multiple types of readers. The types of cuisine are diverse and do not stick to one type or country of origin.

The Bad

  • Forum
  • Difficulty level indicator
While comments are encouraged and available on each recipe, the website does not contain a forum section. A forum section could be useful for users of the site when looking for information about certain recipes, food items, and feedback. Forums are beneficial for users because they allow them to get information from a variety of sources. A difficulty level on the recipes would also be beneficial to users and is lacking. There is not a way to determine how easy or hard the recipe will be to create without reading the entire recipe. To make the search quicker for users, a difficulty level indicator would be helpful. Finally, while the home-tested, home-made recipes are certainly part of the websites good features there are therefore fewer recipes listed on the website than on a large food site. There are recipes which cover different areas of the world and cater to different dietary requirements, there are however not as many. As the blog grows this number has increased but there are still not as many options as a larger website.

The Bottom Line

  As a whole, Simple Recipes is just that. The personal blog contains numerous recipes and they are presented in a stripped down manner. The variety of recipes and ability to look at what is in season and what fits your budget make the blog suited for every day, home cooking. We recommend Simply Recipes to home cooks who want to try some new while still embracing the home-made feel behind family crafted, family-tested recipes.

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