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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Intro to Saveur is the website which was created to work together with Saveur the magazine. Saveur is focused on gourmet cooking, entertaining, and traveling as well as keeping readers up to date with the latest trends in those areas. It has received four American Society of Magazine Editors awards and 18 James Beard journalism awards. Saveur is also a part of the Bonnier Corporation. 

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The Good

  • Diverse recipe choices
  • Numerous blog articles
  • How-to and technique videos
  • Easy to use filtering system offers users a large variety of recipes from all over the globe and with varying difficulty levels. Within these recipes the filtering system can pick out specific requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, kosher, and others. These recipes are also supplemented with a large quantity of blog articles focusing on what is currently trending in the gourmet cooking and food world. There are sections which focus on Travel, Style & Home, and Events occurring in the Saveur community. The Videos section is especially beneficial to users. This section contains numerous videos about local and nationwide traveling and dining experience and tips about which places around the country are considered the best. There are also numerous How-To videos which can make some of the more difficult recipes easier for a user to attempt. The How-To videos also include instructions for correcting mistakes or accidents which occur while cooking including "How to Fix a Broken Pie Crust." Finally, the recipes on Saveur themselves are quite unique. They take on the gourmet, worldly approach and include options which are different from the standard home cooking recipes found on most other food-related websites.

The Bad

  • Forum
  • Prep time and cook time on recipes
  • Few quick and easy recipes
  • Meal planning tool
While Saveur offers its users numerous recipes which can be considered gourmet, there are few which can be classified as quick and easy. There are a few recipes on the site with fall under the difficulty level of easy however there are not many and even these take a certain amount of skill. The recipes on the site are also not something that you could make if you were in a hurry and require a great deal of prep time to accomplish. The prep time and cook time is also not listed on the recipes directly though they are contained within the instructions themselves. Being able to see the prep/cook time at the top of the recipe page would be helpful for users so they understand what they are getting into without having to read the entire recipe first. Again, the recipes appear to be meant for people who have the devotion and time to cook them. There is also no meal planning tool. For a website which is so focused on entertaining and gourmet cooking a meal planning tool would be very helpful for its users. A tool to construct an entire meal would be beneficial for users who wish to entertain a group.

The Bottom Line

As a whole, we would recommend to cooks who are experienced and wish to devote their time to constructing recipes which are meant for people with a very open palette. We would not however recommend the website to home cooks who are less experienced and who lack large amounts of time in which to search for and cook the recipes on the site. The gourmet feel of the website is prominent and if you are cooking on a budget or are unfamiliar with the ingredients the recipes may seem too difficult or out of your comfort zone.
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