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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Martha Stewart is a celebrity best known for her party planning, decorating and cooking tips. was launched in 1997. It serves as a companion site to the Martha Stewart Living magazine, which features all things food, home decorating, gardening, crafts, beauty, parties, and family. The site is part of the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia umbrella of companies that includes various television, print, and merchandising ventures related to the Martha Stewart brand.

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The Good

  • Tested recipes
  • Search
  • Free membership
  • FAQ page
All recipes featured on are tested to ensure that only the highest quality recipes are offered. There are no member-submitted recipes, which helps to ensure a consistent level of quality in both the recipes and the accompanying photography. All recipes are rated on a scale of 1-5, so users can quickly see how other users liked the recipes. The layout of the recipe pages has the ingredients and directions side-by-side for easy viewing while cooking. Users can browse recipe categories like Classic Recipes, Key Ingredient, or Basic Technique. Each of these categories also has multiple subcategories to help users further narrow their search results. If users click the Cook page, they can also browse recipes organized by Meal, Dessert, Hors d'Oeuvres, and Cocktails. offers a free membership that gives members access to the site's discussion boards, workshops and contests. Members are also able to favorite recipes, mark when they've made a recipe, rate it, and leave reviews. does include ads throughout the site, however they are typically relevant to the site's content and don't distract from the browsing experience. Since is not exclusively a food site, much of the navigation applies to other topics like home decorating, gardening, crafts, beauty, parties and pets. This may provide additional appeal for users who are interested in these topics because they'll be able to utilize the site for multiple purposes. There is an FAQ page that has answers to technical questions, membership questions, digital magazine support, and television questions. If users can't find answers there, they can also go to the Contact Us page to submit a question.

The Bad

  • Browsing
  • Third-party websites
Since is not exclusively for recipes, it can sometimes be difficult for users to find what they are looking for. For example, users get completely different results if they select Cook or Food in the header. Cook would be the obvious choice for a listing of recipes, but those are housed under Food. This may be frustrating or confusing for users who prefer to browse or don't have a specific recipe in mind to search for. In addition, some of the recipes featured on are not hosted on the site, so users are often sent to other websites to view a recipe. This may be a hassle and will limit the ability to easily save recipes for later use, since the user may be prompted to create memberships with other sites in addition to

The Bottom Line is a sensible choice for fans of Martha Stewart or users who prefer to join a site that offers more than just recipe-related content. There are ample articles, tips and videos featuring information about home, gardening, family and beauty. However, recipe enthusiasts may feel underwhelmed by's lack of tools for organizing or sharing recipes, or creating shopping lists or menus. While the site does offer quality recipes, they may be difficult to find due to the site's unintuitive navigation, and saving or organizing recipes will be limited because some of them are housed on other sites.
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Wendy Gallagher Chicago, IL

Love the magazine have been receiving for years. Used to love the website, but since it was sold to Meredith it is the worst! Too many ads flashing on and off and in text when you are trying to read. Since they are constantly changing and reloading, process of finding a recipe is tedious. Extremely disappointed. I use it for recipes less often because of this. I have suggested that I would pay for a membership that could be ad free browsing of the site if they would offer it, but other than turning off the suggested items in your area on sale, you can't get rid of the crap.

4 years ago

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Cassidy Gundersen Orem, UT

From the time I was young I have loved Martha Stewarts recipes. The website is simple and clean. It is easy to find recipes that you need and the recipes that I have tried are all delicious. I’d definitely recommend it!

4 years ago

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Hayley Lambdin Orem, UT

Martha Stewart is a great site for when I am trying to find a new and unique recipe to make. They have the best Eggs Benedict recipe!

4 years ago


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L. Fowler Pleasant Grove, UT

When I have used recipes from this company they are a little complicated in nature and require ingredient that are sometimes hard to find. Also, a few of the recipes really didn't taste very good or were not to my liking.

4 years ago