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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Intro to Just A Pinch

Just A Pinch was founded by the people who created American Hometown Media and American Profile magazine. Just A Pinch is designed to be a network of helpful tools to make preparing a delicious meal easier for home cooks. As a Member, you can search for, rate and comment on recipes as well as exchange your own. The site also allows users to create menus and corresponding grocery lists in addition to offering coupons for recipe ingredients and other items. 

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The Good

  • Community discussion board
  • Numerous recipes in helpful categories
  • Menu calendar and grocery list
  • Savable recipes
  • Ability to upload your own recipes
The format of Just A Pinch is very beneficial for home cooks who wish to share and find home-made recipes as well as discuss home cooking questions, favorites, and tips with others users across the nation. The recipes are broken down into numerous categories which make them easy to navigate and there are recipes available for users which specific dietary restrictions such as dairy-free, vegan and low-fat. Another great feature is the menu calendar and grocery list. The menu calendar allows member the ability to create menu plans for each day of the week and creates a grocery list based on the ingredients which are found in the recipes a user has chosen. In combination with the coupons offered the feature is unique and beneficial to users. The community membership also allows users to share their own recipes and exchange comments and tips. There is a discussion section and user can also comment on individual recipes. You can also save recipes to your box by using the website's Pinch It button. The sharable recipes paired with recipes from Blue Ribbon winners provides users with numerous home created recipes which have been used in families across the country.

The Bad

  • Difficulty levels
  • Easy and quick recipes categories
Just A Pinch recipes are laid out very well and include prep and cooking times however there is no difficulty level assigned to the recipes. While most of the recipes on the website are created by fellow home cooks, there are some which can be considered difficult for some. By providing users with a difficulty ranking they would be able to tell right away if the recipe is something they wish to try or postpone for a later date. This would also allow members to filter out difficult recipes and stick to the easy or medium categories. In terms of easy or quick recipes, there are no categories or filters which help users find those recipes a bit easier. While you can search for them, it would make locating recipes of that particular type if they had categories to themselves. Including options such as five-minute recipes or dinners in 30-minutes would be very beneficial to users who are pressed for time. Since this is a common complaint of home cooks, that it takes too long or they don't have enough time, providing an entire section of quick recipes would help members take more advantage or the site and home cooking in general.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Just A Pinch to home cooks who are looking for recipes which have a traditional, family-oriented feel. We also recommend this website to those who wish to engage in an active cooking community where they can discuss their own recipes as well as tips and techniques for basic home cooking. For members who have the time to browse the recipes and join in the conversations with the other members this website will be a great tool which can help you plan menus and meals for your family or when entertaining.
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