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LAST UPDATED: April 28th, 2021
Epicurious is operated and was founded by Condé Nast Digital. Condé Nast Digital is a creator and developer of upmarket lifestyle brands on the web. They are based out of New York and owned Advance Publications, Inc. They are partnered with some of the world's most prestigious magazines and Epicurious has sister sites in the travel and fashion industry, Concierge.com and Style.com. 

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The Good

  • Numerous categories and filters
  • Blog, newsletter, and forum
  • How-tos and expert help
  • Recipes for special diets
  • Meal planner
  • 150,000+ member recipes
The key great feature of the Epicurious website is the vast community of home cooks it has created. When a member signs up they are able to participate in the forums and can submit their own recipes which can be commented on and shared. The website hosts over 150,000 member recipes and many of them have been ranked when and received positive reviews. Another great feature of the website is the expert help and how-to article section. There are numerous articles about basic cooking techniques and more advance skills including a knife guide, cookbook cheat sheet, and how-to articles which cover a variety of topics such as how to save a dish from a mistake and even why food prices are what they are for certain items. The filtering system and categories are also a great feature because they make it very easy for users and members to locate recipes which fit their dietary needs and preferences. The categories include vegan, dairy-free, type of cuisine, quick and easy, as well as preparation method, course, and holiday/celebration.

The Bad

  • Difficulty level
  • Easier access to meal planner
The first concern with the Epicurious website was that the recipes did not come with a difficulty level. While the site offered numerous other filtering options and categories, this was not represented. Assigning a difficulty level to the recipes would make the sure for recipes easier for users or members because they would be able to filter their results or search a category which contained recipes which they believed they could complete successfully. There is a section of Quick and Easy recipes however some home cooks may wish to try a recipe with is moderately difficult and these are difficult to locate on the website. The other addition we would make to the website would be to make the Meal Planner a bit easier to find. The option comes up along the side of the site occasionally on the home page and on some recipes. If this tool had a tab at the top of the page it would be easier for users and members to locate and utilize it. Along with this option would be the grocery list tab, this too would make the tool more beneficial to users and help them when shopping for the ingredients contained in the site's recipe(s).

The Bottom Line

We recommend the website to home cooks who wish to take their time perusing the website and partaking in a large community of fellow home cooks. The number of member recipes on the website supports the community and the supplemental articles assist budding home cooks with developing their skills, learning about the food market, and exchanging ideas with other home cooks and entertainers. The website is also capable of helping users locate recipes which are compatible with a variety of dietary restrictions.
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Where is the Beef Goshen, CT

Ok so where's the beef? No agenda. Really. Why no new beef recipes? Variety is the spice of life. What you are doing makes no sense. Why alienate more people than those who appreciate your virtue signaling. No agenda? My recommendation to my friends will be to avoid such biased recipe website. There are plenty of other places to find new and interesting beef recipes.

5 months ago

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certi2de Lexington, KY

Epicurious is one of my FAVORITE recipe sites and they have an excellent YouTube and Instagram presence. I love the ease of searching recipes and the diversity of cuisines covered in their online catalog.

1 year ago

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Susan Albright Newton, MA

Epicurious is the best. It has recipes from various sources located in one place. People who have used the recipes review them. One can save favorite recipes over time. I went back to my recipes from last Thanksgiving to find which cinnamon roll I liked the best. I'm not that keen on the new look and feel but I'm getting used to it.

4 years ago

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Julie Close Minneapolis, MN

Epicurious was about the only place I went for recipes. It was The reviews were helpful because they were made by people who had actually made the recipe. Now, the site is so messy. I type in the name of my favorite zucchini cake (4 forks with hundreds of reviews) and it does not even appear. Instead I get a list of recipes that include zucchini salads, zucchini with sea bass and a beet bundt cake. PLEASE bring back the old, wonderful epicurious.com.

5 years ago

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Nicole Frees Saratoga, CA

Ruined. Epicurious used to be my favorite recipe site. I would tell all my friends to go there for their recipes. In the last couple months they started loading the pages with so many advertisements that I could no longer load the page to read the recipe. It was insane. Then, my daughter told me about adblocker, so I loaded that for the sole purpose of being able to get to my recipes again. Now they have blocked adblocker on their site. Such a waste. I am so glad I saved my favorite recipes on my own computer or I would be furious right now. Good-bye epicurious!

5 years ago

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Joe Johnson Miami Beach, FL

Epicurious used to be a good website. It is now so full of ads, and useless commercials that it is impossible to navigate efficiently. Once the haven of serious chefs, exploring recipes, exchanging recipe modifications, and variations on themes, this web-site has become like AM radio. Too much useless noise that will drive patrons away. Try Americas Test Kitchen, fewer recipes, but a lot fewer ads.

5 years ago

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SavvyShopper Newport Beach, CA

This used to be the best website for finding recipes -- now it is not. When you used to click on a recipe, recipes would pop up. Now everything in the world pops up but what you are looking for. It is filled with ads too. Too bad, for I am not using is any longer.

1 year ago

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Marjorie Garfield Cherry Hill, NJ

I have been trying-with no success- to contact someone to recover my password and username I was enjoying getting the newsletters and recipe of the day and having access to my saved recipe box I am VERY disappointed at the lack of help!!!!

4 years ago

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Rae Shaffner Telluride, CO

What did they do to this website??? It used to be my favorite place to go for recipies, a true delight. Now it is so frustrating - filled with ads, hard to navigate, lackluster all the way around. What a shame.

2 years ago

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Jason Sims St Louis, MO

Terrible company. Baseless information.

5 months ago

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