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LAST UPDATED: October 13th, 2021

Intro to Delish

Hearst Magazines and MSN collaborated together to create and launch Hearst Magazines Digital Media, a unit of Hearst Magazines, was launched in March of 2006. is one of many websites which are a part of the Hearst brands and is focused on trending food news and recipes. has worked to make itself one of the top ten food or recipe-related websites available online. 

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The Good

  • New and trending recipes and articles
  • Difficulty rankings
  • Blog articles about tips and tricks
  • Preset menus
Delish is a great place to find trending recipes and articles about food and entertaining. The site as a whole is center on trendy articles about what is currently a favorite among readers, users, and the general public. The blog articles and other numerous sections provide users with ideas and information on the very latest news about food and restaurants. The difficulty ratings applied to the recipes on the site is another great feature. This system allows users to determine the difficulty and likelihood of their success in attempting the recipes. Users can also use this system to avoid recipes which they feel they are not skilled enough to master. Additionally the site also offers menus and party ideas to users. These recipes and suggestions can be very helpful for a user who is planning a large or small get-together and is also helpful for those who have never arranged one previously. The unique ideas can also provide inspiration to a user who has arranged get-togethers and parties before but feels they want to try something different.

The Bad

  • Lack of a filtering system
  • No forum or ask a question section
  • No meal planner
The most troublesome part of is that there is no effective way to filter search results. Delish does provide a way for you to browse categories, such as dinner, desserts, and cocktails however it doesn't have a feature which also you to exclude certain types of meals within those categories. If a user wants a vegetarian dinner recipe the user must search for vegetarian and then browse through the recipes for one which can be used for dinner. This continues to be a problem if the user has specific dietary restrictions or preferences and it makes the process of finding an exact recipe quite long. Delish is formatted to be browsed by a user who has time; if this is not the case the busy user could become frustrated. Additionally, Delish does not provide a place for users to ask questions or discuss issues they may be having with a recipe. A forum or "ask a question" section allows users to troubleshoot when something going wrong and provide helpful suggestions to other users after they have tried the recipe. The site does allow commenting on a recipe but experts or other cooks rarely respond to them.

The Bottom Line

As a whole we recommend Delish to users who want to take the time to explore what is hot and trending in the food world and maybe try a new recipe. For users who want a specific type of dish and do not want to spend much time looking for it, we recommend going elsewhere. While the site contains numerous recipes it is difficult to navigate through them. Without filters, a user could be spending hours looking for the right recipe and many people do not have that kind of time.
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11 Reviews

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Winona Johnson Santa Clara, CA

Delish is for people who enjoy paying for recipes that they can get just about anywhere else on the internet for free. Also it makes no sense that the content is surrounded by ads so you have to pay for recipes and still see tons of ads. They seem to e doing a great job of driving traffic to other sites who have ads but thanks to Delish, the other site's ad revenue will continue to grow based on new traffic from Delish.

1 week ago

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Teresa Reynolds Theodore, AL encourages Pinterest users to pin their recipes but doesn't inform them that after a number of views of those pins, they will start being charged to view their pins of Delish recipes. In my thousands of pins from hundreds of websites, this is the first time I've encountered this.

2 weeks ago

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Susan Marques Toronto, ON

I bought the Keto Made Easy magazine and enjoy reading, the photos and trying the recipes. However, I would question the accuracy of the nutritional breakdowns. Cloud Bread has 10g of carbs printed; how is this possible when eggs and cream cheese are the only real ingredients? Disappointed with this.

1 year ago

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Marilynn Green Tyler, TX

Delish USED to be 10 stars, great recipes, cute videos.......all around wonderful! But something has changed, now they post NON COOKING things that are agenda based.......they like to use profanity in their videos (I guess they think that makes them cool...ugh!) AND when you complain on their FB page in a message about their profanity, you get an auto reply that says "they will be right with you when they can take a break from cooking".........but then NEVER get back to you. OBVIOUSLY, NOT the kind of CUSTOMER company most want to support!!!! The changes in "delish" are NOT for the better........need to find another venue to support, this one is going down fast!

3 years ago

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michelle levy Innisfil, ON

Super angry!!! Got ripped off by the subscription to delish!!! Said it was 20$ for 1 year and the parent company Hearst media charged 45$ on my credit card!!!! Emailed them to complain no response!!! Paid 45$ for recipes i can get for free elsewhere!! Total rip off!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

8 months ago

star star star star star

Andrew Harris Dayton, NJ

Love it when i can access a platform and simply find inspiration for new dishes and lunches.

8 months ago

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Joe Ogieglo Saskatoon, SK

Who ever gave you the Keto cheesecake is an absolute waste of good food . This cheese cake is the worst I have ever tried. Almost gaged on a mouthful. All ended up in the garbage. Who ever vetted this recipe has done your magazine a truly disservice especially for us who look up to experts in Keto. I hate throwing food out because it just so wasteful . You have no name with the recipe,no one willing to put there name to it.

1 year ago

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Linda Leibach St Louis, MO

Ordered one product 2 weeks ago, ordered through Walmart app have never ordered from this company prior to this, there is no tracking information it said it was shipped it was to be delivered on March 31st my mail has came and gone I called the company she said it hasn't even shipped will not ever order from this company again completely disappointed, I do understand we are in a crisis right now it 2 weeks for one product is ridiculous

1 year ago

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K2 Haddonfield, NJ

Hosting a book club meeting tonight. Happened to trip on this Pasta chips basically tasted like dried pasta. Oreo popcorn unimpressive and directions for melting chocolate wild unsuccessful. I have a few hours til everyone arrives wish me luck with plan B

2 years ago

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Tess Granger, IN

Just tried the cherry Garcia brownies. Sad. Flavors didn’t work, cream cheese layer on top was unappetizing brown. Didn’t cook evenly. Just the latest in recipes from Delish that were a disappointment.

3 years ago

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Cristopher Andrews Dacula, GA

That's a nice source for finding some new food ideas and such.

10 months ago

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