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The Good

  • Cooking time feature
  • Dietary report
  • Nutrition facts
  • Extensive forum and blog

A great feature of is forum. The forum, which is linked through, is useful for users when they have questions or want to discuss their recipes and tips. The forum is large with numerous topics and discussions and it also connects you to a blog where you can find more recipes.

There are also a large number of recipes from home cooks across the country provided on the website. They are broken down into categories including barbeque, appetizers, main dishes, salads, soups, and more. You can also search for specific items and diets, such as vegetarian, quick and easy, and low-fat.

There are also a few helpful features for beginners. offers users a cooking time indicator, a dietary report, and nutrition facts. The cooking time feature lets users input the weight and type of meat and gives them the approximate time it would take to cook. The dietary feature allows users to get a basic idea of how many calories they should consume in order for them to maintain or lose weight. The nutrition facts work in tandem with the dietary report feature to assist users with seeing the calories and nutrients contained in items which the user can input.

The Bad

  • Prep time and difficulty of recipes
  • Filtering system
  • Meal planning tool
  • Sharable recipes

While the website offers numerous recipes they are generated by other users and because of this information can be left out. Many of the recipes do not include a prep time or difficulty level which would be helpful for users who are either in a hurry or less experienced.

Another concern is the filtering system. While the website contains categories and a search bar, when a user does search for an item or recipe there is no way to filter the results to only include certain items and diets such as vegetarian, breakfast only, or dairy-free. This makes it very difficult for a user to find the exact type of recipe he or she is looking for. The ability to filter out certain recipes would save the user a great deal of time, instead of having to scroll through all the results.

Finally, the recipes do not have an easy sharing feature. There is an option for users to email themselves or others the recipe or copy a link but there is no simple way for a user to simply post the recipe to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

The Bottom Line

As a simple database of recipes succeeds however if a user is looking for a specific type of recipe and they don't want to spend a large amount of time looking through the results they will disappointed. We would not recommend using this site, while it does offer an extensive forum it does not make up for the lack of a filtering system. Finding recipes on the website is too difficult and when one is found there is no guarantee it will include all the necessary information to be made successfully.

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