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LAST UPDATED: May 24th, 2021

Intro to Cooking Light came from Cooking Light the magazine which was found in 1987. is to be a hub of information for readers and first times viewer alike. The site is designed to include articles and videos which include nutrition tips, quick and healthy recipes, fitness information, and expert resources to help users make smart choices about food, nutrition, and their lifestyle. houses some of the most healthful, dietitian-approved recipes of any website online. As a part of a sisterhood of sites, they partner with and others. 

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The Good

  • Large amount of recipes
  • Easy filtering
  • Multiple newsletters
  • Community and message board
  • How-to videos and articles
One of the great features of the website was the ease with which you could filter your search results. When users are searching the site for a recipe and using the search bar they are able to filter the results first by what type of result they want such as video, article or recipe. Once a user chooses, for example recipes, they can then filter the results by type of cuisine, type of meal such as dinner, and by terms such as low-fat or low-sodium. The large number of articles and newsletters which are provided is also a great feature. Since the website is affiliated with a magazine, there are hundreds of articles about cooking and enjoying a healthy lifestyle available through the newsletters, online articles, and blog. Access to a community section as well as a message board is also helpful for users when they have questions or concerns. Another great feature which is available once a user clicks into a recipe is the ability to see what ingredients in the recipe are on sale in their area.

The Bad

  • The necessity to travel back and forth between the recipes and the main site
  • The absence of a difficulty level ranking system
The website as a whole was easy to navigate however, when a user clicks on a recipe to see the instructions and details, they are taken to a sister website which creates a pop-up. This issue creates numerous windows if a user is trying to view multiple recipes at once and the user must continue to jump back and forth between the Cooking Light page and the page which contains the recipe. The other item which the recipes themselves lacked was a difficulty ranking. This type of ranking system is helpful for beginners and if this system was in place, the user could possibly filter the recipes by their difficulty level. While there are how-to videos, it would be helpful for a newer home cook to be able to search for recipes which they knew they would be able to complete. For example, if a new home cook wanted to plan a meal for dinner but did not have the confidence or skill to try something difficult with many steps they would want to filter those recipes out to help them save time in the long run.

The Bottom Line

As a whole, we would recommend using the website to locate recipes and become more familiar with cooking healthy recipes. We would suggest that a new user or cook peruse the how-to section to become familiar with cooking terms and basic skills as well as to try a few of the "easy" recipes first to build up the confidence with cooking and entertaining. has numerous options and a user is sure to find something to their liking after searching the site.
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Teddy Hartman Ashburn, VA

I used to love cooking light but I like to actually see user reviews on recipes. I don't know when it stopped but none of the recipes I looked at today had user reviews. This always helped me decide if I wanted to try the the recipe and also provided useful tips. Several years ago this cooking light was easily 5 stars. Now without user reviews it is only 3.

1 year ago

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Shante Reeder Ogden, UT

I love cooking, and I love being healthy. Sometimes these two things don't go hand in hand. Cooking Light has made it easy to find some of my families favorite flavors, and make them into a figure friendly cuisine!

1 year ago

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Heather Milke Olney, MD

I like that I can access Cooking Light online. Their recipes are helpful when you don't want to make full-calorie versions of certain dishes.

1 year ago


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L. Fowler Pleasant Grove, UT

The recipes I have found on Cooking Light are very well put together and easy to follow. They are usually pretty to simple and make for a wonderful meal or dessert.

4 years ago