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LAST UPDATED: May 26th, 2021

Intro to Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker was born out of a need to answer consumer questions in 1921. The name was chosen to sound friendly and pay homage to a retired director, William G. Crocker. The General Mills Company, who at the time was Gold Medal flour, had received so many questions about baking that they created Betty to give the answers a personalized touch. The Betty Crocker Kitchens and recipes were created out of a desire to be committed to consumer service and product quality. After decades of publishing cookbooks, Betty moved to the internet at 

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The Good

  • Over 15,000 recipes
  • Recipes to fit special diets
  • How-to articles
  • Ask Betty
  • Meal planning tool
  • Coupons and savings
Of the 15,000 recipes on the website there are numerous options for users with special dietary restrictions including vegetarian, low-sodium, and cultural requirements such as kosher meals. The recipes are also easy to filter by these requirements as well as type of meal, type of cuisine, main ingredient, products, and preparation. Another great feature is the How-To section. This section provides tested advice and tips as well as the Ask Betty section where users can enter their question directly, browse other user questions, and browse question categories. The How-To section also includes shortcuts and tips, meal planning, and substitutions and conversions. Another feature unique to the Betty Crocker website is the coupons and savings section. Here users can browse savings on Betty Crocker products to use in the home cooking and entertaining. Users can also see what ingredients in a recipe are on sale in their area. Users can also sign up with the website and receive more coupons and can also receive free samples. Users who sign up are also enrolled in the email news alerts.

The Bad

  • Forum
  • Difficulty levels
  • Reader recipes
While the site's how-to section is very informative, it would be helpful for users to be able to filter the recipes by difficulty level. If a difficulty level were assigned to each recipe users would be able to judge how comfortable they feel attempting the recipe a bit better. This way newer home cooks could try easier recipes for a while and gradually move through the difficulty levels. Also allowing users to post their own recipes and create specialized discussions would allow users to create their own community. While expert advice is provided by a forum would allow a user to receive feedback from numerous persons including those who may have directly experienced the problem in their own life. Creating a reader recipe section would also allow a user to post their own recipes which other users could attempt and leave feedback about in the forum or directly on the recipe itself. Additionally, providing cooking school or how-to videos would also help a user to master at home cooking and develop the skill needed to attempt more difficult recipes.

The Bottom Line

As a whole, we would recommend the website to new home cooks and to those who have been cooking and entertaining for a while. The website publishes new articles about cooking and posts more recipes continually. Also by signing up with the site for free, users can gain access to saving and coupons which making cooking and buying groceries more affordable. Finally because of the large number of recipes which can be tailored to any type of diet is a good resource for home cooks with any type of cultural or personal dietary restrictions.
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Heather Milke Olney, MD

Betty Crocker is my new favorite recipe site. They have recipes with ingredients I already have on hand, and the recipes that I have tried so far came out well.

4 months ago

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Diane Purcell Bloomington, IN

Just baked a batch of the "Salted Caramel Hazelnut" cookies. I have to tell you, you have out done yourself this time. These cookies are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! We always use your mixes when we go to family get togethers but I'm not sure I can share these even with the family. Please keep these on the shelves. I think anyone that eats one will fall in love with them. Thanks so much. Diane Purcell Bloomington, Indiana

3 years ago

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Cristina Anderson San Antonio, TX

I have used Betty Crocker recipes several times, and think the website is very user-friendly. One of the things I really like about the website is that you can enter your zip code and it will show you stores that have savings or coupons for various ingredients for the recipe you are looking at. When you are looking at the coupon or savings, it gives you the chance to change stores or locations by zip.

3 years ago

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Beverly Schacher Long Beach, MS

I just made a recipe that I found on this website. It had easy to follow instructions and the dish turned out very good. I was able to read reviews prior to trying the recipe.

1 year ago

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Andrew Harris Dayton, NJ

I managed to find here a great deal of rare desserts recipes and try them out! Good place to browse through.

8 months ago

star star star star star

Hyacinth Bero Chandler, AZ

Practised here an amazing recipe for a desert. Turned out greatly. Very impressed with the level of detail they put into each dish.

11 months ago


Review Source

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L. Fowler Pleasant Grove, UT

I enjoy these recipes because they are tried and true. They have been through the test of time and do not disappoint. They ingredients are normally pretty simple and straightforward.

3 years ago

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Kimmi Riverton, UT

When I am looking for a basic recipe with easy to find ingredients this is the place. Classic, trusted recipes is what I find here.

1 year ago

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Dottie Perrot ,

noticed hjere a couple of great recipes ive been lookin for some time. very useful and convenient!

11 months ago

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Thomas Hullinger Pleasant Grove, UT

Betty Crocker has been my go to for any recipe out there. easy to look up and I am never disappointed.

3 years ago

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Hayley Lambdin Orem, UT

I really don't like Betty Crocker. Their recipes are commonly inaccurate and I have to really adjust the recipe on the fly in order to get them to work.

3 years ago

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Trent Provo, UT

Betty Crocker is the classic you cannot beat When in doubt for dinner or dessert, Betty has the answer..

3 years ago

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Kenneth Okerlund

A lot of recipes with a wide range of skill level. I have several favorite recipes found through here!

4 years ago

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