Pinterest Opens Door to App Developers, Expects New Recipe, Wedding, Travel Tools


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Written by Guest | Last Updated November 1st, 2019
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Pinterest has not been in a hurry to open its data to developers. That all changes now. Integrating with Pinterest is more doable than ever. The visual bookmarking site officially opened its application program to select marketers and advertisers. Pinterest expects the Developer Platform program to generate apps that make it easier for pinners to make plans and purchases after finding items or articles on the site.

This new program, for example, could allow an app for users to quickly order ingredients from a recipe pin, book trips based on a travel pin, order supplies from a do it yourself project pin or integrate Pinterest with a wedding registry. Apps focused on education and transport could also emerge in the future. Developers will have access to Pinterest users' information which is a considerable group. Pinterest has about 53 million monthly active users in the US. Pinners will sign into developers' apps with Pinterest accounts, and the app creators will be able to make pins and boards to feature more of their content across the site. For now the developer must be US based.

"Pinterest can become a whole lot more functional for a lot of people," said Josh Inkenbrandt, leader of the platform program. "As Pinterest becomes more functional for people, more people will have a desire to use it."

The new apps will be the key in making the bookmarking site a stronger platform.

"There's a lot of valuable data on Pinterest, and the company's move to open up their API means that they're now allowing developers to tap into the potential of some of that data," said Jan Rezab, CEO of a social analytics firm Socialbakers. "The type of user data available on Pinterest is, in many ways, unique from the data gathered on Facebook and Twitter, which means we can expect to see developers using it in a host of different ways. Pinterest seems to be opening up their API in a very careful and meticulous way, and its' surprising that it took them this long to do it."

Every day nearly 2 million users pin product rich pins, and more than 14 million articles are pinned. The program is making Pinterest much more than a bookmarking site, but a hub of e-commerce.

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