CNN's 5 Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines


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Written by: George Hancock Jr. | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020


DISCLAIMER: The following list does not refer to any dish which has been Americanized or created with substitute ingredients. This is about traditional, authentic regional food (mostly).

According to a CNN list, the healthiest cuisines are as follows.

1. Greek

If you're familiar with real Greek food, you know that Mediterranian cuisine is full of leafy veggies, fresh fruit, high-fiber beans, lentils, grains, olive oil, and fish. There are lots of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and Omega 3s in those foods.  Just avoid the cheese pies and gyros. Harvard University found that adhering to a Mediterranian diet makes you 25% less at risk of heart disease and cancer.

2. California Fresh

This is more of a trend than an ethnic cuisine but it is extremely healthy, nonetheless. Its popularity is growing and people all over the globe now enjoy this new style. It's all about eating local food that is prepared simply. If you eat food that is really local, it's going to be seasonal. Think farmers market, minimally processed, vegetables, fruits, low seasoning and low fat. That sounds healthy, right?

3. Vietnamese

The Vietnamese love fish, and fish is good for you. They also love fresh, raw vegetables. While the food is rich and flavorful in Vietnam, the Vietnamese don't rely on fatty broths or butter to achieve those flavors. With a few exceptions, Vietnamese food is healthy and delicious.

4. Japanese

Life expectancy for Japanese people is the highest in the world, at 84.6 years. Let's get real, they don't eat fried rice with shrimp and beef every day. The Japanese diet is much more complex and diverse. Ingredients are usually not processed too much. Vegetables, beans and mushrooms are common. Seaweed, not just in maki rolls, is very popular and good for thyroid function. Like other Asians, the Japanese tend to eat a lot of rice and vegetables with a small amount of meat. That's against the grain for many Westerners.

5. Indian

The health qualities of Indian food revolve mostly around spices and yogurt. Turmeric, found in curries, is said to prevent Alzheimer's disease and may have anti-inflammatory properties. Indians have a much lower rate of Alzheimer's occurrence than Americans (4 times). We all know that yogurt's live cultures aid digestion and boost immune function. Yogurt is found in raita and lassi, Indian favorites.

Don't stop here. CNN's list includes 5 more cuisines.  One could be your favorite!


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