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LAST UPDATED: November 15th, 2021
Even though Apartment Guide has been around since 1975, then have done their part to stay with the times and offer relevant ways for their customers to conduct their apartment home search. Their customers can search listings at anytime and anywhere with up-to-date information on each one through their mobile apps, as well as social media. As a company, they work to continually innovate to stay relevant in areas where their consumers are spending the most time and energy. Finding a new apartment is quick and easy with Apartment Guides searching process.  

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The Good

  • Community information
  • Search
Many real estate searching companies provide some information about the neighborhoods the listings are located in. Most are limited to the schools in that area. But Apartment Guide offers much more information about the communities the complexes are located in. When a customer searches for a city, an information bar becomes available with Community information. This information bar includes:
  • County
  • Population
  • Growth since 2000
  • Population density
  • Demographics (percentage of each gender)
  • Household income average and median
That information bar also contains the schools in that community, what type they are (private, public, catholic, etc) and what grades they serve. Once the customer decides on an apartment they want to learn more about, they can find more information about that specific apartment community and the amenities provided within it. Some of these amenities can include:
  • Fitness centers
  • Extra storage
  • Covered parking
  • Parks
  • Internet access
  • Gated entry
  • Any-time maintenance
This is not an exhaustive list of amenities provided in the different apartment complex communities, but just an example of typical items on the lists. With all of this information, the customer is able to make an informed decision about where they want to live. The surrounding community is an important aspect of any home, but especially so for an apartment. Since the community is so important in an apartment setting, the filtered search is a very helpful feature for customers of Apartment Guide. The customer has the option to search for available apartments in varying types of communities. For example:
  • Near military bases
  • Near colleges
  • Near communities
  • Near cities
  • Near zip codes
That type of extra specific search allows the customer to really customize what types of results they get in their results. This, in turn, helps to save them time by not having to look through hundreds of listings that are not even relevant to what they want.

The Bad

  • Property types
  • Pricing information
Just like their name, Apartment Guide, suggests this company only provides listings for apartments for rent or lease. They deal exclusively with apartment complexes that have units that are available for customers to move into. This is obviously a downside for those customers that are not looking for an apartment but instead are looking for a house, condo or another type of building. These types of customers will definitely not find what they are looking for. On the other hand, having such a narrow scope for the listings is an upside for customers who know they are definitely looking to move into an apartment. Apartment Guide is part of a larger family of real estate searches, RentPath, which has other entities that will cater to other customer's needs. There is no pricing information given on any of the surrounding areas for the apartment complexes. Many other real estate companies will have lists of homes in the area of the listing and their value (or price if they are for sale). This helps the customer to see if the price for the house they are interested in is actually a good deal and similar to what others are paying for in that area. But there is no information similar to that on Apartment Guide. Even though there would not be similar house prices in the area, comparing the prices of close-by apartments would make sense for these customers just the same. The only pricing information given is the different types of apartments within the complex itself. The different options for apartments within the complex also often come with a floor plan, which really helps the customer see if that apartment will work for them without having to make an actual visit. There also is no information on how long the apartment has been listed for. In most cases, the customer is asked to check for availability with the complex manager. This can be an issue if the customer decides they really like a space after looking at the listing only to find out that it is not actually available.

The Bottom Line

For those customers who are looking for a house, condo, or another building type for their home, Apartment Guide is not the company to use since they do not offer any information on these types of listings. But it is a great resource for those customers who know they want to live in an apartment. Each listing has a pretty complete list of information on the different types of apartments available in that complex. Apartment Guide really shines in their descriptions of the surrounding communities and help the customers get a feel for the type of area they will be living in. Overall, the customer should be able to find an apartment that will work for their needs and wants based on a large number of listings on Apartment Guide.
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Dave Fortin Kingston, PA

Middle of the road. They are very thorough in what they offer but they are always trying to upsell you with "hot deals" that aren't really so hot. They do have a lot listed however so for some it may seem great! I will say, I still haven't been able to sort via zip code at any point. You have to search place by state or large popular cities.

2 weeks ago


Review Source

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Rocio Diaz Tallahassee, FL

Limited selection of apartments available, really depends on the area. However, easy to reach contact information, pricing details, and realtors. Site is updated and easy to use.

2 weeks ago


Review Source

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Lisa C Johnson Washington, DC

I had thumb thru the apartment guide that you get free at stands. The info was out of date by the time you go through it and it was somewhat confusing. It may be more updated now but I had decided not to use this for my searches.

6 months ago

star star star star_border star_border

Lindsey American Fork, UT

This is a good website to look at when finding apartments. It ranks average in my mind compared to other real estate websites, but is still worth looking at when searching for an apartment.

3 years ago

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MJ St. Petersburg, FL

Apartment Guide will only post positive reviews. Very bias and not trustworthy. They obviously get paid advertising $ by the apartment owners. My reviews for 401 Lofts in Akron were honest and straight forward and didn't violate any common sense rules. Yet twice it was removed with no explanations

1 year ago

star star star star star

Ashley Atlanta, GA

It is a really good place and how I found my last place in Sunrise, Florida after a few duds with realtors.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Mag Cleveland, OH

They seem to be biased in posting reviews. The apartment I lived in had lots of complaints from tenants but somehow, mostly positive reviews (with the housing staff replies) were posted. None of my reviews made it online. I do NOT trust them for accurate housing reviews.

2 years ago