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LAST UPDATED: November 25th, 2020

Smartsheet is a Software as a Service company based out of Bellevue, Washington. The company has been providing work management and collaboration services since 2006. The software contains cloud capabilities for file storage integration, Gantt charts, and the sharing of attachments. The privately-held company was founded by Brent Frei, who is the previous CEO of Onyx Software Corporation. Smartsheet software is best suited for businesses of all types and sizes. The spreadsheet-based software is used by more than 50,000 businesses globally in over 160 countries. Well-known brands using the Smartsheet software include Netflix, Groupon, Google, and the NFL Super Bowl.


The Good

  • Features
  • Templates
  • Customization
  • Outside Guests
  • Free Trial


Smartsheet is a spreadsheet application that tracks project and task lists, sales pipelines, schedules, customer information, and business processes. The software works with a number of web services integrations and applications such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, and Zapier. Smartsheet combines crowdsourcing drag-and-drop capabilities with basic web form and template creation to help companies track project progress objectives.


Smartsheet offers a variety of templates useful for many departments within an organization. Users can keep track of event budgeting and marketing quarterly goals as well as sales activity and pipelines. Human resource templates include new hire checklists and job candidate trackers. Smartsheet also has legal department, research and development, and specialty templates. All templates feature a tutorial in learning how to use.


Web forms can be customized to keep track of event registrations, job applications, customer feedback, and more. Forms can be linked to an already created sheet or embedded on a website. Reports may be printed, shared, or emailed as PDF or Excel files. Reports can also be scheduled to be sent on a recurring basis.

Outside Guests

Outside guests can be invited to view and edit sheets with no additional charge. Users can send guests a single row of the spreadsheet in a simple click of a button if they prefer, without the need to send the entire sheet. You can also import contact lists from many outside email accounts. Smartsheets also allows you to set up customizable notifications and alerts to be sent to you when and how often you desire.

Free Trial

Smartsheet is available to consumers to test drive by signing up for the company's 30-day trial offer. No credit card information is required in order to sign up as a new user. Paid plans are reasonably affordable, starting at $14 per user on a month-to-month basis. Discounts are made available to individuals who purchase an annual subscription. Plans can be altered or upgrade at any time, even with an annual contract.

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The Bad

  • Missing Features
  • Hour Tracking
  • No Chat
  • No Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Training

Missing Features

Because Smartsheet works as a spreadsheet, there are a few features that are not available. These missing features are disappointing for individuals seeking a complete project management software solution. For example, there are no time-tracking features or centralized activity stream.

Hour Tracking

Smartsheet also has a limited calendar view. It only displays a small number of tasks and events at any given time. There is no way to track billable or non billable project hours in Smartsheet. This creates extra steps for project managers and can be quite the hassle when it comes to large teams. The platform would benefit drastically in improvement by adding this feature.

No Chat

There are no chatting features inside Smartsheet either. Discussions and comments are exclusive documented with the spreadsheet itself and nowhere else. Many times, these conversations are limited to specific rows with the spreadsheet. This complicates effective collaboration among team members trying to keep track of all these extraneous details. These discussions could be better placed in a centralized hub for everyone to see.

No Scheduling

Unlike other similar project management software solutions available on the market, Smartsheet does not have the capability for project managers to schedule meetings with team members. It is possible to create a meeting as a line item and add relevant files and comments. However, this can be a source of frustration and would be a nice feature for Smartsheet to implement in the future.


Reporting is also complicated inside the Smartsheet platform. The program does have robust reporting capabilities with work visualization techniques and account maps, but its methodology can be a bit confusing at times. Requesting reports requires extra steps than other similar project management solutions. Reports can only be shared from inside the actual documents.


While Smartsheet provides its customers with ready-to-view support videos, these training modules fall short in their overall helpfulness. The videos suffer from a lack of organization in the way information is presented in such a way that it can be hard to follow for some users. Some features are described repeatedly in the same manner in several modules. Some users may benefit more from reading the written instructions provided by the company.


The Bottom Line

Smartsheet is a great fit for businesses that rely heavily on budgeting and form creation. The company offer a 30-day free trial for individuals who want to see how well it works for their unique needs. Plans are generally affordable for all business types and sizes. It is not well-suited for businesses that need a complete project management software program, as it is lacking in several essential features due to its spreadsheet nature. Overall, Smartsheet appears to be a highly reputable and trustworthy project progress tracking management software. It is currently being used by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide in over 160 countries, including popular brands such as the NFL, Netflix, and more.

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Ken South Jordan, UT

This is one of the better collaborative platforms, but the lack of product features make using it intolerable. It is not intuitive, and managing content in the viewable window is not fun. I returned Google docs, in spite of its shortcomings.

4 years ago