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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Sciforma has been providing Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management software services for 30+ years. Sciforma provides over 421 project management solutions including: budgeting, collaboration, customization, issue tracking, and task and resource management services. The software can be used by all business types and sizes to increase productivity levels and achieve company objectives. The company was formed in 1982 and its headquarters are located in Los Gatos in the Silicon Valley. The company also has offices in Germany, France, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The company employs approximately 200 people and has an established network of subsidiaries and international partnerships globally. 

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The Good

  • Customization
  • Virtual workspaces
  • Mobile
Sciforma software is highly customizable software. It can be used as SaaS, privately hosted, or installed on-site. The multi-platform project and portfolio management software from Sciforma aids project managers to prioritize tasks for optimal results in achieving company objectives. Users are also able to control expenses, analyze investments, and manage risks involved concerning daily business operations. Sciforma provides project managers virtual workspaces where they can clearly see the lists of projects that need to be accomplished at-a-glance. Users can rank projects, edit portfolio data, simulate portfolio scenarios, and track budget and portfolio progress. Sciforma is also able to track and capture expenses for workflow approval by keeping track of related receipts. Timesheets are available for all team members to record actual and estimated hours for completing project tasks. Sciforma can be accessed from any mobile device. It integrates extremely well with Google Calendar, JIRA, Salesforce, and Yammer. The software also has agile extensions to manage backlogs, sprints, velocity charts, and more. The Sciforma user interface can be tailored with a range of customization features. User roles are set to decide what workspaces are available when and to what persons. Project managers can create unlimited user defined fields. Administrators can also create different categories to keep track of whatever they want to manage. Examples include resources, project definitions, business cases, and more. Spreadsheets and forms can also be tailored to unique needs. Administrators using Sciforma software are provided with graphical tools that are easy to use in order to design their own dashboard screens. Reports and project data can be emailed with ease to clients and stakeholders and offers rich-text formatting capabilities. Any issues raised can be linked the particular project or task to make sure it gets resolved. Sciforma software can be implemented right out of the box and can meet the complex needs of businesses large and small. Sciforma implements a robust Critical Chain methodology. Administrators can projects backward from a target end date. It also provides removal of resource contention and automatic buffer calculation, absorption, and insertion during project execution. These innovative features help speed projects to successful completion.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • Not for all business types
  • Limitations
Sciforma does not list pricing information on their website because rates depend on how the software is set up to meet a particular company's needs. Rates depend on the role of the user within the organization and the overall size of the team. Smaller companies may find that a competing project management collaboration tool may offer better flexibility at a more affordable cost. Sciforma offers project portfolio management, which is not a good fit for all business types. Some experts generally recommend this solution for large enterprises. Specifically, large manufacturing facilities with the need to manage a diverse selection of facilities worldwide benefit most from the use of project portfolio management services. This solution helps organization manage multiple projects requiring a multitude of decision that need to be made. Smaller companies can also benefit from this type of solution, but they may find a different solution may work better for their unique requirements. If a company desires to set up a project manager with access to planning, time-tracking and reporting facilities, there is an extra one-time cost to purchase licenses and a monthly cost if you desire to rent the licenses. Maintenance, product upgrades, and hotline support adds an extra 20-30 percent fee, depending on the options selected. Fees are paid annually. Even though all the reports on the platform can be viewed across any portable device, not all reports have been configured to display properly. Some portable device screens are too small to see the reports accurately. When producing reports for senior management, the report priorities may not include the right methodologies to deliver the product accurately. Sciforma lacks in a few area of management processes. You can not manage requirements, service, or application lifecycle. There is no ability to track action items and no features for quality and records management. Processes cannot be archived and best practices cannot be managed either. There is no legacy system integration and Sciforma is not an open source platform.

The Bottom Line

The Sciforma Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management software platform is a great fit for service industries that have long-term professional services automation requirements. Sciforma has over 30 years in the industry and is a trusted and reliable project management system for businesses of all types and sizes. Its highly customizable software is great for budgeting, collaboration, issue tracking, and resource management. The company provides both software-as-a-service and on-premise needs and integrates well with a large number of third-party integrations and applications. Sciforma has its downsides as well. The company does not list pricing information either and could benefit greatly by offering better transparency regarding costs and the handling of customer complaints. However, if you have a business that has multiple long-term projects with multiple resources; Sciforma may well be worth looking into to see how well it works for your unique requirements.
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Mary Fullar San Francisco, CA

Our selection process Sciforma responded to our RFP and ranked in our top 2 tools. We have over 30 offices worldwide and communicate in English, French, and German. We asked both companies to prepare a demonstration based on our needs; multilanguage, different features (portfolio simulation, project intake, business case, scheduling and resource management). Sciforma configured our project workflows which was really impressive and actually the first tool to provide what we needed to see. They did make sure to show us all the items that are really important to us. We went live with Sciforma 7.0 last month and are very happy so far.

5 years ago

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