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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Pulse Business Software is a web-based CRM software solution in a unique modular format. The package features contact and lead management, sales opportunity tracking, workflow control, and a fully comprehensive general financials and accounting ledger. The software is best suited for small, medium, and corporate businesses. Pulse Business Software began in 1996 to help customers run smooth business operations and increase their profits by reducing complexity. Originally, it served the media and NGO sectors and expanded over time to include more clients in the service industry. The privately held company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and employs less than 50 people.

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The Good

  • Design
  • Template projects
  • Changes
Pulse Business Software is a powerful task management and workflow system for project managers. The multi-step process design makes sure team members stay on track in order to achieve an objective. The software is based on task succession and dependency, where one task must be completed first before another can be started on. The software also enables decisions points that allow the business process to follow various paths. The software shows at-a-glance the progress of a particular progress at any time. Project managers can easily see if work is late or on-time, and why the project is lagging. The software enables project managers to see the impact project delays have concerning milestone dates. Workflow are represented through the use of template projects. Template projects define how the work is to be achieved and what resources are responsible for each task. Each task is assigned a detailed description of the work that is to be accomplished. Responsible team members are notified via email or text messages. Members can report with one click to tell the project manager that the project is completed without having to log in to the software system. Project managers can make changes easily at any time during the lifecycle of the project. This is accomplished by inserting the "change control" process that has a defined set of task the project must complete. Once the change has been  accepted into the system, new tasks may be issued and timelines automatically are altered. Project managers can easily manage workloads using the Visual Scheduler. Work can be re-assigned should an employee call in sick quickly with a drag-and-drop click of a button. This allows the project to continue to run smoothly without affecting delivery dates in order to ensure customer satisfaction. The Pulse Sales Module launches pre-defined projects when an order is placed to ensure a seamless transition in the sales funnel process. The module can also track sales opportunities and manage contacts and leads. The projects module communicates to the business accounting software inside the platform to create customer invoices when certain project billing stages have been reached. The program can also be set to wait for customer payment before continuing with project tasks. The Helpdesk module keeps track of service level agreements and requests.

The Bad

  • Limitations
  • Product backlog
  • Not suitable for all businesses
The web-based project management company does not offer an on-premise version of their software. The company also does not give a report of their response times. Their company website loads slowly. The software also does not have Testing/QA or budgeting management features. The software program does not handle product backlog very well. Products designed to handle support for burn down charts are essential for agile development. This should be a key feature for Pulse to include in its package in the near future. The software program can also be vastly improved through user-based permissions. managing permissions individually is a major nuisance. The program falls short in this area of development. Plenty of extra automation features are not included inside the software platform. There are no separate modules for team collaboration or customer service. The software also does manage mailing lists or quotes. Users cannot manage referrals or territories. Businesses may want to contact the company for a free product demonstration to determine if the software can meet their unique business needs. Pulse was originally developed for smaller business. It may not provide many of the features large corporations require. This software is best for companies that need basic functionality for managing daily operations and business growth. The software company states on its website that it provides a number of support features for its clients. There is no way to evaluate this support and training due to the fact that it is all contained on a private client portal. The general public is not granted access to this information. There is no help or support pages on the company website for the public at large to have access to. It would be nice to have more data concerning the software for people to evaluate other than descriptions of the product's features.

The Bottom Line

Pulse Business Software offers a unique modular format web-based CRM software solution. No on-premise version is provided by the company. Small to corporate-sized service industry businesses are well-suited for best use of the project management platform. The software features powerful contact and lead management, sales opportunity tracking, and workflow control features and a fully comprehensive suite of general financial and accounting programs. The program helps companies achieve their business objectives through a step-by-step task management and implementation design. Pricing plans are affordable for most businesses, starting at $5 per user on a monthly basis. There are also very few positive or negative customer reviews available on the Internet. The software company does have 8+ years experience in the industry helping businesses increase profits and reduce project complexity and overall appears to be a trustworthy and reliable project and task management solution.
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