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LAST UPDATED: October 30th, 2019 is a fully scalable software-as-a-service project management solution based out of New Zealand. The innovative software provides a customizable project tracking dashboard, advanced reporting features, team collaboration functions, and a project plan creation task manager. was launched in 2008 and became successful quickly due to the company's push on popular social media websites. The privately held company has under 50 employees. The platform serves 30,000+ users in over 100 countries worldwide. Big-name clients using include Ralph Lauren, Volvo, NASA, and the United States Postal Service. The company has won several awards in the industry. Project Manager offers effective tools to teams who are working with multiple users in various projects. These features are the following:
  • Project dashboard
  • Project planning
  • Status reporting
  • Time tracking
  • Resource planning
  • Task tracking
  • Project scheduling
  • Project tracking
  • Gantt chart
  • Microsoft project
The tools allow team members to collaborate, communicate, discuss and plan wherever users may be.

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The Good

  • Customization
  • Integrations
  • Free trial
  • Collaboration
  • Mobile apps
  • Time tracking
Dashboards within the Project Manager platform are completely customizable and gives you only the data you desire at a particular time. The software allows users to drag and drop various charts where they are wanted and to adjust settings with ease. Each project is able to have its own dashboard so managers can track progress simply and efficiently. The software integrates well with both Microsoft Word and Excel. Data can be imported from spreadsheets or task lists and edited directly in the system. This information can then be exported at a later time through the same Microsoft programs. also contains built-in Google Chrome and Apps integration capabilities. Tasks can be updated through Gmail. The platform also feature new Microsoft Outlook integrations as well. The company offers a free 30-day trial to test drive its product. All accounts included free client logins and unlimited projects. Prices are affordable for medium to large enterprises. Teams with more than 100 users benefit greatly with discounted rates at $10/user monthly. provides a wide range of collaboration features for team members. A list of recent activity keeps everyone informed of progress on a particular project. A discussion area is designated to communicate important details concerning a project or task. Documents, photos, and videos may be attached to any thread. Users can also send messages to one another and these appear on other team member's dashboards, so everyone is clear on what is happening. The company provides mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android phones to make it easy for project managers and team members to stay connected while out of the office. Users can view and update tasks and projects and send messages through these mobile apps. Everything is easily accessible with a few clicks. Time can be tracked either online or through mobile devices. Time information can be copied from week to week and reports can be filtered. Timesheet reports show planned vs. actual time, percentage completion, and more. Users can track and manage recurring expenses and store receipt images. Expense reports compare the project's budget to the cost to date. In the simplest terms, just about everything is good with Project Manager. To highlight:
  • The tools and solutions are robust and fit almost any company in any industry with any objectives
  • The software can be accessed anywhere at any time
  • User can create reports quickly and easily
  • Education and training are available to users and prospective users
  • The project management software is particular adept at guarding against risks, challenges and adverse issues.
  • Security is a priority, and Project Manager has powerful features to ensure information is safe and secure.

The Bad

  • Credit card
  • No built-in timer
  • Revenue tracking
  • Interface
  • Limitations
While the company does offer a free 30-day trial, it also requires users to input their credit card information in order to access it. Some potential users are afraid to do this, fearing they will be locked into a subscription or charged without consent. You just need to remember to cancel your account before the trial is up in order for your credit card to not be charged. There is no built-in timer with their time tracking services. Users can log time spent. However, managers are not given any functions within the platform to approve time that has been tracked, Managers are also not given the capability to assign specific roles to the members of their team. Project revenue is also not able to be tracked by the software. The program is geared more towards managing expenses. This makes not helpful for employees who need to report project revenue to investors. The user interface is a simpler version of the one featured in MS Project. The software does not autosave projects, and users need to remember to save any completed work before going to a new page or leaving their account. The program does prompt users to save any new work before logging out for the day. The software allows a user to work with only one type of currency at a time. For example, hours can only be billed in one currency. This can be hassle for those who rely heavily on outsourcing or run multiple global business operations. Email integration through is severely limited. You can setup automated email alerts, but pretty much nothing else. Other similar competing project management software solutions give you the ability to provide updates, respond to comments, and create tasks through your own emil. None of this is possible with unless you aare logged into the system first.

The Bottom Line is a fully scalable software-as-a-service project management that provides customizable project tracking, advanced reporting, and team collaboration functions. It is most suitable for medium to large business enterprises. The software integrates well with a number of popular third-party integrations, including Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Apps, and Microsoft Outlook. However, it does have some limitations. It does not come equipped with built-in timers, project revenue tracking functions, autosaving, or the ability to handle multiple currencies at one time. The company offers a free 30-day trial but requires users to input their credit card information in order to access it. All accounts included free client logins and unlimited projects. Prices are affordable and large teams benefit greatly with discounted rates. The company appears to be a reputable project management solution with just under 10 years experience in the industry. We recommend also visiting our top recommended companies.

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