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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Project Insight is an enterprise web-based project management software solution developed by Metafuse, Inc. The software can be used for any-sized business across all industries. Project Insight is designed specifically for project managers who need a powerful and easy-to-use program to meet company objectives quickly and efficiently. Metafuse began in 1996 and specializes in solving technological problems for its customer base. The public company's headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona and employs under 50 people. The company provides a multitude of web-based services including search engine optimization, web hosting, responsive websites, and e-commerce. Metafuse Inc. is also a Microsoft Certified Partner and Developer.

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The Good

  • Sections
  • Templates
  • Interactive Gantt chart
  • Customization
  • Training webinars
The software program for Project Insight is divided into 4 parts: My Work, Folders, Administration, and Invoices. The My Work section is subdivided into several parts. There is a task section as well as a project section to make the overview of both items easier to see at a quick glance. An Issues section aids users in tracking risks and software bugs as well as contingency plans. Troubleshooting issues, bugs, and problems can be identified and resolved within specific time frames and progress is shown in real-time. The Approvals section supports decision-making and new ideas development. There are also separate sections for folders and invoices. The Administration section manages overall security and global settings. Projects can be created from templates. Relevant project data can be imported either from Microsoft Project or from using the software's inline editing capabilities. Key performance success indicators and goals can be clearly identified for each project through custom scorecards to help users gauge which projects are the most profitable. Users can also create project budgets that include estimated hours, fixed costs, and proposed and billable charges. Work duration can be calculated through percentages. The platform also provides an interactive Gantt chart with full drag-and-drop capabilities. Project schedules can be updated automatically based on task dependencies. Data may be exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, or XML. Users have access to more than 100 customizable reports through the platform. Resources may be filter by preset criteria or custom fields. Everything is fully customizable on the platform. Project Insight provides a built-in social platform similar to Facebook for team collaboration efforts. Users can post comments on any item and receive relevant updates through the activity stream or via email, depending on the configuration option selected. The software also is capable of creating and sharing HTML pages as well as audio and video streams. Project Insight runs 12 training webinars monthly at no charge and provides over 150 hours of product and project management training to its customer base. The company offers a free trial with no credit card information needed. Third-party integrations and applications are available for Project Insight.

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Limited features
  • Ease of use
Project Insight is relatively expensive when compared to other leading project management software solutions offered by its competitors. Plans start at $3,900 per year. This breaks down to $325 monthly per user. Smaller organizations may want to seek other project and task management alternatives from competitors that offers the same flexibility at a more affordable price range. Free access accounts for shareholders are not included with Project Insight accounts. However, project requests may be manage through the use of custom forms. Generic member accounts may be switched on and off as needed to accommodate outside guests or clients for specific projects. The software is limited in the number of language versions it offers for its platform. Project Insight does have more features than other similar project management software solutions offered by competitors in the marketplace. However, some crucial development management features are limited with Project Insight. Managing Testing/QA, ideas, and requirements is not available on the platform. There are no bug tracking features available through Project Insight as well. It does not integrate well to the Workflow Engine. No Scrum/Kanban support is provided either. Many collaboration features are also missing from the platform that can be found on competing project management solutions. There is no ability for audio or video conferencing sharing. Project insight does not provide online chat or discussion forums in its software. Users do not have the capability to share screens. Critical chain management is also not offered on the platform. Ease of use is not always intuitive for new users concerning the software. However, the company provides excellent customer support to help users get better acclimated to the product. Permissions can get a bit tricky for user-based roles. it is recommended that users pay extra special attention to the training modules provided by the company concerning this particular area.

The Bottom Line

Project Insight is a comprehensive enterprise web-based project management software solution for all business types and sizes. The program was developed by Metafuse, Inc. to help companies achieve their business objectives quickly and efficiently. Pricing can be on the expensive side for some businesses but the company offers a free trial with no credit card information needed. All features are fully customizable and includes unique scorecards to clearly identify and measure key performance success indicators and goals. There are also very few customer reviews available online to accurately judge complaint and product feature satisfaction levels. However, the company appears to be a reliable and trustworthy project management solution with almost 2 decades experience in the industry. Metafuse also provides a wide range of customer help and training support services for its customer base, including 12 monthly webinars monthly and over 150 hours of product and project management training at no charge.
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