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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Intervals project management software was developed by the California-based web design and development agency Pelago. The software was launched in 2006 by company founders Braden Jones, Michael Payne, and John Reeves. Intervals was designed to be a feature-rich and easy-to-use project management tool for a wide variety of business types. It is best suited for freelancers and small to medium sized businesses. Intervals desires to help others organize and manage chaotic workflows. Users in over 100 countries currently use the software platform. The software has attracted big-name clients such as Ghirardelli Chocolate, NBCUniversal Digital Distribution, Warner Brothers, and the Pampered Chef.

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The Good

  • Support
  • Loading and response time
  • Invoicing
  • Products
Intervals provides a comprehensive selection of support services for its customer base. Users can get direct support by email or phone. Intervals also helps new users with setting up accounts through step-by-step instructions. The company also provides a complete library of video tutorials. These short training videos get straight to the point with manageable segments describing product features with practical visual demonstrations. Intervals has a quick loading and response time. Pages load almost instantaneously  and the software process new information at a rapid speed. The dashboard user interface is user-friendly and straightforward with a simplistic design. Time tracking within the Intervals platform is excellent. All tasks are given their own integrated timers that can easily distinguish between billable and nonbillable hours. Timers start, stop, and pause with ease. If you forget to start or apply a timer, you can manually apply one to a task at any time to any project or task. Invoicing is automatically attached to timesheets. In order to create a new invoice, a user just needs to simply specify a start and end date for the work period. The software pulls up relevant information pertinent to the task or project and creates the invoice automatically. Invoices may be saved to the user's account, exported as a PDF file, or sent to the client directly via email. Overdue invoices can be tracked through alerts. A wide variety of reports are available through Intervals software platform. These reports range from standard pie charts to detailed analytics. Users are able to explore weekly trends and oversee project and client feasibility levels. Created reports can also be saved, printed, or exported as a spreadsheet, PDF, or QuickBooks file. Timesheets are automatically generated whenever a new timer is started. At the beginning of the work week, employees are prompted by the platform to complete and submit timesheets from the previous week. Administrators receive a comprehensive overview concerning the timesheets and send reminders to employees who have yet to submit any necessary timesheets. Once administrators approve work time hours, the timesheet is locked from further editing. This features ensures accuracy and secure accountability practices.

The Bad

  • Not well-suited for large businesses
  • Limitations
  • Risk management tools
Intervals is not a well-suited project management solution for large business enterprises. The reporting functions inside the platform can be overwhelming at first for new users. It is highly recommended that users view the reporting tutorial first for a complete overview before using Intervals reports. Intervals operates more as a task manager than a task scheduler. It does not offer employee scheduling capabilities. There are a few features lacking inside the software platform that may be disappointing for certain users. There are no interactive Gantt charts. However, there is a Gantt equivalent inside the reporting section, but it is rough in general use. It does not provide many of the collaboration features found in competing products. Intervals fails to provide comprehensive risk management tools. This is a liability for several industries who depend on detailed risk assessment and analysis. The software also falls short in its offerings of practical third-party integrations. It also does not offer an API for its customers. The company does not provide live chat support for its customer base either. The Intervals platform is not fully agile and does not have the capability to manage a product backlog; although it does support scrum methodologies. While the user interface is simple to use, it is not visually pleasing. The color scheme is bland. However, this is only a minor irritation when compared to its high functionality. There is also a limit to the amount of interface customization you are allowed to perform. Intervals is not an e-commerce solution. Client can be invited to review invoices inside Intervals. However, they cannot pay invoices directly within the platform. It would great for intervals to offer this feature in the future to make their accounting services even better. Intervals does integrate with QuickBooks. However, users find it a time-consuming hassle to enter the same information twice. The reporting and invoicing methods could be better streamlined. Users have stated that there are so many reports inside Intervals that they forget about many of them. Clients and projects are separated from one another and it would be nice if they could be cross-referenced.

The Bottom Line

Intervals project management software is a good fit for small businesses who have need for a unique time-tracking and invoicing cloud-based project management system. It is definitely not suitable for large business enterprises. Intervals is inexpensively priced and features a simple and user-friendly user interface. The company offers 5 separate plans that allow for unlimited users, clients, contacts, and invoices. The company provides a free trial to persons interested in test driving the product. However, Intervals lacks many useful features such as risk tracking and issue management commonly found in competing similar project management software platforms.
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