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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Freshdesk Inc. is a cloud-based software service provider that started in 2010 by its founders Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy. The company's flagship product was officially launched 2011. Freshdesk software incorporates multiple communication channels such as phone, email and social networks for businesses to communicate easily with customers. It also allows businesses to analyze after-sales support quality utilizing a number of various parameters. The company's headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. The company also has a development center located in Chennai, India. The company employs 200+ people and serves 40,000+ satisfied customers globally. Freshdesk is hosted on Amazon Web Services and powered by Engine Yard.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Central location
  • Support
  • Knowledge base
  • Pricing
Freshdesk is completely web-based and supports multiple products and brands across most industries. The software includes multi-language and multi-timezone capabilities. Users can manage multiple groups, workflows, and escalation procedures and automates multiple processes. Freshdesk creates one central location to communicate with customers. Users can make and receive phone calls within the software platform and manage multiple email inboxes. The software also provides a live chat application to communicate with customers live and save the conversation in transcript form. Canned responses to frequently asked questions are available to speed communication efficiency. Freshdesk software provides multi-channel customer support services. Every conversation with a customer is channeled into a centralized user-friendly interface platform. This aids customer support representatives to address and resolve tickets quickly and easily. Dispatchers route tickets to appropriate support representatives and supervisors can escalate these tickets to managers if these issues are not addressed within predefined Service Level Agreements. Customers can send support ticket directly from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Support agents can handle and post replies to these tickets via these social media websites. This is a handy and convenient feature that most other project management solutions lack. Replies can also be sent via a user's own email, so they are not tied to the Freshdesk platform. Users can also create Service Level Agreements directly within the Freshdesk platform. These agreements can be fully customized to meet unique needs. These agreements are a great way to negotiate expectations with clients and customers. Freshdesk has an easily searchable knowledge base for users in need of support. Maintenance is hassle-free and content can easily be found by both agents and consumers. Freshdesk also features customer-oriented forums that are excellent places for striking up conversations with your customers and share upcoming features and products. Freshdesk has affordable pricing models. Prices range from $15-$70 per agent monthly across 5 plans. Freshdesk appears to be a reputable and trusted web-based project management solution for businesses of all types and sizes.

The Bad

  • No live chat support
  • Free trial limitations
  • Internal monitoring
  • Controversy
Freshdesk does not provide live chat support services for its customer base. This is interesting since it offers its users a live chat application to connect with consumers, but the company does not utilize this feature for itself. Support times are reported to be slow and responses can take up to 12 hours. The company's help center is located in India so support inquiry responses will be provided during their normal hours of business operation. Freshdesk does not have weekend hours of business operation. Freshdesk offers a free trial, but users report that not all features are included in the free trial. Pricing for these features is not transparent. It is easy to rack up expenses quickly unaware when performing customizations. It is recommended that users contact Freshdesk for pricing information before performing an customizations while testing the product during the free trial. Advanced features can run up to $70 monthly per user. Internal monitoring with the Freshdesk platform needs great improvement according to previous users. Financial management capabilities are extremely limited. Reporting automation such as setting records is also lacking within the software. Users also report that integrations do not always work well. There have also been reports of long downtimes regarding the platform. These issues negatively impact smooth business operations greatly and are a cause of concern for any business. A controversy swirled around Freshdesk in 2011.An online quarrel began between the two companies when Freshdesk read a report in the Hackers new thread in 2010 that Zendesk had raised its prices by more than 300 percent. The founders quit their jobs and started the Freshdesk software company two days after reading that report. Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane alleged Freshdesk was trying to cash in on the popularity of Zendesk. The conversation took a racially charged turn when Svane referred to the Freshdesk's founders country of origin and marketplace credibility on social media. Freshdesk responded to the allegations by creating and chronicled the entire conversation. Freshdesk invited users to try both products and report their experiences in comparing both products. The online rivalry lasted approximately two years.

The Bottom Line

Freshdesk is a good fit for those who have very basic cloud-based project management solution needs. The company provides limited support services with slower than most response times when compared to others in their industry. The software is best suited for companies of all sizes that need an online center to assist in handling customer inquiries and support requests. This software is not suitable for businesses with more than 3 agents who desire basic email ticket management services. Prices are affordable for all industries and the company offers a free trial.
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