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LAST UPDATED: October 13th, 2020

DashClicks is a project management software designed for digital marketing agencies. It helps to organize and streamline tasks for both employees and clients, and provides a central location to track the many steps of content marketing, including SEO, Google and Facebook ads, website design, funnel building, onboarding, and more.

DashClicks is meant to be used by digital marketing companies of all sizes, from freelancers and startups to full-fledged agencies and enterprises. Its goal is to help companies in this arena deliver transformational results to their clients.

The company has been featured in Business Insider, Social Media Examiner, and Forbes, among others.

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The Good

  • Secure
  • Expertise
  • Automated Tools
  • Educational Opportunities


DashClicks has worked with over 30,000 digital marketing agencies around the world and has never experienced a data breach or loss of customer files. The source code is backed up several times a day (a fairly standard practice), and the company’s servers are all located within the Google Cloud. From what we can tell, your data will be safe with DashClicks.


Since DashClicks functions as a project management platform for digital marketers, it is able to specialize in the specific needs of people in this field. You can manage all of your clients in one place and purchase the following features, based on their individual situations: SEO, Website Design, Facebook Ads management, Funnel Building, Social Media Posting, Content Marketing, Google Ads management, and Directory Listings.

DashClicks also offers a number of other helpful management features to make your life as a digital marketer easier, including platforms for onboarding, fulfillment, client dashboards, a billing center, real-time reporting, and more. The company has experience with digital marketing and has developed what it thinks is a top-notch project management system for the field.

Automated Tools

Some of DashClicks’ unique offerings come in the form of automated tools to make your company-client relationship as seamless as possible. When you sign up to use DashClicks, the company will create a custom-branded website for you within seconds. Its InstaSites feature can also do the same thing when you onboard a new client. This is an offering we haven’t found with other project management systems.

Educational Opportunities

DashClicks does more than just provide a platform with which you can manage your digital marketing projects and clients. It also gives you access to trainings, classes, and workshops through Dash University to refine your skills and expand your capabilities, either as an individual or as a company. 

Plus, you can access helpful content on the company’s content and video blogs. Many of the trainings are done by Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks, who has over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry.


The Bad

  • Typos on Website
  • Specific to Digital Marketing

Typos on Website

We found quite a few typos on the DashClicks website. This is a little concerning considering the company is centered on digital marketing, website creation, and customer-facing content. You need to be able to trust that the services provided to you will be free from grammatical errors, because those types of errors reflect poorly on your company, just as the typos on the DashClicks website do for its brand.

Specific to Digital Marketing

DashClicks is a platform designed to make project management easier for digital marketers, but if your company does not fit in this category, then this platform is not for you. Unless you work exclusively in the digital marketing field, we suggest looking at other project management software that would better fit your needs.


The Bottom Line

DashClicks is a good project management software if you are a digital marketer, whether you do freelance work or own an agency. However, unless digital marketing is your specialty, DashClicks isn’t a viable option, and you should consider other platforms.
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