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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Comindware is a global enterprise software company that specializes in providing businesses with adaptive business process management and workflow automation. Comindware offers both web-based and on-premise versions of their project management software. It features a powerful engine that generates tasks automatically "in the right order, at the right time, by the right person." The company was founded by Max Tsypliaev in 2010 and based primarily out of Boston and Munich. However, the software was not released to the general public until January 2012. The company has won numerous industry distinctions and awards. Current clients include several major United States educational institutions and some of Europe's finest car manufacturers. In its brief time in business, Comindware has been recognized for excellence on a four occasions: first, it won the Graphie Award in 2012, given by Neo Technology for Most Innovative Enterprise Graph Application; second, it won the 2013 innovation IT Award, given by BPM Solutions for most innovative products and solutions for businesses in the fields of technology, information and telecommunications; third, it won the BIZZ 2013 World Business Leader Award, recognized for business excellence, innovation and corporate social responsibility; and lastly, it win KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in 2014, where is was recognized for delivering a distinct approach to driving business performance in the knowledge management industry. The company's software allows for customized notifications, native mobile applications, activity streams, company directories and organizational charts.

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The Good

  • User interface
  • Mobile apps
  • Activity streams
  • Company directory
  • Free trial
  • Scheduling
  • Security
Comindware features a clutter-free user interface. Features are arranged in a logical order and are simple to understand how to use. Users can customize the type and frequency of email notifications with a few clicks. Users may also opt to receive a daily summary as well. Comindware also provides mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices. Both apps allow users access to discussions, uploaded documents, and a universal activity stream. New tasks can also be created directly through the both mobile apps. Activity streams are available in multiple forms. Besides the universal activity stream, personal activity streams gives users instant updates concerning tasks, documents, and discussions from all projects and Rooms the individual is following. projects are given their own activity streams as well. Full email integration gives users the ability to respond and update tasks through their own inboxes without having to log in to the system. The software features a company directory as part of its collaboration tools. Each user is given their own unique profile that details their name and job title, immediate supervisor/reporting manager, current phone number and Skype address, and department or office location. Users can also list talents and skills, time zone, and personal working hours. The directory can easily be searched to find a specific contact. It can also be fully integrated with the Microsoft Active Directory through a simple import. The company provides a free 30-day trial through simply filling out a form on the company website. Plans include one year of free Comindware Advantage support. The company provides an ROI calculator to assist users in determining how much money they could save by purchasing the software. The software excels in the area of predictive automated scheduling. It is capable of creating complex plans and schedules. Plans are constructed by a project's estimated hours, priority status, resource availability, milestones, and deadlines. The schedule adjust automatically to any changes made. If resources are needed for multiple tasks, the platform looks at priority and availability factors to ensure team members are not overscheduled. Work may be prioritized through drag-and-drop functions. Tasks are scheduled by their list order. Lastly, the on-premise security is strong and reliable. There is frequent and regular back-up, which are available for review.

The Bad

  • Financial management tools
  • Glitches
  • No built-in notification system
  • Pricing
  • Browsers
Comindware does not provide financial management tools to track budgets and expenses for projects or tasks. Issue tracking and risk analysis are not available and scheduled for a later release.There is no built-in timer for tracking hours. The Sharepoint workflows are very complex to manage and requires a considerable learning curve. The software does suffer from occasional glitches and could use better user role permissions capabilities. The interface is similar to that of Microsoft Office. Some users have complained that it could look better. However, the interface works well with the functions it provides. The platform could benefit from a built-in notification system instead of an email notification system. The platform has a tendency to barrage users every time the priorities of a task changes. However, users can adjust the frequency in the system's settings. Price plans for the software are steep for start-ups and individuals. There are 5 separate pricing plans for each of both its software-as-a-service and on-premise versions. The large upfront fees are targeted to reach companies with large IT budgets. After the first year of free support services, additional support costs 25 percent of the total net subscription price per year. Users are provided unlimited licenses for the Comindware Team Network. However, additional licenses for the Comindware Project itself may need to be purchased at an extra charge depending on need. Different browsers may cause minor problems when using the software. In Safari, there is an issue with the screen cutting off. Working in full-screen generally solves the problem. You will have to exit full-screen mode when communicating with other team members, as the dialogue tends to take up the entire screen. Google Chrome can take longer to render the apps and its windows, and this tends to be an issue that occurs more on Mac computers. Windows operating systems tend to run the platform more smoothly. Users and managers do not have the ability to create budgets or track expenses with the project. Further, there is currently no way to track project glitches and issues with customer delivery. The software can also put users behind the eight-ball when it comes to mitigating risks. The software also may be a little expensive for some.

The Bottom Line

Comindware is an enterprise software company specializing in adaptive business process management and workflow automation best suitable for medium-sized or larger enterprises. It provides both web-based and on-premise platform versions. Comindware includes a clutter-free user interface, mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices, multiple activity streams, and a comprehensive company directory. The company provides a free 30-day trial and plans include one year of free Comindware Advantage support. Comindware does not provide budget and expense tracking tools. Issue tracking and risk analysis is not currently available but is scheduled for a future release. The software suffers occasional glitches and could benefit from better user role permissions capabilities. Plans can be expensive for smaller businesses but the company does provide a free 30-day trial. Comindware has 5 years in the industry and has won multiple awards for its software platform.
Our Opinion
For smaller companies, it is ideal. Granted, the high price might hinder a small company's ability to afford the software-that is certainly a risk and a drawback-but if you are willing and able it is a good choice. With Comindware, you won't waste time or needless efforts on irrelevant tools or functions. Also, given that the company and its software is relatively new, there is surely room for growth and improvement.
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