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Celoxis is a web-based project management solution company headquartered in India. The privately held company was founded by Nikhil Daddikar and Ravindra Wankar in 2001. The software assists companies in managing financials, resources, projects, and collaboration in one integrated application. The software is available in both SaaS and on-premise versions. The founders state on their website that they have and continue to read every support ticket that is raised concerning their software on a daily basis.

The software even supports seven languages:
  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Russian
Celoxis software features reporting, custom fields, time tracking, budgeting, charts and dashboards. The software is ideal for any projects from start to finish.

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The Good

Celoxis allows users to develop realistic project plans with a number of its powerful scheduling features. The software features unlimited task hierarchy and dependencies with lead or lag. Project managers can manage employee vacations and time zone schedules. Resource assignments are supported in hours and not in percentages as is found in many competing project management software solutions. Time-constrained tasks can easily be managed through its manual scheduling mode. The Interactive Gantt within the software is able to handle up to 10,000 tasks effortlessly. Task creation, status updates, and comments can be done directly through a user's email, without the need to log in to the software platform. User can adjust notifications and alerts to be set to custom preferences. Tasks and projects can easily be imported from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project. The company offers a free 30-day trial to test drive its product and new customers receive chat support free for 180 days. Celoxis also provides a complimentary Administration module that is approximately an hour in length to help new users get acquainted with the software. Volume discounts are available for both SaaS and on-premise users. Duration discounts are also offered to SaaS users. For example, a user who subscribes 6 months in advance is eligible to receive a 5 percent discount. Time is tracked accurately in Celoxis with a built-in time clock. This information can then be manually entered into the system to calculate how much time was spent on a particular task. Certain users with appropriate permissions may enter time information for other individuals. Celoxis has excellent timesheets that include time codes, tasks and sortable project information. The timesheets can also manage billing and payroll charges, such as fixed rates and non billable hours. Team members can manually enter expenses and time logged by mobile phone or email. Celoxis manages document sharing with full version histories. The software can also manage approvals and user role permissions. Discussion threads are attached to documents. Users can also receive notifications and activities related to specific documents. Outside guests are given the ability to view files and participate in discussions. One of Celoxis's highlighting features are their custom apps that they provide to customers. Celoxis gives pre-built apps to track bugs, risks and other things so that their customers can better define their own custom fields, business process flows, chart reports and other reports. The price is more than fair, and users certainly get their money's worth. There is also a 99.99% uptime, so you almost certain to avoid outages or technical glitches in the software. Celoxis has best integration experience with the following services:
  • Salesforce
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Project
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • and other email clients
Celoxis also provides for their customers capacity planning which allows customers to see what would happen as per current state of progress rather than a static view.

The Bad

Celoxis does not provide mobile apps for its software. Individuals that are constantly out of the office do not have the capability to make adjustments to projects and tasks quickly. While the company has a mobile website where users can make these change, a downloadable app would make things a whole lot easier for project managers. The software can also be accessed via email for users to create tasks, contribute to discussions, and view project updates. Although Celoxis provides live chat support for 180 days, the company is based in India and is not available on the weekends or Indian holidays. Many of the third-party integrations require using the company's own APIs for both the online and on-premise versions. Some users have reported that setting up security can be challenging. The user manual could also benefit from updating improvements. The company also does not provide helpful informative articles to help users learn and understand the software. The basic plan features 2GB of data storage per month. If additional storage is needed, it will cost users extra. Celoxis charges $10 per 10GB monthly. The more users using the software for a particular company does lower the overall cost, however. It can be quite expensive for smaller companies and individuals, such as startups. You cannot backup stored data. A few other minor details are missing from the Celoxis software program. You cannot email report results. You also cannot set up recurring tasks. Team collaboration features such as shareable notes, private messaging, and whiteboards or wikis or not made available within the platform.

The Bottom Line

Celoxis is a web-based project management solution best suited for medium-large business enterprises. The company offers a free 30-day trial to test drive its product free chat support for 30 days for new customers. Volume and duration discounts are available for customers that meet the company's requirements for these perks. The platform is a powerful way to manage financials, resources, projects, and collaboration in one integrated application. Its timesheets features exceed in performance than other similar platforms available on the market from competitors. Celoxis could use improvements in some minor areas such as mobile apps, informational articles, and collaboration features. The company does not provide storage backup for data. Some improvements would be a large boost for the company. Overall, the company is a trusted and reliable project management application with over 14 years experience in the industry.
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Emmanuel Sibanda

Some of the information is correct, however Celoxis holds onto a very key value called Uncompromised Continuous Improvement. I have experienced inadequate response during support interactions with them about 2 year ago and they have since improved. Inasmuch as integration is concerned they have made a giant leap. We are now on our third year using Celoxis. Even better is the fact that users / clients contribute toward the additions or subtraction of features. This is truly a company that has their client's interests at heart. Well done on your analysis and feedback but also big up to Celoxis for the assurance of excellence of a reliable solution. Emmanuel Sibanda (South Africa)

6 years ago

star star star star star

Denise Laramée

We had projects completing up to 120% over schedule and budget since we did not have formal project management in place. That is when ownership had started losing confidence in our project management capabilities. We started with Celoxis almost 2 1/2 years ago and when we took measurements, the percent of projects meeting the schedule objectives increased by almost 55% and the percent of projects meeting cost objectives went up to almost 87%.

5 years ago

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Antje Konig Manassas, VA

I would certainly disagree with the point on support! Their support staff has been exceptional in handling all our queries. For most times their resolution has come within an hour. They recently have a lot of first-class integrations with other popular tools. We personally use their integration with QuickBooks Online to help with invoicing and it has been seamless so far. For me Celoxis is the best option I could yearn for.

5 years ago

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Dorothy Quan

Celoxis ability to handle large project plans is very impressive. I tried some alternative solutions which would choke on a 400-odd task project plan import. I have been using Celoxis for about 2 years now and continue to be amazed at the responsiveness and pertinence of the answers provided by the Celoxis support team.

5 years ago

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Mattie Knight Laveen, AZ

Celoxis provides scheduling, time tracking and communication in one centralized location. It has made our IT team confident of end dates and has greatly sped up project delivery.

5 years ago

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Alan McLaughlin Phoenix, AZ

Celoxis has provisions to track estimated vs actual costs at task levels, which is very crucial to our business. It also gives us precise breakup of costs in terms of labor and materials.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Brandon Warner

Celoxis was the best alternative we found to managing projects in Microsoft Project. Its web-based and very powerful in some of the capabilities it brings to Millenia Life.

5 years ago

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