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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
AffinityLive is a cloud-based comprehensive project management software solution that provides comprehensive CRM, invoicing and client support features. The all-in-one platform was initially developed for use as an internal system for a fast growth professional service company that was struggling to manage projects, sales, and billing. The software was built to provide powerful reporting, easy collaboration, and complete project insight on any mobile device. The software is best suited for small to mid-sized business that require an innovate professional services automation solution for their business needs.The privately-held company employs just under 50 people and is based out of San Francisco, California.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Third-party application integration
  • Sales processes
  • Subscriptions
  • Investment
AffinityLive was developed by former professional service business owners with a combined 20+ years experience in the industry. The software is used to manage a multitude of project management needs including sales, client support, customer relationships, automatic time tracking, deliverables, and invoicing. The software syncs with a user's email inbox, calendar, and smartphone through one cloud-based application. The AffinityLive software platform fully integrates with a large number of popular third-party applications. It is well suited for small to mid-sized companies. It provides customers with full control over schedules, tasks, resources, and personnel. It is also fully customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of a particular business. Import and sync data directly from Google, Microsoft Outlook, or Office365. The software also gives users the ability to store attachments automatically so you never lose an important email through careless management. The software platform also includes Gantt charts, real-time forecasting, and project tracking via milestones. AffinityLive also has superb budgeting and resource management capabilities. Sales processes can be set up to automate tasks, reminders, and notifications. This ensures that significant details such as contracts and proposals are not accidentally forgotten or overlooked. This saves the team time and boost productivity by having a seamless and transparent sales process that can be easily configured and improved. The company offers plus and premium subscriptions, starting at $34 per user on a monthly basis. Subscriptions may also be purchased annually. The company offers a free 14-day trial on their website to test drive the product. All accounts come equipped with live chat and email support. The company has just recently announced the completion of a $2 million investment backing from Sydney's Blackbird Ventures. The investment will allow AffinityLive to sustain itself while it closes a series of key business deals. the money will also grow the business to the next stage in its business operations. The founder stated the funds will allow the company to develop its engineering and sales teams. It will also provide the company with enough capital reserves for customer acquisition costs to sustain customers through its trial period offerings into purchased contracts.

The Bad

  • Additional fees
  • Financial struggles
The system is capable of an unlimited number of project types, processes, and fields. However you can only access these capabilities with the purchase of a premium subscription. Other premium services for purchase include auto-responders and dynamic scheduling. AffinityLive provides additional training and implementation services for an additional fee. The company had been struggling financially over the past few years. The founder stated that recently his company's credit cards were dangerously close to their limits and his personal savings acquired from previous companies was completed depleted. He stated in a recent article online that he was running out of options and started to panic over. The bank accounts at AffinityLive were in the red. If he did not do something fast, the company would be close to an immediate collapse. The AffinityLive team has suffered through multiple rejections to launch the product from venture capital investors for 3 years after the company began in 2009. The founder said that he was told from these investors that he was crazy for trying to develop a do-it-all management software for small businesses because it was too hard to do so. Growing a project management software in the highly competitive Silicon Valley environment was not worth the effort. The founder bootstrapped the company himself with little spare cash. The company grew very slowly over the next few years and the financial aspects of the software company struggled significantly. In a bold move, the founder sent a carefully worded email to his customer base that he knew would be interested in investing in the company. He gave them 24 hours to wire the funds if they were interested. A handful of investors responded and a long overdue invoice was also paid, giving the company significant breathing room while it continues to close a number of key deals in the coming months..

The Bottom Line

AffinityLive is a powerful professional services automation solution for small to medium sized businesses. The software feature excellent reporting, budgeting, and resource capabilities. There is no way to accurately judge the handling of customer complaints and support requests. There are also very few positive and negative reviews available from consumers online. Pricing plans are affordable for most businesses and the company provides a free two week trial. The software can be used on a wide variety of operating systems. While the platform does feature unlimited number of project types and processes, users can only access these capabilities with the purchase of a premium subscription. AffinityLive was developed by former professional service business owners who have a combined 20+ years experience in the industry. Overall, AffinityLive appears to be a trustworthy and reliable project management software company.
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