Presswire is a PR firm based in the United Kingdom, best known for its all-encompassing range of services and powerful clientele, including the U.K. government, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization. Since its introduction 14 years ago, the firm has developed a reputation for fast, effective work and excellent customer service.  

The Good

  • Services
  • Contacts database
  • SEO
  • Submission process

Press release distribution represents only part of the company's extensive offerings.

  • In addition to distribution, Presswire's services include: a global media contacts database, press release tracking, search engine optimization, media monitoring, and media intelligence reports.
  • Presswire's contacts database includes more than 850,000 editorial opportunities around the world. All media contact information can be exported into Excel files, which allows clients to share and combine contacts with their team.
  • Presswire offers a tracking report for $80 per release. The tracking report includes: all the primary recipients who received and opened the release, the names, positions, publication titles, and telephone numbers of those who opened the release and looked at it for more than four seconds, and those who opened the release multiple times or forwarded it to other people.
  • Presswire offers a multitude of options for search engine optimization. The "SEO Super Boost" costs $250 per press release and includes up to two keywords and anchor links. Presswire provides permanent links to releases, promoting keywords, content and links to major search engines for the long-term. Super Boosting a release's SEO includes private blog posting, white-hat link-building, and syndication methods to increase a website's results position. A standard Presswire Press Release SEO Super Boost promotes two keywords in any one release using high Google Page Rank (GPR) 1-5, niche-related, contextual backlinks from high-authority domains, with keyword analysis by Presswire experts.
  • Presswire is able to track views in the print media up to 25 years in the past and from behind pay walls and subscription-only websites that search engines can't find. Media monitoring rates begin at $250 per press release, covering up to one month after distribution, and $320 per month for up to two keywords. The final report includes newspaper and magazine cuttings in electronic format.
  • Presswire's optional media intelligence reports include diagnostics regarding reporters' information sources and how they are likely to present the information they receive. The reports include recommendations from the Presswire staff to further develop media relations and improve exposure.
  • Presswire offers seven packages-three annual subscriptions and four individual distribution packages. The three subscriptions include unlimited press release distribution; North American or European contacts for $4,000 and global contacts for $6,500. Individual press release distribution rates start at $250 for North American, European, or Asian distribution and $400 for global distribution. Presswire offers a suite of some or all services combined for a substantially discounted annual rate.
  • Press release translations into major languages are $250 per press release for the first 500 words, and $165 per additional 100 words. Following translation, Presswire charges $165 per each additional geographically targeted distribution, e.g. a French-language version sent to France, Switzerland and Belgium.
  • Press releases may include an embedded video or image at no extra cost.
  • The submission process is surprisingly simple, given the complexity and interconnectedness of Presswire's services. On a single page, users specify which kind of distribution and which additional services they require. Additional services available to purchase on the order page include the tracking report, the SEO Super Boost, media monitoring, and Press Association newswire distribution. From that point, clients enter the text of their press release, relevant images, the category it falls under, and any special instructions for its distribution. Clients preview their releases on a final page before purchasing.
  • Presswire targets distribution by region and category. The regions include the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, Asia, and the entire world. The categories include Business and Finance, Sport, Technology, Entertainment, and General.
  • Presswire has a designated customer support person, Richard Powell. He responds to emails in under an hour and willingly works with clients to perfect their releases before submitting them on the Presswire website.
  • The Presswire website offers a telephone number, physical address in London, and email address. There is a simple email form available on the website.

The Bad

  • No targeted distribution
  • Pricing
  • Website
  • Customer support

The following are potential drawbacks to using Presswire:

  • Presswire does not offer targeted distribution by city, metro area, province, or state. Its distribution services are available exclusively by world region.
  • Presswire does not offer a package that includes writing press releases on the client's behalf.
  • Presswire's pricing is varied and complicated, and many available discounts are impossible to get without first speaking to a customer service agent over email or over the phone.
  • The Presswire website is difficult to navigate. Prices are contained in a separate, downloadable brochure, instead of displayed plainly.
  • Presswire's list of categories is poorly presented. Only five categories are displayed on its website, but a number of subcategories are available with prediction typing on the order page.
  • All prices are reported first in pounds, and prices in dollars are rounded up after conversion.
  • Since Presswire is based in the United Kingdom, clients in other countries may have difficulty contacting them over the phone.
  • Presswire does not offer a live chat, 24/hour support, or a page of FAQs. For clients who aren't in the United Kingdom, online support is extremely limited.
  • Instead of a comprehensive help section, Presswire hosts a poorly organized blog with unrelated posts lumped together on a single page.

The Bottom Line

Presswire's reputation is well deserved. Customer service is among the best in the industry, and the firm's media outreach is virtually unmatched. It is a well-established firm with the experience and resources to accomplish whatever its clients can pay for. Given the relatively high range of prices, Presswire's services are best suited to established companies with a near-constant need for media coverage.

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  • User Score


    August 28th, 2017

    They do not respond within one hour or provide any mobile number to access anyone at all. And leaving a message with an urgent problem took four hours for anyone to respond. They are quick to take payment and then stop answering calls or emails. I wish I'd seen Lily's review below. They have consistently made mistakes which they do not even try to rectify or apologise. They did not complete the press release delivery as requested and despite many emails and calls, I am being ignored. It's not the first time they have let me down and I certainly won't give them a chance again.

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  • User Score


    April 2nd, 2017

    The database is outdated. In January, they sold me a media database that was 4 years old !!!! which means the information inside was useless: since the journalists were no longer there. So the database they use for your press releases is outdated. Which means, your releases never arrive where they are supposed to. Stay away from them! If by any chance, you do not believe this review and decide to work with them anyway, DO NOT pay them via PayPal. Because when you realize something is wrong, PayPal will not protect you as the product is digital. Presswire knows that. That's how they get to keep your money. And of course, Customer Service is conveniently always busy and never finds time to call or email you back. So if you want to try anyway, opt for a payment method that will keep you covered 100%. If I had known, I wouldn't have lost 500€ for what turned out to be a waste of money and time.

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    2 0