PRWeb is owned and operated by Vocus. They have been offering their services in press release distribution since 2004. There are several features to note when considering which press release services company is the best fit. PRWeb's product line is feature packed and several options are available so that customers may choose the best package for their needs.

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The Good

  • Price
  • Submission process
  • Customer support
  • Optimization
  • Education

Price: PRWeb has several product levels which build upon the prior tiers' features.

  • Basic - $99/news release
    News releases are hosted permanently on PRWeb
    Release can appear on search engines and news sites
  • Standard - $159/news release
    News release is sent to thousands of news outlets
    Social media support to help news releases go viral
  • Advanced - $249/news release
    All of the Standard features
    Optimization of news release search visibility on the world's most highly-
    rated news release service
    News releases are sent to premium news sites like StreetInsider and the
    International Business Times.
  • Premium - $369/news release
    All of the Advanced features
    News releases are submitted to premier news outlets (e.g. New York
    Times and USA Today) via the Associated Press.
    Include video, attachments, images and links to engage customers and encourage people to share.
  • Financial - $499/news release
    All of the Premium Features
    News will be distributed to top business and financial sites including
    Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and more.
    Publicly-traded companies can reach the investors, analysts and financial
    journalists important to their business.
  • Submission Process: PRWeb's submission process involves a few more steps than their competitors, but the process is simple and straightforward. Customer service representatives are available to walk someone thorough the process should there be questions which arise.
  • Customer Support: PRWeb's customer service team is readily available and wait times for online chat and to speak to a live agent over the phone are minimal. They are located on the east-coast, so their normal business times are in the eastern time zone. Email requests are thoroughly answered, but the wait time is about 24 hours, so for questions which need more rapid responses, email is not the best option. Social media accounts exist for PRWeb, but the level of customer service using these methods to contact the company was less than other methods of contacting PRWeb.
  • Optimization: PRWeb offers a vast library of how-to information about helping customers optimize their news releases for their target market as well as for the popular search engines. Analytic reports are thorough and help businesses target their future news release campaigns with detailed reports.
  • Education: In order to create buzz for a company, the right niche market must be explored. PRWeb offers guides and articles galore so that customers may receive the maximum benefit to their marketing campaigns.

The Bad

  • Scheduling
  • Learning curve
  • Distribution

With a minimum cost of $99/news release, and for the most basic services, this company may be above the price point for many. Scheduling press releases for future distribution is not available on any plan.
The information given by PRWeb is helpful, but the scope is vast, and there may be a significant learning curve for those just starting out.

The Basic Plan does not distribute the news release to agencies, it simply hosts the press release on PRWeb's servers.

The Bottom Line

Anytime that there is deceptive information which appears by a company, it is disturbing. PRWeb and Vocus seem to fall into this category. While this deceiving information is disturbing, there is a lot of benefits to using PRWeb's services, as long as customers fully understand what they are paying for and what they will receive for their press release campaign.

The analytic data provided by PRWeb is superior in its scope and available for all plans. This data would be very valuable for those planning a press release marketing campaign. Additionally, the library of information is extensive, and can be accessed by anyone, whether they are a member of PRWeb or not.

For those with a deeper budget for their campaign, PRWeb is a comprehensive service and would be a good company to consider.

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