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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
PR Newswire offers small businesses an experiences and an effective partnership in their press release marketing campaign. PR Newswire has been in business for over 60 years. PR Newswire has customers as large and influential as NASA.

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The Good

  • Price
  • Submission process
  • Customer support
  • Optimization
  • Education
PR Newswire offers the following:
  • Price - PR Newswire offers their subscribers an annual subscription model. Customers are billed per press release in addition to their annual membership fee. -Annual membership - $195 -Price per release varies from $800-$2,200 + -Single 400-word press release with national distribution - $800 -Pricing for multi-media press releases starts at $2,200 per release
  • Submission Process - PR Newswire is easy to use and step-by-step instructions are available to guide new users through submitting their press releases with a few clicks. Entire process takes five minutes or less. All members of PR Newswire are eligible for writing support from PR Newswire experts.
  • Customer Support - Representatives of PR Newswire offer phone support from 8AM to 5PM EST. Unique to PR Newswire are regional editorial bureaus (East Coast and West Coast.
  • Optimization - Included in all press releases which are distributed through PRNewswire are the following optimization features: -Permanent hosting on PR Newswire with keyword-rich, search-friendly URL -Searchable on the three major search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo! -Reach subscribers and bloggers with RSS -Embed your press release in the social media toolbar -SEO text and tag optimization
  • Education - PR Newswire has published several articles and guides online designed to help their customers get the most out of their press release marketing campaigns. They are an award-winning company (2013 CODiE Award for the Best Press Release Distribution Solution).

The Bad

  • Fees
  • Representatives
Pricing for PR Newswire is higher than some of the other services, with a membership fee as well as a per-release fee. This may be prohibitive for many small or medium sized companies. While customer service is easily accessible, the representatives were somewhat difficult to elicit some responses about company generalities. As a rule, this would not be as significant, but considering that the company's website is vague in some areas regarding basic services, one can feel frustrated when doing basic comparisons.

The Bottom Line

Sixty years of experience in the industry and customers as prominent as NASA speaks volumes about a company and its experience and effectiveness. None of the competition is able to boast these accomplishments. For many, the price per release may be prohibitive, however. One would like to see more transparency and information published by PR Newswire about their features. For the right client with the right budget, PR Newswire is a viable choice for their press release marketing campaign.
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5 Reviews

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Daniel Washington, DC

We started with PR Web and they wanted to sell us the services from PR Newswire, their promise was that they will have a better reporting, better chance to have press releases picked up by media, etc. -- We sent out a first press release and the results were terrible. The report was pretty much the same as PR Web, which is an automatic publication from their partners on sites that are really not reputable at all. They even have personal blogs listed. -- When we contacted the representative in charge of our account he said "Your press release had great results" and then he suggested we create a google alert to see where our press release was published. We tried this service with the idea that it would be better than paying a free lance PR agent in México. We paid for 1 release double of what we paid the agent in a whole month and we absolutely regret joining this service. -- It might work for other areas but for Mexico it absolutely does not work. The WORST part is the lack of willingness to help the client resolve the problem. They offered no solutions or help.

3 years ago

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Briana Mendoza Lyndhurst, NJ

I've never had a problem with PR Newswire. We've used them at my company to send out releases and it's always been the prices they said it would be plus we get a report of everywhere it went to. I think that they are great.

5 years ago

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Megan West Palm Beach, FL

Definitely consider another service. Their reps are not only very unclear about charges, but the process is confusing (you're bounced back and forth between the Internet, phone, and email) and in a way that seems completely unnecessary. The worse part though, is that their reps will recommend specialized distributions but it's relatively obvious that they're just reading off lists and can't make competent recommendations to help you get the most out of all the hidden fees you're going to be hit with.

3 years ago

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Jacqueline Hatch San Francisco, CA

WARNING: Do Not Use PR Newswire. My company used this service to distribute a recent press release, and we found out that they have some VERY shady business tactics. There are tons of hidden fees!!! Do not trust them with your content needs. They may give you a price quote that is relatively cheap, only to slap you with an over $1000 invoice a month later. If you are a content manager looking to distribute a release, I recommend you use Businesswire. They are way more transparent when it comes to pricing and actually care about providing a good customer experience.

6 years ago

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Nick Floyd

This is the truth. The service appeared to me to be misleading. We were highly dissatisfied with the results press release via The press release ended up on a bunch of financial sites with commercial links to, and we could not locate it anywhere on the web search. I would give it zero stars.

4 years ago