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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Newswire is a subscription press release distribution service with payments available month to month or year to year. Since its creation in 2005, Newswire has consistently ranked highly among peers and industry experts for its economical pricing and high value. While most other media firms offer inclusive distribution services that include analytics presented long after the initial submission, Newswire affords its clients much more control over the distributive and analytic processes. This degree of control lends itself well to the ever-changing faces of the modern press and social media industries. 

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The Good

  • Distribution packages
  • Email credits
  • No contracts
  • Customer service
Newswire offers a wide range of services for press release distribution, priced for every budget:
  • Newswire offers four distribution packages, paid month to month. The subscriptions range between $0 and $499 a month and each is suited for a particular kind of business format. Newswire offers a 10% discount when a client subscribes for an entire year, or 25% off when a client purchases a two year subscription.
  • For $0 per month, clients receive one basic press release published in Newswire's News Center and included in Newswire's RSS feed. The free subscription does not include an online newsroom. The basic press release does not include images, external links, or other media. Newswire recommends this package for anyone trying to get their news online, however quickly and in whatever capacity.
  • For $79 per month-The Silver Package-clients receive 2 premium press releases, one newsroom, 200 email credits, distribution to more than 50 news and media outlets, and PDF reporting. Newswire recommends this package for starters.
  • For $149 per month-The Gold Package-clients receive 4 premium press releases, one newsroom, 400 email credits, distribution to more than 50 news outlets, and PDF reporting. Newswire recommends this package for small businesses.
  • For $499 per month-The Platinum Package-clients receive 15 premium press releases, five newsrooms, 1,500 email credits, a statistics summary, access to Google Analytics, distribution to more than 50 new outlets, PDF reporting, and one-on-one customer support. Newswire recommends this package for agencies.
  • Email credits allow users to send and receive emails through the website. This ensures that relevant emails are grouped together, instead of cluttering the user's own inbox.
  • The newsroom-included with the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages-is a public page that hosts the company's latest news and media pursuits. It is available to anyone with access to the Internet.
  • Newswire does not provide contracts, so clients are free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel altogether anytime.
  • Newswire also offers packages for one-time distribution: a $59 package that includes a single distribution order, a $239 package that includes distribution and writing, and a $249 package that includes a single distribution order and distribution to PR Newswire's syndication network of more than 4,500 websites.
  • All premium press release packages include embedded media as part of the release submission. Embedded media might include images, logos, videos, or hyperlinks.
  • The submission process is simple. Clients create an account and enter their information on a single order page. Following submission, the Newswire team reviews releases and prepares them for distribution.
  • The order page includes links to the editorial review process and content guidelines to aid users as they write and submit their press releases.
  • Newswire offers fairly extensive analytics. With each premium distribution order, the firm releases a "clipping report," which includes a sample of the websites that may publish a submitted press release. Following distribution, the firm releases a customized PDF report, which includes a list of the exact URLs where a press release was published. The Newswire website cautions that it may take up to four weeks to see the full effects of a campaign.
  • The Newswire website offers a "member panel" where clients can track a campaign's performance and measure their own return on investment. The member panel includes the number of views, distribution sites, Google results, Twitter mentions, and Facebook likes. It also includes tools to track views by geographic location, view Google Analytics in real time, search, import, export, and organize contacts by company, location, and beat, initiate email campaigns, review email open rates and click thru rates, order new media pitches, and connect with social media. The member panel is included with free registration.
  • Newswire's database has over 400,000 media contacts in a number of different industries and geographic locations. The firm offers both industry and geography specific targeting.
  • Customer service is quick and effective, if incomplete. The Newswire website offers a simple email form on each page and hold time when calling is minimal, especially during low-traffic hours like the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Newswire offers a live chat during limited hours: 8am to 12pm EST and 4pm to 7pm EST, Monday through Friday. The Newswire website also hosts a page of Frequently Asked Questions and a Help Desk, where clients may submit "tickets" dispatched to one of seven departments: General, Press Release Submission, Technical - Account Logins, Affiliate Program, Billing and Payments, Pre-sale Questions, and Writing Tasks.

The Bad

  • Customer support
  • Contact limitations
  • No search engine optimization
The following are potential drawbacks to using Newswire:
  • Newswire is primarily a tool for self-sufficient media mavens, so it has a narrow capacity for customer support. Online support is limited to the live chat, which is unavailable over the weekend and in the mid-afternoon. Newswire's office hours make it difficult to get help if and when emergencies arise, presuming instead that users have a fairly competent support base.
  • Of Newswire's more than 400,000 media contacts, the majority is located in North America. Newswire also lacks translation services, so opportunities for global media exposure are partial, at best.
  • While Newswire offers one combination distribution and writing package for $239, the firm does not offer any kind of search engine optimization. SEO is entirely the client's responsibility.

The Bottom Line

Newswire's press release distribution service is relatively detached. It is best suited for people and agencies that prefer more control over the writing, optimization, and distribution process. Additionally, Newswire's comprehensive member panel is unlike any tool currently available among established PR firms; its ease of use and wide variety of features are worth the subscription price alone.
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