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Meltwater Group is a “software as a service” (SaaS) company based on a research model funded by the Norwegian Computing Center. In March of 2015, Meltwater Group launched a new SaaS media intelligence program with impressive capabilities. The new platform—simply called “Meltwater”—observes social media to identify trends, connect clients with key influencers, and engage with consumers. Since its creation fourteen years ago in Oslo, Norway, Meltwater has expanded throughout the world. The company currently has offices in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, and boasts tens of thousands of clients worldwide.

The Good

  • Features
  • Subscriptions
  • Analytics
  • Submission process

Meltwater organizes its media monitoring according to four principles: Listen, Understand, Engage, and Benchmark. The company offers a variety of products to these ends:

  • Meltwater News is an online intelligence service that searches for relevant keywords in a number of news sources. It includes the following: Meltwater Buzz, a social media measurement tool that allows clients to track and analyze user-generated web content and compare their media exposure to that of other companies, and Meltwater Press, a media contact database and online email distribution service. Clients can use the Press tool to find journalists and distribute company press releases.
  • Meltwater offers a 12-month subscription package for $15,000, which includes access to Meltwater Buzz, one-on-one consultation with the company's highly competent sales agents, and support capabilities for up to ten users. The Press media contact and email distribution features are available for an additional $5,000 when purchased with the 12-month subscription. Unbundled, Meltwater Press costs $7,000. This means that Meltwater offers three packages: a 12-month Subscription to Buzz with access to Press for $20,000 a year, Subscription to Buzz without access to Press for $15,000 a year, and Press alone for $7,000 a year.
  • The Meltwater dashboard offers extensive analytics, including sentiment analysis, word clouds, number of hits and reads, top publications, exposure over time, and geographic locations for preeminent influencers. Clients may generate a dashboard with default analytic widgets, or design their own from scratch. Keyword searches are easy to refine and results are sent daily or weekly to the client's Meltwater inbox. These analytics allow clients to target their exposure by geography and industry. The dashboard offers all reports "at a glance," but each report contains even more information when accessed on its own. All dashboard reports are easy to export into different file formats and share with other users.
  • The press release submission process is simple. Clients who have paid for the Press feature-whether through the bundled subscription or on its own-have access to the expansive contacts database and an email client. Clients attach their release, which should already be search engine optimized, and send it to whichever contacts they choose.
  • For all prospective clients, Meltwater offers a free online demo. Agents guide clients through a demo version of their company's dashboard, complete with relevant keyword searches and sample data analysis.
  • Meltwater does not restrict the number of search terms or the amount of results pulled, which makes it ideal for large companies with heavy and variable monitoring needs.
  • Meltwater stores approximately 250 million blogs and publications in its database, which clients can access at anytime.
  • Meltwater offers media coverage from 185,000 global sources, with more available by request at no additional charge, as the company uses a proprietary source database.
  • Meltwater offers webinars, e-books, and social media reports to all clients. Webinars and e-books are sorted by topic, and social media reports guide clients as they devise their own outreach.
  • Meltwater offers in-house translation for seventeen languages. The website is also accessible in languages other than English
  • Meltwater offers a help center for all registered clients. A limited help center is available to anyone without login information and it includes a page of Frequently Asked Questions, organized by product.
  • Meltwater offers a mobile app for Apple and Android phones that lets clients track their media coverage on the go.

The Bad

  • Online demo
  • Limitations
  • Website
  • Transparency

The following are possible drawbacks of using Meltwater:

  • The online demo is accessible only through speaking directly to a customer service representative over the phone. From there, representatives initiate screen sharing. The process is complicated and easily thwarted by iffy phone or Internet connections.
  • Meltwater does not offer assistance with search engine optimization or press release distribution. Both are entirely the client's responsibility.
  • Customer service is slow and imprecise. New clients may have difficulty connecting with the appropriate department or even reaching a representative in the first place.
  • While the Meltwater website is well designed and fairly easy to navigate, it is also populated with meaningless buzzwords and graphics that are visually stunning, but exceptionally vague. The website may be especially jarring for prospective clients unacquainted with the new platform.
  • There is no pricing or product information available on the website. To discuss the subscription or enroll in the service, new clients are required to connect with a customer service representative over the phone. However, calling the number listed on the website requires that prospective clients wade through automated menus. For the best chance at personalized service, new clients ought to submit a detailed email through the website's form and wait for a phone call. This may take a few days, as emails are routed and rerouted through the system.
  • The Meltwater website does not list an email address, nor does it offer 24/hour support or a live chat. Clients are at the mercy of busy service agents' schedules, with no help available after hours or over the weekend.
  • According to a variety of customer complaints, the new Meltwater media platform is prone to glitches.

The Bottom Line

Meltwater is a media conglomerate, and it shows. The company lacks the tools to offer the personalized customer service that other, smaller firms are known for. Its products are extraordinary, and well worth the price so long as clients can cope with limited customer support. Meltwater's wide range of services is best suited to large companies with high budgets, high traffic, high monitoring needs, and highly independent users.


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User Reviews


13 Reviews

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Kat Eckles
October 5th, 2018 Huntersville, NC DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

As all other reviews stated... shady, shady, shady. Stay away. They will promise you the world and offer no services that are anywhere near their claims. Their contracts are shady and almost impossible to get out of, even with clear communication. Stay far, far away.

October 4th, 2018 New York, NY DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Lackluster. The company claims that their algorithm picks up more coverage than Google alerts. This is far from the truth. Major problems include (1) missing coverage: the service does not flag anything that is behind a paywall even if the mention is in the title (2) coverage reports are never in real time and can come in at most 2x per day. (3) missing vast lists of publications, especially trade pubs (even well known ones). (4) Do not support Bloomberg, and occasionally Dow Jones monitoring (5) disorganized staff that has no follow through. (6) coverage is often incomplete and clips are broken - don't respond on time which means we have to go through other routes to get everything in a timely manner. For the money this "service" is worth, Google provides a better news monitoring tool. Overall, they over promise and severely under deliver.

Disgruntled Customer
September 24th, 2018 Washington, DC DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

If I could give negative stars, I would. Meltwater is the shadiest organization I've ever had the displeasure of "doing business" with, if you could call it that. After numerous emails stating that we have no interest extending or renewing our contract with them, even after writing in a clause in our contract that stated "we will not renew and we have no interest in renewing," I've received several badgering emails from a "manager, client success," a "client success consultant," and an "area director, north america." This is the email I received from them today: "I just realized I never heard back from you on this and your account is set to expire soon - can you talk tomorrow at 11am or 1pm? Or this afternoon at 3pm? Please let me know, we can't close out your account without doing this. Best, Malin S On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 2:47 PM Malin S wrote: Hi Xxxx, My name is Malin and I'm Meltwater's Area Director overseeing our key accounts team in the East Coast. Gui filled me in on your conversations so thought I'd personally reach out to see how I can help. From my understanding, it looks like XY has decided to not renew with Meltwater to Marketing/PR/Comms spend to re-allocate resources to other business functions. While I totally understand the need to do so, I did want to note that you're using this tool daily to keep up with all of the news and social buzz happening around XY. That said, the tools you currently have are only about 10% of our suite of services. For example, I noticed that you're sending out Wire Releases via XYZ - we also have a comparable partnership with West (formerly Globe Newswire). Since Meltwater and XY has had a business relationship since 2015, I want to make sure we can find a mutually beneficial next step to potentially continuing our partnership. Do you have a few minutes to connect next week? Perhaps Wednesday morning around 10am? Looking forward to it! Malin" Really? They "can't close out" my account without "doing this?" Doing what? Sitting through another badgering, harassing phone call? Absolutely not! Don't make the mistake of wasting your time with this company.

Daisy Feidt
May 1st, 2018 Chicago, IL DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I'm very disappointed in the service and their tactics. If you use this service, make sure to read every word of the contract. You will be automatically renewed if you don't cancel 60 days in advance.

Courtney Glode
November 28th, 2017 DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

The broadcast monitoring does not pick up the majority of alerts even when they include the keywords. In addition, when alerts are picked up, the interviews are 99% of the time incomplete and it could take days for the account rep to find the rest of the clip, which when working in a time sensitive industry is completely unacceptable. I require timely transcripts and clips, and I do not receive that from Meltwater. I was advertised a product that could replace my current media monitoring, yet Meltwater is so incredibly unreliable that I have not been able to cancel my other service. I am therefore paying for two services due to false advertising from Meltwater. Once they have your money, they do not care about providing good customer service.

October 17th, 2017

Meltwater is a deceptive company: 1. They don't tell you this, but there is a 60 day cancellation policy, buried in their terms of use, which - by the way - is not included in the contract you sign. The terms of use are linked to, within the contract, but not attached to the contract. 2. The terms of use require you to email / write them 60 days prior to the end of your subscription term if you wish to cancel. After 60 days they lock you in for another entire year of overpriced 'service'. 3. They send an automated email a week after the 60 day renewal period has begun, "reminding" you that you will be using their service for another year, whether you like it or not. If they were an above-board company, they would send you an auto reminder email a week before they lock you in, letting you know that you are nearing your 60 day window. The fact that this 60 day policy is buried within the terms of use, not present in the contract, and not communicated by the sales people is evidence that Meltwater is an extremely shady company. Stay away from them.

June 8th, 2017

Extremely poor service. Misleading contract that automatically renews 60 days before it expires and misleading payment terms: 14 days stated in the contract, not on the invoice. Contacted weekly for product up-sells but not a single notification e-mail or phone call when it was time to renew. Even though we had not been using the platform for months already and had discussed numerous times that we would end the contract as it was not delivering the service we were after. To then receive an invoice for another year, was quite a shock. Suddenly we had a new account manager and even after extensive discussions they were unwilling to terminate the contract, or even meet halfway. Very unpleasant.

January 19th, 2017 Aurora, CO

I'm going on ten months of harassment from these people. Initially got a message from someone essentially pretending to be a news reporter with a question about a recent story. Called back to find myself on the receiving end of a very aggressive hard-sell solicitation. In an effort to be polite and open-minded, I did check out the demo product and found that it was just not something we were interested at the time. A few months later, they contacted me again and I did give them another look because we were actively researching social media monitoring products. It was then that I discovered how incredibly expensive they are. Perhaps the cost is worth it for companies who are the subject of widespread news media coverage. However, that is not true of my company despite their sales person's vigorous claims to the contrary. When I informed them that I'd be going with a different service - one that covered just what we were initially hoping to accomplish and only required a monthly commitment - I received an email with disparaging information about my choice and a desperate offer to knock $10,000 off of the previously quoted price for Meltwater's services. All of this leads me to believe this company is sketchy as all get-out and I won't be doing business with them even if we need services like theirs in the future. Despite the fact that I clearly and politely declined their services, my company is still in some kind of sales rotation because they drop of for a few months, then come back with a vengance. They leave voicemails that are misleading and use false caller ID (my favorite is the jewelry store). Most recently, they've also signed me up for notifications that look similar to Google alerts.

November 19th, 2016

Poor customer service, and intimidation/bullying used extensively by their teams.

October 2nd, 2016 Chicago, IL

Not worth the high ticket price, especially for a smaller company. The website is not user friendly. It is difficult to self-navigate. What was offered to be a $6,000 “value” package, was then discounted to “$3200”, and then settled on $2,300, which is still outrageously priced for what you receive. The outreach distributions are not reliable, as there are many bounce backs from failed email addresses, which the sales reps claim they update and remove on a regular basis. Not true! And the filtering tool is beyond useless as it doesn't allow you to select multiple filters to yield any results. The customer service agent tells you to create your blast in a separate Word document, then copy it over to the site for publication and distribution since the site is unreliable to save the document as draft if written directly onto the news blast page. (I had the pleasure of losing the document TWICE, after spending an hour each time writing it.) if you don't read the fine print in the “Terms & Conditions” link (that no one reads since it shouldn't contain “important” information ie. you will be tied to an automatic auto-renewal if you do not email your cancellation 60 days prior to the renewal period). Very shady practices not to be transparent and put that IMPORTANT tidbit of information directly into the simple 1.5 page contract. There's PLENTY of room to include that one sentence on the half blank page so that you can catch it and read it easily. Unfortunately, it is like a hidden Trojan horse since it is placed in a separate link under Terms & Conditions. Definitely dishonest, but legal to do. Truth be told, you can strike that sentence from the contract agreement if caught ahead of time, as the agent told me AFTER the fact of the renewal! And of course, the sales rep reached out to see if everything is going well 45 days prior to renewal, instead of > 60 days of my renewal period. I would recommend looking elsewhere for a marketing platform that is easier and more reliable to use, and offers better search capabilities, along with better business practices.

Edward Yang
June 29th, 2016 La Habra, CA

Meltwater as a service platform isn't bad. I subscribed to Meltwater News for a full year at about $5,000. This gave me access to their media database which was relatively accurate. Some records were either out of date or not listed at all. But that wasn't my main complaint. No database can be 100% current or accurate. My main complaint is with the fact that your annual account is renewed automatically for $5,000 unless you give official notification 60 days before your current agreement is up. Yes, they include this language in the small print of the agreement, and bad on me for not carefully reading every line. But in this day and age to force clients to stay for another year at such a high rate is unthinkable. Stay far, far FAR away from Meltwater.

Fawkas Bihab
March 14th, 2016

After purchasing Meltware software it really failed to deliver. Overpriced and severely underwhelming.

Kate Bahen
March 5th, 2016

Watch the Evergreen automatic renewal clause 8 of your contract. You will be automatically renewed unless you cancel 60 days before the contract date. And Meltwater increases its prices 10% a year, with no notification. You're on the hook to pay the invoice. A nasty shock all round.