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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Mass Media Distribution has been in business since 2003. They offer a comprehensive submission process and claim great success, having pioneered the direct-to-journalist distribution approach. Today, Mass Media Distribution is one of the few PR companies that send releases directly to journalists instead of news outlets alone.

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The Good

  • Distribution packages
  • Submission process
  • Website
Mass Media Distribution offers a variety of features to maximize the potential of press releases in various fields:
  • MMD offers four distribution packages, each with its own one-time fee: local distribution for $199, nationwide distribution for $299, worldwide distribution for $399, and a combined press release with local, nationwide, or worldwide distribution for $899. The online order process is simple; it includes payment information, specific distribution instructions from the client, and space to upload images, links, and the release itself on a single webpage.
  • The combined package for $899 includes a guarantee that Mass Media Distribution will rewrite the release and send it out a second time if the client isn't happy with it, for no additional fee.
  • The submission process is straightforward. Clients may either submit their final press release via the order page or submit a preliminary copy through email. In both circumstances, service representatives review it before accepting responsibility for its distribution and charging the applicable fee. If a release isn't suited for distribution, customer service representatives work with clients to improve it. According to their website, Mass Media Distribution accepts 95% of the submissions it receives.
  • There are four steps in the distribution process. First, Mass Media Distribution posts to around 5,000 news sites, including their own service. Releases shared in these posts may include up to five links and two images. Second, MMD sends releases to popular sites via RSS, which stands for "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication." RSS uses a group of web feed formats to publish information that is updated frequently, like headlines. An RSS feed includes bits of text, the name of the releasing company or author, and the publishing date. Third in the process, MMD sends releases to newsrooms and Wire Service via File Transfer Protocol. The newsrooms then redistribute the release. Last, MMD reaches out directly to journalists by email.
  • Mass Media Distribution sends releases one at a time, instead of grouping them together. This ensures that each release gets individual attention in the appropriate field. The MMD media list includes more than 800,000 contacts from a variety of well-respected news organizations in different countries, including news stations, academic journals, news sites, blogs, and talk shows.
  • The Mass Media Distribution website includes a list of media outlets by country, Canadian province, U.S. state and metro area. MMD distributes press releases according to the client's preferences, either in a single city, metro area, country, multiple countries, or worldwide. The MMD media list is divided into 517 categories and further divided into subcategories. For example, the Business category has 28 subcategories, such as "Venture Capital," "Human Resources," and "Mergers and Acquisitions." This division enables clients to direct distribution however they see fit.
  • Following distribution, MMD provides the following analytics: a list of journalists who received the release, links to the first 25 sites that posted it, web-tracking information, and a link to see the release listed in Google News.
  • Customer service is simple and straightforward, and customer support returns queries within 24 hours. Their responses are concise, and support representatives are eager to help clients perfect their own press releases before submitting them online.
  • The MMD website is well designed and easy to navigate. It includes menu tabs to information regarding the submission process, information about the company, success stories, customer testimonials, writing tips, the company's latest releases, and the comprehensive order page. Contact information-including a physical address, phone number, and email-is listed at the bottom of each page.
  • The MMD website offers a section of tips to aid clients as they write their releases. The tips are divided into individual articles, including a press release template.
  • Having been in the business for 12 years, Mass Media Distribution has the experience and know-how to distribute press releases to a vast number of sources as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Bad

  • Optimization
  • Customer support
  • Media coverage
Comprehensive distribution aside, working with MMD has a number of drawbacks:
  • Mass Media Distribution does not offer assistance with optimization. Clients are responsible for all SEO as they write their releases, and MMD will only assume responsibility for search engine optimization when a client purchases the combined $899 distribution package.
  • The MMD website does not offer a live chat, 24-hour assistance, or a page of Frequently Asked Questions. The MMD website lists an email and a phone number, but the limited hours at their Atlanta office make it difficult to get help in the event of an emergency, especially over the weekend. They are open and available for questions 9-to-5, Monday-thru-Friday.
  • While the writing tips on the website are comprehensive, they are unfocused and poorly organized. A client would likely be better served by consulting a book on press release style and citation.
  • Mass Media Distribution does not claim to offer the media coverage of more expensive PR firms, and it is near impossible to get a refund if the client is disappointed with their exposure. Other firms charge thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars for more thorough distribution, but MMD's clientele apparently does not include those companies that require that kind of coverage.

The Bottom Line

Mass Media Distribution claims that all testimonials are unsolicited, but there are very few positive reviews on the Internet outside their own website. The company's claims, if true, are rather remarkable. However, customer service is so efficient that whatever issues arise are sure to be handled as professionally and compassionately as possible. Mass Media Distribution is best suited for smaller companies looking for limited exposure, but it goes without saying that the firm cannot guarantee success comparable to that of larger firms.
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Lauryn Jackson Brooklyn, NY

I have attempted to contact someone at MMD for the past ten working days, via phone and email. As of today I have not received an type of response. Wondering if this will be a waste of our limited money and time.

5 years ago