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LAST UPDATED: August 26th, 2020

iCrowdNewswire is a Google-powered, marketing automation software that offers geographic targeting down to a zip or postal code worldwide. iCrowdNewswire’s platform is capable of launching paid media campaigns that target a vast and varied audience. The technology combines geographic targeting with demographic targeting that allows users to cater to different age groups, interests, and industries.

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The Good

  • ReleaseLive Features
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Guaranteed Visibility
  • Customer Support Accessibility

ReleaseLive Features

iCrowdNewswire’s ReleaseLive press release distribution services offer a variety of features, including the following:

  • Paid media ads on Google and Facebook to drive targeted traffic to your release
  • Accurate geographic and demographic targeting
  • Auditable viewership figures
  • Multiple campaigns
  • Virtual Digital Assistant (VDA) voice technologies reaching billions of Google and Amazon devices
  • Voice channel available on desktops, tablets, and laptops with Microsoft Windows
  • Voice channel available on Apple iPhones, laptops, and tablets
  • Distribution in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Multiple monitoring, analytic, and reporting opportunities
  • Distribution using RSS feeds
  • Integration with Google Key World API
  • No membership fees
  • No word overages or extra charges
  • Pay-as-you-go contracts
  • Detailed report with analytics

This is not a complete list of all of iCrowdNewwire’s ReleaseLive features, so we recommend checking the website for the full list and more detailed information.

Transparent Pricing

Those looking for a press release distribution service will be happy to learn that iCrowdNewswire clearly states its service prices. There are three packages to choose from: The Basic, The Enhanced, and The Super Premium. 

All three of the plans include geographic and demographic targeting (users can select the country, state, and city with zip/postal codes and the age group and interests). The release is translated into eight languages for global reach. Additionally, users can view the industry of the target market and see the actual press release distribution report. 

The reason the pricing is different for each plan is where the press release is distributed. The Basic plan costs $250 per release and includes distribution on Facebook and Google Networks.

The Enhanced plan includes distribution on Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Facebook, and Google Networks. This plan costs $350 per release. 

Lastly, the Super Premium plan includes distribution on the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance. The Super Premium plan costs $450 per release. 

Guaranteed Visibility

iCrowdNewswire’s ReleaseLive™ distribution services work with several leading financial media sites and networks. This allows public and private businesses to place their releases in front of financial and social media investors looking for exact details about their organizations. 

iCrowdNewswire guarantees placement on more than 50 recognized, branded sites, and targeted engagement with investors and social media platforms. 

Customer Support Accessibility

To contact an iCrowdNewswire representative, users have several options. The company includes a Contact Us page on its website, including an online form and email address. However, iCrowdNewswire also has a live chat feature that allows users to ask questions while browsing the site. 


The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Company Information


Although iCrowdNewswire discloses its pricing, it is more expensive than its competition. The Basic plan is the company's cheapest option, and it still costs $250 per release. This may be a reasonable price for larger companies and enterprises, but small companies may find it too expensive. 

Company Information

iCrowdNewswire is a relatively young company within the industry (having been established in 2015). So when it comes to detailed information and consumer reviews, there isn’t a lot of information. iCrowdNewswire also doesn’t have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. While this may not bother some consumers, others may want more information about the company and its process. 

That being said, iCrowdNewswire does have a user guide PDF that shows users step-by-step instructions on how to use the ReleaseLive service. However, this isn’t easily accessible on the website, and consumers will have to click through several pages before seeing it.


The Bottom Line

iCrowdNewswire is a marketing technology, software, and newswire company that offers communication software and technology. iCrowdNewswire offers the ReleaseLive press release distribution service, which hosts a number of useful features. 

However, potential clients will need to keep in mind that there’s not a lot of detailed information about the company on the website, so they’ll have to either spend some time doing some research or call the company directly for more information. Also, iCrowdNewswire is one of the more expensive options in the industry, meaning it may not be the best choice for those with a tight budget.

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