Business Wire offers their members a comprehensive suite of optimization and distribution channels to use during their press release marketing campaign. These features allow businesses to target he audience for their release as well as optimize their releases to maximize the chances that their release is found via the search engines or interested parties.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Targeting
  • Experience

Business Wire users enjoy full social media marketing as well as the industry's broadest reports, tracking full analytic behavior for those reading releases.

Releases sent through Business Wire's services are targeted based upon social behavior, geographic location and interest profiles, among other demographic data.

Business Wire has been helping customers distribute their press releases for the last 50 years and the company is built upon the expertise gained during that time. The company has grown from one employee in one office to over five hundred in thirty locations.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • Customer service

Getting information online or from customer service is difficult. Business Wire screens all of their prospective members and for those just wanting basic information, it is difficult to find. One almost feels as though they are waiting for an invitation from an exclusive country club.

Pricing information is equally difficult to find, with sparse references online, stating that prices start at $415 for a 400-word press release. When reviewers inquired to the services provided and sample pricing, they were given answers of, "We give information to our members" and direction to the application site.

Customer service agents for Business Wire were difficult to contact and not helpful in providing basic information to reviewers. When attempting to contact customer service via email, there was no response from representatives of Business Wire during what is considered a reasonable timeframe (3 business days).

The Bottom Line

At this time, considering the lack of transparency by Business Wire on their pricing and full services, reviewers cannot comfortably and completely recommend using their services. There is much information available on analytics, but there are many questions which cannot be answered about Business Wire and their services, which for whatever reason, the customer service agents would not answer when queried.

For those wanting to use Business Wire's services, applying for a membership is free of charge, and upon company review and approval, pricing and packages are tailored to a company's need and budget. There are many testimonials online from satisfied customers.

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