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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2019

Founded in 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Verifone was originally meant to provide a resource to retailers who were given back checks by customers. Soon after, founder William Melton saw the potential for a shift that has made Verifone Point of Sale (POS) one of the leading providers for payment processing and commerce solutions. Instead of being used for verifying check, this solution was used for electronic payment and credit card processing and subsequently officially joined the POS solutions industry.

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The Good

  • POS Software
  • Retail POS Solutions
  • Hospitality POS Solutions
  • Acquirers POS Solutions
  • Petro POS Solutions
  • Cloud-based POS Software
  • POS Hardware

POS Software

  • Point Classic — This POS software provides you maximum security, is PCI compliant, and provides excellent detailed reporting. It is supported by an encryption process, tokenization (removing sensitive data from your internal networks and replacing it with a unique identifier), and estate management allowing you to manage all of your payment devices regardless of their location.
  • Point Enterprise — This POS software also provides excellent security, is PCI compliant, and provides liability shift. This means that you can completely remove sensitive data from you POS. This POS system is set up with a terminal-to-processor design and can integrate directly with a number of payment providers.
  • Verifone RTS — The Verifone RTS POS software has maximum security, is compatible with non-Verifone payment terminals, and provides complete flexibility. This means that a retail store can accept payment across multiple sales channels and payment types. Examples of this are debit cards, credit cards, checks, closed loop gift cards, private labels, online payment, and payments over the phone.
  • FIPay Enterprise — This POS software provides extreme flexibility as you are able to choose what payment types you would like to accept. This could be card brands, or general payment types such as contactless payment. FIPay also support both Verifone and non-Verifone payment terminals. You are able to set up customer loyalty programs on this software and can connect to over 60 acquirers. Estate management to manage devices at varying locations is also available.

Retail POS Solutions

For retailers seeking a POS system for their retail businesses, Verifone provides a number of POS solutions to fit their specific needs. Verifone retail POS is meant to simplify managing payments, personalize interactions beyond the counter, and transform the retail experience online, in-store, and on-the-go.

Hospitality POS Solutions

Verifone has worked hard to take payment to customers and not customers to payments through excellent customer service. In order to exceed the expectations of POS users and each customer served, Verifone hospitality POS hinges on three things — food, ambiance, and experience. These value-added services makes Verifone a standout POS provider in the hospitality industry. Allowing consumers to make a payment where and how they want to pay is a feature that all POS systems should include.

Acquirers POS Solutions

POS payment solutions have a tendency of being a bit complicated, but Verifone works constantly towards simplifying the payment process. As part of Acquirer POS solutions and services, Verifone offers reporting and analytics. This not only includes sales reports, but revenues, credit card payments, and a wide variety of personalized reports with real-time data. This outstanding POS technology allows Verifone Point of Sale users to stand out from the crowd.

Petro POS Solutions

One of the POS software products available through Verifone is fairly unique. Petroleum and convenience services are not commonly advertised by POS providers. A number of POS software systems and POS terminals are available for the petroleum and convenience service industries.

  • Ruby2 — This workstation is run strictly using a touchscreen, support customizable layouts, and advanced in-store marketing.
  • Topaz — This system is the industry's only touch/keyboard combination. This also supports customizable layout configurations and advanced in-store marketing.
  • RubyCi — This is a full-featured, all-in-one POS and min-site controller. It is designed for the dealer market in a convenient small-footprint design.

Cloud-Based POS Software

The cloud-based POS software offered by Verifone provides payment services allowing for seamless online and in-store payment processing. Estate management is also run on the cloud system providing device management capabilities.

POS Hardware

Verifone Point of Sale has one of the largest POS hardware selections in the industry. From varying chip card readers, credit card terminals, smart screen technology, EMV and NFC capabilities, and much more, there is an option for every business.

The following options are available for online purchase:

  • Carbon Mobile 5 — All-in-one, single-screen commerce solution
  • Carbon 8 — Providing meaningful customer service and purchasing experiences at the counter and on the go
  • Carbon 10 — A device that opens up new opportunities for merchants and better experiences for customers
  • e280 — An ultra-flexible mobile payment solution for tier 1 to micro-merchants
  • e285 — A standalone mobile POS device to securely accept payments from anywhere
  • e355 — Highly flexible mobile payment device that adapts to current and next-gen smart devices
  • V400c — A high-end, touchscreen countertop solution
  • V200c — Smart and affordable countertop POS solution with a sleeker and more elegant design
  • V400m — All-in-one connectivity enables complete portability and mobility
  • VX 690 — One-the-go, integrated, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi enabled payment solution
  • VX 680 — Delivers wireless connection through GPRS, WiFi/Bluetooth combo, or 3G
  • UX 410 — A stand alone solution that provides secure and reliable NFC payments
  • UX 400/401 — Enabled NFC payments, quick ID confirmation or other CTLS transactions
  • UX 300/301 — Increasing transaction volume and speed accepting a variety of card payments
  • UX 100/110 — Provides an added PIN functionality to optimize self-service and other payment methods

The Bad

  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Pricing Information

Hardware Malfunction

One complaint that has been made by Verifone users has been hardware malfunctioning. There is debate trying to determine whether this is a hardware or software issue, but it is something to be aware of before committing to the products.

Pricing Information

One area in which Verifone struggles is a lack of pricing information online. If you are looking to invest in Verifone products you will need to reach out to a representative to get a quote on pricing.


The Bottom Line

Verifone Point of Sale Solutions are seen in a wide variety of businesses. If you are looking to invest in a new POS system, we recommend looking into Verifone products. Whether you work in retail, hospitality, convenience services, or petroleum, there is a POS solution for you. The flexibility and compatibility of hardware and software as well as the long list of hardware and software options is uniquely larger than most competitors. If you are interested, you will need to reach out to a representative to see what a POS solution for your business might cost. If you are not deterred by needing to take this extra step, it may be worth your time to give Verifone the benefit of the doubt and try it out.

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