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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Vend is a retail technology company created by Vaughan Rowsell in 2010. It was recognized as one of New Zealand’s fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte in 2014 and 2015. It also received "Customer Service Department of the Year" at the American Business Awards and was named "NZ Hi Tech Awards Exporter of the Year" twice. The company provides iPad or web-based POS software to help grow smaller retail businesses. Vend technology facilitates more effective customer support and minimizes the need for a large support team as the technology is able to answer most questions through quick and easy processes.

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The Good

  • No Transaction Fees
  • Employee Accounts
  • Extensive POS Solution Features
  • Custom Receipts

No Transaction Fees

There are no additional transaction fees with your Vend product. Users are only required to pay the monthly fee, which can vary depending on the package you choose. This is beneficial to small businesses with limited budgets allowing them to utilize Vend POS service. 

Employee Accounts

Vend POS includes a service allowing users to create individual employee accounts to track sales easily. Each account can be customized including the ability to give permission or restrict what users can see and do. Features like these are unique and very helpful to any business. 

Extensive POS Solution Features

Vend POS provides a number of unique POS solution features that other POS software does not. The following are some of the unique features that come with Vend POS: 

  • Third-party hardware compatibility: Vend POS software functions with a number of POS hardware. If you are interested to see if the current POS hardware that you are using is compatible with Vend, you can check online. If for any reason you find yourself in need of a new barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, etc, Vend can provide them to go hand-in-hand with its POS Software. Though Vend software is compatible with other hardware, it is not as common that Vend hardware is compatible with other third-party software. You should do careful research before taking that route. 
  • Payment types: Credit cards, Debit cards, gift cards, you name it, Vend can process it. Along with reading cards, this POS system also has contactless smartphone payment capability. Each customer does not need to make their payment in-full at the time of the initial transaction. This unique features allows customers to make their payment in smaller increments (almost like a loan). This is a very unique point of sale feature. 
  • Inventory Management: The inventory feature included with Vend software allows for business owners to customize their inventory the exact way that they would like it tracked. This includes: bulk product imports, a centralized product catalog, product organization, barcodes and labels, automated promotions, customizable taxes, wholesale operations, custom pricing, stock orders, autofilled orders, supplier returns, stock transfers, and real-time inventory control. 
  • Personalized reports: This feature lets users build their own reports depending on their business needs (this may vary for small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large retailers. It allows you to dive into the company data, better understand your customers, and always know what is going on with your company.
  • Bonus POS Add-ons: If you choose, you can invest more in your Vend product and open an entire network of partners such as: Xero, QuickBooks, and Timely. 
  • Vend Ecommerce: This feature helps each customer to personalize their experience with your company and make purchases on a number of e-commerce platforms. They are able to merge in-store, online, mobile, and social into one purchasing power as Vend is supported on all of these fronts. 
  • Offline Functionality: You do not need to be connected to the internet to continue processing purchases. If there is an internet outage, vend will continue to function and as soon as the internet connection is back, it will automatically resync credit card purchases, etc, to your software platform. 
  • Customer Management: The Customer Management program is a customer loyalty program helping businesses to maintain positive relationships with clients. Unique to most other Point of Sale companies, Vend has worked to make customer loyalty easier on both the employee as well as the customer. After a purchase is made, the Vend software processing it and creates a mini account for that particular customer. When future purchases are made, employees will know who the customer is and will be able to provide even better customer service. This loyalty program is meant to encourage consumers to return.

Custom Receipts

A fun feature that Vend offers is custom receipts. This allows businesses to customize their receipts with their logo and website. Vend’s technology also allows customers to choose if they want a printed or emailed receipt. This way your customer support team will be able to confidently identify company receipts and provide the best customer service possible regardless of the circumstances.  


The Bad

  • Single Outlet Coverage
  • Few Gift Card Options

Single Outlet Coverage

Most of Vend’s monthly plans only cover one outlet (or location). If your business is part of a small or large chain, you will have to purchase the multi-outlet plan, which is over double the price per month. 

Few Gift Card Options

If you are paying for the starter plan, which is $69 per month, then you do not have the feature to use gift cards. Only when you pay for the advanced (Vend Pro) or multi-outlet do you have the option to incorporate gift cards into your business. 


The Bottom Line

We recommend Vend to any retailer who is wanting a customizable POS plan and doesn’t mind paying for monthly plans or added features. As long as you are aware of the costs and learn how to set everything up that you need (Example: the app, inventory, your online store, and any other sales platforms), you should have a positive experience. Because Vend doesn’t charge transaction fees, this allows more of a business’s budget to go towards getting the features that fit their company the best. Vend point of sale is best for anyone who is working with a single outlet. 

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Ashley Allen

Simple to use and great customer service. All round just an amazing product

4 years ago